Rotorua is a small city, but at the same time very touristy. So you will have nothing to worry about because you will find hotels for all tastes and budgets. At our New Zealand route We travel with a rental car, so our priority was to find a centrally located hotel with free parking. In Rotorua that was not a problem! We tell you the best areas and hotels where to stay in Rotorua. Furthermore, we leave you 25 things to do in Rotorua so that you have a great time.

Our hotel in Rotorua

During our stay in Rotorua we slept in the Executive on Fenton. If we return to this small town, we would repeat. It is comfortable accommodation, well located and at a good price. We recommend it!


1. Fenton Street, the best area to stay in Rotorua

Rotorua is not that big compared to other cities to see in New Zealand. So it is difficult to divide it into several areas. Despite that, you have some alternatives to choose from, which is good news for your pocket! We advise you that you sleep on Fenton Street or nearby. That was the area we chose.

Fenton Street It is a long street where many hotels with free parking are concentrated. Also, if you want to walk to the center it won’t take long either. It is a big advantage! So we believe, by far, that this is the best area to stay in Rotorua if you visit for tourism.

Fenton street is the best area to stay in Rotorua because…

✅ There is a wide variety of accommodations
✅ You can walk to the center in a short time
❌ It is the only area because the city is small

Transport in New Zealand: how to get around the country

The Rotorua Information Center on Fenton Street

2. Our accommodation recommendations in Rotorua

Rotorua is a super touristy city, although very very small. Fortunately it has a great hotel offer. So it won’t be difficult for you to find accommodation that meets your needs. Next, we recommend The best hotels to stay in Rotorua for all types of budgets.

2.1. If you are looking for a super cheap, but good hotel to stay in Rotorua

If your budget is low and you have around €60-80 per night, we recommend these options. Of course, the price also depends on how far in advance you book and the time of year of your trip. In general, they are very economical but good hotels, all of them well located. You won’t have a bad time, but don’t expect luxury either! Furthermore, you will only be at the hotel to rest, you will not need anything else. Without a doubt, the three best cheap hotels to stay in Rotorua.

2.2. If you are looking for a comfortable hotel with an excellent quality-price ratio

The three accommodations that we have mentioned before are very good. However, if you are looking for something better, with higher quality and services, such as having a private bathroom, these will suit you better. If you have a budget between €80-€120 per night, these three options are the best considering their value for money.

23. If you are looking for a special stay to stay in Rotorua

Rotorua is one of the best destinations in New Zealand. This was one of the cities that we liked the most. If you are traveling to the country for a special occasion and stop in Rotorua, you will also find something suitable for you. Accommodation always influences the memory you have of a place. If you are looking for a special stay, in Rotorua We leave you the three best to relax and at the same time, be close to enjoy the city.


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