Are you looking for a place to stay in Rabat? Normally this city can be visited in a single day, in fact, a trip here is one of the best things what to do in Casablanca. But if you decide to stay and enjoy quietly, we advise you to rest one night in the capital of Morocco. Rabat is a modern citynothing to do with Fez Marrakech. We tell you the best areas and hotels to stay in Rabat. In addition, we leave you a post with 25 things to do in the capital so you can enjoy it as it deserves.

Our hotel

During our stay in Rabat we stayed at the Malak Hotel. It is located in the modern Quartier Hassan, the best area to sleep in Rabat. We paid €77 per night with breakfast included. Without a doubt, we recommend it: comfortable, well located and cheap.

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1. Quartier Hassan, the best area to sleep in Rabat

If you are looking for comfort and tranquility, Quartier Hassan is the best area to stay in Rabat. It is located in the Ville Nouvelle de Rabat, the modern part of the city. The great advantage is that there Most of the city’s tourist attractions are located: from the Mausoleum of Mohamed V to the main museums. In general Rabat is a very safe city and luckily the Quartier Hassan is no exception, especially due to the presence of embassies.

Compared to the Medina, the Quartier Hassan It is a quiet area and also offers more facilities for tourists, for example, modern hotels predominate here. To give you a price reference, most are usually around €100, although you can find interesting things for a little more than €70. Without a doubt, the best area to stay in Rabat.

Recommended accommodations in Quartier Hassan:

The Quartier Hassan is the best area to stay in Rabat because…

✅ It is close to most tourist attractions
✅ You will be in the modern area of ​​the city, if you are interested in modern hotels
❌ There are no traditional accommodations like riads

The Hassan Tower, located in the Quartier Hassan, the best area to stay in Rabat

2. Stay in the Medina of Rabat, in search of the traditional

Your time in Morocco cannot be complete without the experience of staying in a riad. It’s the real thing! For that, we advise you to sleep in the Medina of Rabat. This one is not as big or chaotic as the ones in Fez o Marrakechalthough if you are looking for peace of mind, it may not be the best option. In the Medina of Rabat there is a wide range of accommodation, especially riads. If your intention is to look for hotels, you may have less luck here because they are less common. In that case you should opt for the modern area.

In general, the Medina of Rabat is cheaper than the previous area. You should have no problem finding good riads for just over €50. As in the rest of the medinas of Morocco, we do not advise you to walk through its alleys at night. So if you plan to go out and return late, you would be better off staying at the Quartier Hassan. You better not risk it!

Good accommodations in the Medina of Rabat:

The Medina of Rabat is the best area to stay in Rabat to…

✅ Staying in a riad, something traditional in Morocco
✅ Choose an accommodation that fits your budget because there are many options
❌ It is recommended to avoid walking through alleys at night

3. L’Océan, a smart option to stay in Rabat

Are you looking for a cheap area to stay in Rabat? The Quartier de L’Océan is one of the most economical. It is located just two steps from the Medina and the main attractions of the city. A plus point is that you will find the best prices for accommodation in Rabat here. As a curiosity, In 1913 L’Océan was nothing more than a simple suburb inhabited by French people. Currently it houses a cosmopolitan population. It’s hard to believe it was like that!

In L’Océan there is little hotel offer, but of quality. Fortunately! So that you have a price reference, you can find better accommodation than in the Medina paying the same or even less. Without a doubt, this is one of the smartest areas to sleep in Rabat.

Recommended accommodations in L’Océan:

L’Océan is the best area to stay in Rabat if…

✅ You want to be close to the Medina and the main tourist attractions
✅ Are you looking for a cheap area to stay in Rabat
❌ There are few accommodation options, although of good quality

4. Quartier des Orangers, a central alternative to stay in Rabat

Our last recommendation of the best areas to stay in Rabat is the Quartier des Orangers. The elegant Avenue Mohamed V separates the Quartier Hassan from the Quartier des Orangers. We could say that the disadvantage of this area is that the hotel offer is very low. Although if you look ahead you can find hotels with a great quality-price ratio. This is a middle class neighborhood, with high demand because there are many schools.

In general it is a much quieter area than the Quartier Hassan since it is less touristy. So it is an ideal alternative for those looking for tranquility in their accommodation. We must admit that its location is privileged. Although there are no tourist attractions in the neighborhood, it will not take you more than 20 minutes on foot to reach the Medina.

Our recommendations in the Quartier des Orangers:

The Quartier des Orangers is the best area to stay in Rabat because…

✅ The quality-price ratio of the accommodation is good
✅ It is a quiet and less touristy area
❌ There is not much hotel offer

stay in Rabatstay in Rabat
The elegant Avenue Mohamed V. On one side the Quartier Hassan, on the other the Quartier des Orangers


Now we answer some frequently asked questions for summarize which are the best areas and hotels to stay in Rabat. If you have any other questions, write us a comment.

What is the cheapest area to sleep in Rabat?

Of all the areas to stay in Rabat, L’Océan is the cheapest. Fortunately, it is quite close to the Medina and the main tourist attractions. It’s another plus point! Although it is the most economical area, you must warn you that the accommodation options are more limited. That is to say, There is less hotel offer, but if you book in advance you will be able to find just what you need.

What is the most recommended area to stay in Rabat?

The best area to stay in Rabat It varies greatly depending on your preferences. For example, if you want be super close to the main tourist attractionsthen you must sleep in Hassan district. But in this case you will not be able to stay in a riad because you will be in the modern part of the city. If you want to live the authentic experience of sleeping in a riad you should choose to stay in the Medina of Rabat.

But if what you are looking for is Save a few euros then you can choose the L’Océan area. It has the best prices for its hotels, although you can also find interesting riads in the Medina for good prices.

What is the best area to stay in Rabat for families?

If you travel with your family you will surely want to stay in a quiet area of ​​Rabatso you can choose to stay in the Neighborhood some orange trees. In fact, this is a fairly residential neighborhood, that is, not touristy at all. Of course, you will have to walk about 20 minutes to reach the Medina of Rabat.

Another alternative for families is Hassan district. Basically because It is the modern area, it is also quiet and, most importantly, safe. It is also perfect in case you want to have everything at hand, that is, shops, tourist places, etc.

Where to sleep in Rabat to go shopping?

First you must know what exactly you want to buy. For example, if you are looking for international chain stores or that style then you can stay in the Hassan district. It is the modern area of ​​the city and you will find everything.

But if rather you want to buy souvenirs from Moroccospices and similar items, you will want to stay in the Medina. There are many small craft markets better known as souks. Of course, you must prepare your best skills to negotiate or rather haggle. Because some sellers will offer you absurdly high prices. Don’t be scammed!


In the following interactive map you will find marked, in green, the best areas and hotels to sleep in Rabat. The yellow and orange ones are also good, although not as convenient.


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