Staying in Queenstown is expensive, much more than most cities in New Zealand. We are talking about the most expensive city in the country by far. It’s super touristy! Queenstown welcomes visitors all year round, in summer for its pleasant temperatures and hiking routes, in winter for skiing. This causes prices to rise more than in other destinations in the country. But do not worry! We share with you lThe best areas and hotels to stay in Queenstown so you can choose the most convenient one. Furthermore, we leave you 25 things to do in Queenstown.

Our hotel in Queenstown

During our stay in Queenstown we stayed at the Pinewood Lodge. We looked for him more than a month and a half in advance and he was the only one left. Economical, 10 minutes walk from the center and with free parking. No frills, we recommend it


1. Center of Queenstown or its surroundings

If your visit will be dedicated to tourism, there is nothing better than the center itself to stay in Queenstown. As you will see, it is a fairly small city, it is the same case of Rotorua, and most of the attractions are close to the center. So if you choose a centrally located hotel, you can walk almost everywhere, which is very easy on your pocket.

The center is the best area to stay in Queenstown if…

✅ You want to be close to the city’s tourist attractions
✅ Most excursions end and leave you in the center
❌ Queenstown is the most expensive city and prices are high

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The center of Queenstown, from the banks of the Wakatipu

1.1. Why is the center the best area to stay in Queenstown?

The answer boils down to two important factors that you should take into account, especially if you travel around New Zealand by car. The center is the best area where to stay in Queenstown basically for comfort and parking. It is super important that if you travel with a rental vehicle, you make sure that the accommodation has free parking.

As we said, Queenstown is a small town and is almost always full of tourists. If we add to that that there is a time restriction in the most central streets, parking can become an odyssey. So It’s hard to find parking. You will waste a lot of time! So if you sleep near the center, it is best to leave your car at the hotel and take it only when necessary, you will have the rest at hand.

Besides, If you book an excursion, most companies drop you off in the center, so you will also be closer to the accommodation. It’s an extra point!

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2. Our accommodation recommendations in Queenstown

Queenstown is an expensive city and accommodations are no exception. You can rest assured! There are options for all types of budgets. However, you must consider that Prices also vary depending on how far in advance you book and the time of your trip.

2.1. If you are looking for a cheap but good hotel

If your budget is not very high, that is, around €70-120 per night, we recommend the following options. To give you a reference, these are cheap but good accommodations. And most importantly, well located. Although don’t expect them to be as cheap as other cities in New Zealand.

In short, to rest you don’t need anything else. So these are The three best budget hotels to stay in Queenstown.

2.2. If you are looking for a comfortable hotel with a great value for money

Although the three previous hotels are not at all luxurious, as we have said, if you sleep there you will not lack for anything. Besides, Consider that when you visit Queenstown, you will probably spend most of the day on the adventure. It’s not for nothing that they call it the adventure capital of the world! So you are going to get tired of trekking and outdoor activities.

The accommodations that we have mentioned before have the disadvantage that the bathroom is not private, it is shared. In the three that we present below, you will be able to enjoy this comfort, especially after arriving sweaty from one of the walks. The price is higher, but you have more services. So if you have a budget of €120-€150 and even a little more, these three options are the best if we take into account their quality-price ratio and that you are also in Queenstown. The most expensive city in New Zealand!

23. If you are looking for a special place to stay in Queenstown

If we had to choose a place to treat ourselves to luxury, this would be Queenstown without a doubt. It is a special, different city. You will feel its magical atmosphere in every corner! He Lake Wakatipu It makes the city look like something out of a story. So, if you can afford this trip, do it here. We are left with the desire to sleep in a hotel on the shores of the lake or with views of it. Nothing like waking up like this!


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