Staying in Auckland on a budget is easy. It’s the biggest city what to see in new zealand and, luckily, it offers accommodation for all budgets. Usually, On a trip to New Zealand one usually spends many nights away, so there is nothing better than good and affordable accommodation. Most likely you will start your New Zealand route in Auckland since it has the most important airport in the country. We tell you the best areas and hotels to stay in Auckland.

30 things to do in Auckland

Our hotel in Auckland

During our stay in Auckland we stayed in Nesuto St Martins Apartments Hotel. Modern, economical and close to the center. We couldn’t ask for more.

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1. Central Auckland, the most convenient area

Most of Auckland’s attractions are in or near the heart of the city. So the most common thing is to walk everywhere. It is reason enough for The city center is the best area to stay in Auckland.

It is the typical CBD of a city of Oceania. Just like those of Australia, are business areas without many attractions to explore. Being new cities, they do not have the atmosphere of the historic European centers.

If you want to be in the most central neighborhood, we recommend you look at accommodations that are near Queen Street, the main artery of the city. There you will find shops of all kinds (and of all cultures). So stay downtown It is a comfortable option since you can reach almost everywhere by walking.

In terms of security you can be very calm since Auckland, like the rest of New Zealand, is very safe. That doesn’t mean you lose care, nor should you trust yourself. As everywhere, you must always be attentive to everything you carry to avoid scares. Yes it is true that in Queen Street there are quite a few homeless but that shouldn’t worry you.

Surely when you check the prices you will think that it is an expensive city, but no. If you are looking for a 4 star hotel or above, they are more expensive than in Europabut If you are looking for something simple to spend the night, you can find very reasonable things.

Good options in central Auckland:

The center is the best area to sleep in Auckland for…

✅ Be very close to tourist places
✅ Find a variety of accommodations and prices
❌ There are quite a few homeless in the zone

Auckland city center seen from Devonport

2. Viaduct Harbour, the most glamorous area to stay in Auckland

Do you want your stay in Auckland to be more than special? Then we advise you to stay near the port. This area is one of the liveliest in the city, especially when the sun goes down. There are several bars and restaurants there in case you want to go out for a drink or dinner. In addition, if you decide to stay here you will not be poorly connected: it is located just a stone’s throw from Queen Street, so you can also get around the city on foot.

We believe it is one of the most interesting areas to stay in Auckland, although also one of the most expensive. Luxury hotels predominate in Viaduct Harbor, so you will need a high budget to sleep there.

Our recommendations at Viaduct Harbor:

Viaduct Harbor is the best area to stay in Auckland if…

✅ You want your stay to be super special
✅ Are you looking for accommodation near the center
❌ It is the most expensive area to stay in Auckland

Don’t forget to book your travel insurance before going to New Zealand. Healthcare is expensive and a simple doctor’s visit can cost hundreds of dollars.

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stay in Aucklandstay in Auckland
The port, one of the best areas to stay in Auckland

3. Parnell, a quiet place to stay in Auckland

This area was one of our favorites in Auckland. It is also the oldest neighborhood in the city! It was one of the first European settlements in the area.. Its environment is quite calm, full of peace and ideal for walking around looking at its houses. Apart from being one of the most beautiful sectors, it is also one of the richest.

Like the entire city, its topography is very irregular. In case you didn’t know, Auckland is built on volcano land! In Parnell you can enjoy tranquility, its local shops without being far from the center. In addition, you will be very close to the Auckland Domain, the largest park in the city.

Of course, in Parnell there is not much hotel offer, since the majority is concentrated in the city center. Still, it has the best quality-price ratio. Without a doubt, one of the best areas Where to stay in Auckland.

Good accommodation in Parnell:

Parnell is the best area to sleep in Auckland because…

✅ The quality-price ratio of the area is very good
✅ It is a quiet neighborhood with commercial stores
❌ There is little hotel offer to choose from

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4. North Shore, a good alternative to sleep in Auckland if you have a car

If you don’t prioritize location so much, sleeping on the North Shore may interest you. It is located across the Bay, just north of Auckland. We were considering it because there were much nicer apartments for the same price as some accommodations in the center. However, we ruled it out due to its distance from the center because we do not rent a car until we leave Auckland.

So, If you already have a vehicle and don’t mind taking it to get around the city, it can be a great option for where to stay in Auckland. It will only take 15 minutes to get to the center by car.

On the North Shore you will basically find very well-equipped apartments and B&Bs. And the best part is the prices! If you look in advance you are sure to find a room with breakfast at a decent price. If you search Something affordable without sacrificing quality, it is perhaps the best option to stay in Auckland.

Good North Shore Accommodations:

North Shore is the best area to stay in Auckland if…

✅ You want to save a few euros
✅ The quality of the accommodation is quite good in relation to the prices
❌ It is very far from the center and you need a car to get to the city

stay in Aucklandstay in Auckland
The Esplanade Hotel in Devonport, an emblem on the outskirts of Auckland

5. Near Auckland Airport

We close with our last alternative where to stay in auckland: the vicinity of the airport. If you rent a car at the airport or arrive very late in the city, it is not bad to sleep nearby. There is a lot of offer and you can find a bed for a reasonable price. This is a recommended option if you want to start your route through the country and do not want to visit Auckland.

Although staying a few hours or days in Auckland will be very good for you, especially after arriving from a tired trip and facing the time change. You will surely need to recharge your batteries! This city will be a perfect stop to rest and get to know Auckland before starting the journey through New Zealand.

Recommendations near the airport:

Near the airport it is the best area to sleep in Auckland if…

✅ You want to be close to the airport or your flight arrives very late
✅ There is a lot of hotel offering and decent prices
❌ It is far from the center and you will need a car


Below, we will answer a few questions as a summary. If you have any other questions write us a comment.

What is the cheapest neighborhood to stay in Auckland?

If you search save on your accommodation in Auckland We recommend sleeping in Parnell. The quality-price ratio is very convenient and you can find super cheap hotels. Of course, we cannot fail to mention that the negative side of this area is that the accommodation offer is very low. So, you better book in advance if you want to find something there.

On the other hand, you can also choose North Shore. The accommodations here are very nice, more so than those in the center, but with the advantage that they are cheaper. Yes, this neighborhood it is far from the center, just across the bay. That means you will definitely need a car to get around.

What is the best area to stay in Auckland for families?

If you go with your family, it is best to stay in a quiet area, but close to the center to be able to see the tourist places. Then We recommend staying in central Auckland. Although there are homeless on the streets, It is a very safe neighborhood, like the entire city and the entire country. In addition, you will have everything at your fingertips, from the attractions of Auckland, to restaurants and shopping.

What is the best area to stay in Auckland?

The best area where to stay in auckland It depends on your budget and itinerary. For us, sleeping in the city center has more advantages than disadvantages.. It is not as expensive as other cities in New Zealand, There is a wide range of hotels and you have a little bit of everything in the area.. Plus, you don’t need a car because everything is very close to the center, just walk to explore the best of Auckland.

It was great for us to sleep in the center of Auckland to rest from our long plane trip. This is how we got to know the city, we adapted to the time change and we recharged our energy for what was coming to us. A 30-day route through New Zealand!


On this map you will find marked the best areas and hotels to stay in Auckland.


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