To travel to Cancun, some prefer the environment that takes place during the high season, there are many people who travel with their family and children and do not have much choice, the places usually restaurants, bars and nightclubs are filled with tourists on weekends and local people.

Others prefer tranquility, space and above all they seek to relax without crowds or many people around them, you get this by traveling to Cancun in low season.

Many people ask us what is the best time to travel to Cancun? or what is the best month to travel to Cancun? And the truth is that when faced with this question the best answer is: “it depends” because first you need to think about what is best for you.

Probably the best time to travel to Cancun for you is not necessarily the cheapest time, or the cheapest month to travel to Cancun, but quite the opposite, if you have children there is not much choice because you must adapt to the vacation dates of your school, but even if you travel with friends or a partner, the cheapest season may not necessarily suit you if you want to spend holidays and lots of activity.

Now if you don’t care much about the environment and you have flexibility in dates and what you want is to save and get the cheapest, the exact question you ask yourself is: what is the cheapest month to travel to Cancun? or what is the cheapest season to travel to Cancun? there we would certainly tell you that you should travel in low season and monitor the discounts of these times. Below we give you more details and information on the pros and cons of the low season and the high season to travel to Cancun.

Dates and benefits of traveling in high and low season to Cancun:

When is high season in Cancun?

The high season dates in Cancun are undoubtedly 3 times of the year:

The first high season in Cancun begins with Easter, it is the first vacation period of the year and varies from year to year. These are dates that families with children in school take advantage of to go on vacation.

It is common to hear on the news that when Holy Week begins, the big cities are empty and long lines form at the toll booths. Obviously many people go in search of beach destinations like Cancun.

Summer holidays: Summer vacations are the best high season for hotels in Cancun, occupancy rises considerably, since in addition to being the longest vacation of the year in Mexico, they start in July and end in mid-Augusteveryone seeks to cool off the heat in a beach destination.

Winter Break: Traveling to Cancun in winter is a luxury and attracts many foreigners fleeing the cold of their countries of origin. It is not too hot and there is really a very good Christmas atmosphere.

Christmas dinners at local hotels and restaurants are good options for not missing the warmth of home. If you are traveling with the family, it is a good season to rest, enjoy the sea and the beach and not be as hot as in the summer, and of course, take advantage of the Christmas atmosphere and perhaps receive many gifts. There are even those who stay until the new year.

If you would like to visit Cancun in high season these would be the 3 best high seasons to travel, yes it can be more expensive and more crowded but if you are looking for the best atmosphere or you do not have much flexibility with dates you can also find good deals if you search in advance .


When is low season in Cancun?

hotel oasis cancun

The “low” season in Cancun It could be defined as a hotel occupancy between the ranges of 70-80% since in high season, occupancy can reach 95%-100%, which is considerable considering that there are approximately 40,000 rooms in Cancun.

The low season in Cancun can normally be defined as the cheapest season to travel to Cancun, this is because hotels and service providers have less occupancy and tend to have more aggressive offers and promotions to try to “fill” their spaces more. .

Low season dates in Cancun are:

Enero in March: Personally, I could say that if I wanted to travel to Cancun and see its surroundings, the months of January to March would be the ideal time for me to do so. Why?… well, in the first place it is not as hot as in the summer.

Secondly, the convenience of almost always being the first to be served, the first to serve the buffet, the first to check-in and the first to obtain the hotel’s WiFi password (among other things).

In addition, as we already said, by booking in advance you can find good offers with low prices on both hotels, flights and services.

After Easter to June: The period that begins after Easter and before the summer school holidays is the same as the previous one, and if you are looking for a good tan quietly on one of the beautiful beaches of Cancun, spring is a very good time to do it , and also, you can enjoy the pleasure of being treated like a king….

From August 20 to December 15: Taking into account that many families are still on vacation in mid-August, the last week is when they start the return trip, so if you want more peace of mind, I recommend traveling from August 20 to December 15, just after this date the Christmas holidays begin.

There is not that much heat, but yes, take into account as a possible disadvantage that from July to November is the rainy season (and hurricanes) in this area, however do not worry, in terms of prevention and organization against hurricanes Cancun is better prepared than many coastal cities in the United States, only that being a tropical climate it is somewhat unpredictable to know well in advance if it will rain or not on your trip to Cancun.

As for the rain, well, it doesn’t compare… really here even the rain is enjoyed and appreciated… I assure you!

Advantages of Traveling in Low Season to Cancun

Of course, the tourist industry is interested in keeping hotels full all year round, which is why, through the Travel Agencies in Cancun They offer promotions such as free hotel nights, preferential rates, free breakfasts and other discounts that are definitely cheaper compared to those offered in high season.

Even, of course, flying by plane is cheaper than in high season, so we can say that it is very likely the cheapest time to travel to Cancun, you can always find super deals in any month of the year but if you are looking within the low season months you will be much more likely to find a bargain.

As for what you will find on your trip, the perspective will be a little different, since most of the time you will not find crowds of people on the beach, lack of lounge chairs, you will not have to wait long for a service, among other advantages…


Whether you travel to Cancun in high season or low season, remember that it is best to book in advance so that upon arrival you avoid unpleasant surprises such as “sorry but we don’t have any rooms available“… it will also be much more comfortable for you to put together a quote from your home or office.

If you are very adventurous, probably booking your trip at the last minute is an option, although it represents a greater risk of finding high rates and should be for people who do not mind having too much planning, it must be said that there are very good last minute offers to Cancun and if you are a hunter and very flexible in dates you could find bargains in low seasons or even high seasons, if you want to do something spontaneous this may be your option.

Come and request information from packages to Cancun in low season or if you prefer, packages to Cancun in High Season… Enjoy your trip from the first click!…

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