For travelers and content creators, it is very important to choose the correct equipment to record and take photos, since the quality of our work and our physical effort will depend on this.

On other occasions we have spoken to you about the camera Alan uses around the world y the ideal camera to start recordingbut this time we want to share with you some points that you should take into account to choose the best equipment to record, take photos and create content, especially if you want to start dedicating yourself to this.

It is important that they are very clear about what type of content they want to make, as this will help them choose the right equipment to record and take pictures.


There are many types of cameras, each one adapts to the needs of the content creator and what he wants to communicate.

You can find compact digital, reflex or DSLR, mirrorless, analog, action, among others.

In the case of Alan around the world, he has used DSLR, mirrorless and action. The advantage of a mirrorless is that it weighs less than a DSLR, it is more compact, it records and takes incredible photos.

Action cameras are used for extreme activities.

Canon has a wide variety of cameras that are tailored to the needs of content creators.

objectives or lenses

The choice of these is very important, as each one has a different scope and is used in different situations.

For example, to take a landscape you will need an angle or wide angle, but to take a portrait, a 50mm or 35mm will do.

Review your needs very well, what you will use them for and from this you will be able to choose the one that best suits you.


Audio capture is very important, the recommendation is not to use the integrated microphone of the cameras, it is best to acquire one for it.

Also, if you are going to record audio outdoors, you should have a cover so that the wind does not obstruct the recording.


If you will make videos indoors, take good care of the light, try not to be in dark places and buy a lamp to light up. Light circles are very useful.

Outdoors, the best light is at sunrise and sunset, so if you want good shots, take advantage of these hours.

Stabilizer and/or tripod

Using a tripod is very important, as they will help your shots not be blurred and are ideal for making a timelapse and even recording yourself.

Stabilizers will help you take moving shots, pan and tilt, as well as record yourself while walking.

memories and hard drives

On your trips, take several memories and a hard drive to save the content you create.


Having several batteries is of great importance, since when recording so much content, the battery will run down quickly and it is likely that they will not arrive at their accommodation in time to charge it, in addition, if they do activities for several days outdoors and without connections, have several batteries will be very useful.

These are just some recommendations from the team that you should not miss if you want to dedicate yourself to the creation of travel content and in general.

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