The most memorable adventures are always in good company. And in the case of travel, there is nothing like living a completely immersive experience in the local culture at the hands of the locals: listening to recommendations of hidden places that few travelers know about, trying local foods with difficult-to-pronounce names and difficult intense flavors. to recreate when returning home.

You can feel all these emotions with Evaneos, an online travel platform that connects you with local agencies willing to design with you the adventure of your dreams. The possibility of 100% customizing your itinerary and the accompaniment of a local Spanish-speaking expert make the difference when it comes to living the best experience.

Union with Planetterra for ethical tourism

In addition to enjoying yourself to the fullest, you are sure to be leaving a positive impact on the place you visit. Both Evaneos and its local experts deeply respect the environment and the socioeconomic development of the communities that are part of your trip. A good example of this is its recent collaboration with Planeterra, financing ethical tourism experiences and ensuring that benefits remain in the communities travelers visit.

As Planeterra’s motto says, they use tourism to change lives through three projects in Peru, Bali and Madagascar. Hundreds of people from these communities work sharing their local cultures and traditions with travelers, who in turn are contributing to the development of the local economy and generating a positive impact with their visit.

An example of Evaneos’ alliance with Planeterra is the development of Urpis de Antaquillka in Peru. It is a community association that employs 22 indigenous women, who share ancestral traditions with travelers in search of authentic experiences. For example, they teach traditional cooking classes from the area, teach weaving techniques or organize llama walks in the Andes. In addition to these twenty women, another 60 people receive employment indirectly thanks to the project.

A summer full of special experiences

Peru is precisely one of the best destinations to visit during the summer. The dry season runs from June to August and is undoubtedly the best time to enjoy outdoor plans. From the Andes to the Pacific coast, there is an impressive variety of landscapes: dunes, Amazon rainforest and even one of the seven wonders of the modern world, Machu Picchu. There is also no shortage of cities full of life and colonial buildings such as Lima, Cuzco or Arequipa. In short, a very complete trip full of unique experiences that will completely captivate you.

Vietnam is another fantastic country full of stimuli, perfect to discover in the coming months. Its main cities such as Hanoi or Saigon are a great organized chaos that contrasts with the tranquility of the rice fields of Sapa or the karst mountains that emerge from the water in Ha Long Bay. Visiting Vietnam will awaken all your senses in the best way possible. Including, of course, its delicious cuisine based on tasty soups and train mi with freshly baked bread (the best sandwich I’ve ever had!).


You don’t have to go far to discover off-the-beaten-track places, the kind you don’t see summer after summer on your Instagram feed. We also encourage you to visit Albania, an emerging destination on the old continent. The Albanian Riviera is a summer paradise with scandalous beaches, which have nothing to envy of the turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

And if you are more of a mountain fan, you can enjoy walks through the dense forests of the Albanian Alps or those known as the Cursed Mountains in the north of the country. Although they have little to say, since they are a fantastic place for hiking lovers thanks to their 200 kilometers of paths with incredible views. There is also no shortage of postcard lakes like Koman, which you can discover quietly on board a ferry. If you have an adventurous soul, you can also go canyoning on the Osum River or rafting on the Vjosa.

In addition to great scenic beauty, Albania has a fascinating history, halfway between East and West. It resisted the conquest of the Roman Empire and was part of the Ottoman Empire for five centuries. Its past is still felt in the streets of Tirana, the country’s capital, an eclectic city full of life where several religions coexist. You will probably identify with the Mediterranean character of the locals, who welcome visitors with open arms and are always eager to spend time socializing outside.

Ideal destinations to discover in winter

Want more travel inspiration? Are we preparing for winter? Planning winter holidays further in advance is an increasingly common practice as it allows travelers to benefit from better flight rates. You should have Iceland on your radar, an island where nature reigns and, starting at the end of September, you can see the northern lights that will give you goosebumps.

If the cold is not your thing during the winter, Costa Rica is a little gem that concentrates much of the world’s biodiversity in its small territory. Beaches, rainforests, adventure activities and the hospitality of the Ticos will imbue you with the “pura vida” spirit.

Finally, India It is always a good idea to surprise yourself with the different traditions, ways of living and diversity of landscapes that we are lucky to share on this planet.


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