The best lakes in Switzerland They are a very good reason to explore this wonderful country. If you want to know them, you are in the right place. Visiting lakes in Switzerland is a fantastic idea, since the Swiss country has around 1,500 and some of them will leave you speechless because they are spectacular. In this post We tell you the 15 most beautiful lakes in Switzerland so that you can include them in your itinerary around the country.

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1. Riffelsee and the reflection of the Matterhorn, one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland

Without a doubt, the Riffelsee is the one to top our list of most beautiful lakes in switzerland. The landscape we saw will forever be etched in our memories! Located in Zermatt, on the way to the Gornergrat. Although it is not very large, nor is it surrounded by great vegetation (due to its height), What characterizes this lake is that the Matterhorn, the most famous mountain in Switzerland, is reflected in the lake.

We recommend going during sunrise or sunset to better observe the reflection. It’s worth the trip!

How to get to the Riffelsee, one of the best lakes in Switzerland?

Getting to the Riffelsee is much easier than you think and you won’t have to walk much. You just have to go up to the rack railway to Gornergrat and get off at the Rotenboden / Riffelsee stop, the penultimate stop on the route. From that point you will have to walk just 5 minutes. Definitely, one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland and super easy to access.

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We enjoyed a beautiful sunrise at the Riffelsee

2. Lago Oeschinen

This was the second one that we liked the most. Lake Oeschinen is of glacial origin and Its turquoise waters, surrounded by those very high peaks full of snow, left us speechless.. It is an ideal place to spend the day, have a picnic around the lake or get lost on the hiking trails. But you better not visit it in winter as it is completely frozen. When you get to the top you will understand why this is one of the best lakes in switzerland.

How to get to Lake Oeschinen?

The best option to visit it is from Interlaken. You must take two trains, one from Interlaken to Spiez and from there another to Kandersteg. The journey is worth it because it is one of the best lakes in switzerland.

When you get off the train it will take you an hour walking through a route that will take you to the lake. If you don’t want to walk this section, there is a cable car that will take you up.

best lakes in switzerlandbest lakes in switzerland
Without a doubt, one of the best lakes in Switzerland

3. Bachalpsee, one of the most famous lakes in Switzerland

This lake frequently appears on postcards from Switzerland. And it is no wonder because the landscape is idyllic. You’ve probably seen it on some Windows and Gmail computer wallpaper. So you can’t miss it! It is located 2265 meters above sea level. It is quite similar to Riffelsee, since the mountains are perfectly reflected.

You can also get there from Interlaken. From there you take a train to Grindelwald, then a cable car to First. And finally, from First there is a accessible path that will take you to the lake in about 50 minutes. Although if you want to avoid the walk you can go on the cable car.

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Some beautiful views

4. Lake Brienz, one of the best lakes in Switzerland

Lake Brienz is even more accessible. The famous city of Interlaken lies on its shores, as does the picturesque town of Brienz, after which the lake is named. There are many activities that you can experience there. The most common is to take a cruise from Brienz to Interlaken (or vice versa) and be amazed by the turquoise color of its waters.

For us, The best way to enjoy Lake Brienz is to do so from above. It is surrounded by several mountains, so we recommend climb Schynige Platte o al Rothorn. The views from above will leave you speechless. To go up you can take one of the panoramic trains, which by the way are great.

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best lakes in switzerlandbest lakes in switzerland
Lake Brienz from the Brienzer Rothorn

5. Lago Thun

And since we mention Lake Brienz, we cannot leave aside its brother: Lake Thun. Interlaken, as its name indicates, is between two lakes: Thun and Brienz. So due to its easy access and the attractions it houses, we believe that you cannot miss it either. The most beautiful section is the western one, in the city of Thun. Area It is surrounded by very picturesque houses and the beautiful Oberhofen Castle. They complement the landscape perfectly!

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best lakes in switzerlandbest lakes in switzerland
Oberhofen Castle on the banks of the Thun

6. Lake of the Four Cantons

Of the best lakes in switzerland, the Lake of the Four Cantons is one of the most visited. Just like Lake Brienz, you can explore it by boat, kayak or even swim. But there is no better way to enjoy it than from above. So In this case we advise you to climb Mount Pilatus or Rigi to enjoy the views. You’re going to blow your mind!

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best lakes in switzerlandbest lakes in switzerland
The lake of the 4 cantons from Mount Pilatus

7. Blausee, one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland

This was one of the lakes in Switzerland that surprised us the most. The fact that we visited in the fall probably made it that much more special. It was amazing! The contrast between the red color of the leaves and the turquoise of the water was fantastic. Without a doubt, a gem of the Bernese Oberland. In the same day you can combine it with Lake Oeschinen.

How to get to Blausee?

The journey to get to Blausee is relatively easy from Interlaken. You have to cTake a train to Frutigen and there take bus 230 that will leave you at the entrance. There’s no way to get lost!

best lakes in switzerlandbest lakes in switzerland
It looks like a fictitious place!

8. Lake Zurich

Yes in your route through Switzerland The largest city, Zurich, is included, you cannot miss its large lake that bears the same name. Zurich is a very picturesque city and is located on the shores of the lake. You can walk along the path that borders the lake or do various activities. It’s very picturesque!

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9. Limmernsee, one of the best lakes in Switzerland for hiking lovers

Ready to get into nature? Leaving the big city behind, if you like hikingYou can’t miss this excursion. In Limmernsee you will see some of the most spectacular landscapes in the country! Getting to the lake is not easy, but we assure you that it is worth it.

How to get to the Limmernsee?

This adventure begins in Linthal. We recommend spending a night there to start super early, since the train takes almost 2 hours from Zurich. Afterwards, you will have to walk about 7 kilometers (or take a taxi) to reach the base of the Tierfehd cable car. The cable car costs 15CHF (round trip). You can check the schedules.

When you get to the top, you must go under a very dark tunnel of about 3 kilometers until you reach the lake. But don’t settle for staying at the base! Our advice is that you go up to the Muttsee Hut and spend a night in the shelter. You can reserve the room here. From the top the views are amazing and the effort will be rewarded.

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10. Griesslisee and its ice blocks

This is one of the best lakes in switzerland to visit. It is at the foot of the Clariden Glacier at 2098 meters above sea level. Awesome! The color of the water, unlike the other lakes, is not turquoise or so pretty, it is rather greyish. However, seeing the blocks of ice and the glacier at the end is very impressive.

How to get to the Griesslisee?

The best alternative to get to the Griesslisee is to go by car. You will have to climb the Klausen Pass, a rather narrow mountain pass. At the top, the route to the lake begins. If you want to go by public transport, you can take PostBus to the Klausen Passhöhe stop. From there, it is a 7.5km walk to the lake.

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11. Crestasee

Dedicating a day to Lake Crestasee is an excellent idea, especially in summer, when you can even take a bath. There are also boats to rent, the water is super calm, so you have nothing to worry about. The reflection is almost perfect! This lake It is famous for its crystal clear waters and because it is located in an area with unique natural beauty.

Fortunately, Accessing Lake Crestasee is super easy. It will take you an hour and a half from Zurich. He is one of the best lakes in switzerland that we recommend visiting!

best lakes in switzerlandbest lakes in switzerland
The perfect reflection

12. Lake Lugano

Lake Lugano is one of the most visited and could not be missing from our list of best lakes in switzerland. It is located right on the border with Italy. Take advantage and get to know some of the towns that are on its shore or Climb up Monte San Salvatore to have a beautiful panoramic view.

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13. Lake Maggiore

Near Lake Lugano you can visit Lake Maggiore. It has a maximum depth of 372 meters and is the deepest lake in Switzerland and the third largest.. It’s well placed! The funny thing is that only 20% of the lake belongs to Switzerland. It is worth knowing, especially Ascona and Locarno, two towns located on the shore of the lake.

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14. Moiry Lake

You will be surprised by the landscape you will see at Lake Moiry. It is located in the canton of Valaisbetween Sion and Zermatt. The turquoise color of the lake, surrounded by mountains and glaciers It is a spectacle worth seeing at least once in your life.

How to get to Moiry Lake?

Whether you go by car or public transportation, you can reach the base of the lake. If you don’t have a car, you will have to take a train to Sierre and then a PostBus to Lake Moiry. But the truth is that it is much better to go by car.

We recommend you do the hiking route that surrounds it through the mountains. It is called Tour du Lac and it is approximately 13 kilometers. You are going to be amazed by one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland!

One of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland

15. Fälensee, one of the best lakes in Switzerland

We close our list of best lakes in switzerland And I’m sure that after reading this post you really wanted to plan a trip to this country. Finally, we will highlight Fälensee. It is a beautiful lake located in the Alpstein massif. It takes a bit to get there, but the effort is worth it. The lake is long and surrounded by mountains.

How to get to Fälensee?

Take note of what you will have What to do to get to Fälensee. The best way is to go to Brülisau, you can get there by train and bus from Zurich. If you travel by car, you will go much faster. Then you must take a walk to the lake. Approximately They are about 7 kilometers away by sense.

When you are up we recommend sleep in the shelter to see the sunset or sunrise from the lake. It is a unique experience! From there you can easily visit two other lakes in the mountain range, also very pretty. The journey will be rewarded!


On the following map you will find the location of the best lakes in Switzerland so you can locate them and better plan your trip.


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