By: Claudia Janeth Romero Bueno

For me, traveling is the best and greatest pleasure in life, I have always thought that the only thing I want to take with me to the grave are all these memories that travel has given me.

Traveling has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of people, I love learning about different cultures, I love interacting with local people.

I started traveling as a tourist and at the age of 45 I decided to take my first backpacking trip, and I loved it; I’ve been here for 8 years, and once a year I pack my backpack to tour my beautiful country.

I have had the opportunity to have already visited all 32 states and right now I am touring the Magical Towns, I hope to finish touring them soon, I have a few left to go.

Since I was a child, my passion has always been to travel.

I was not a girl who asked for birthday parties or toys from my three kings, I always asked to travel.

I was not a young lady who dreamed of a beautiful 15th birthday party, I just wanted to travel.

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