Are you still putting together your list of places to visit in this 2022? Add this charming place in the northern mountains of Puebla, located in a beautiful and fertile valley and with the mist that appears at various times of the day… All the info here in “Cuetzalan, a magical destination”.

For those of us who enjoy trips, be they short or long, but trips at last, the list of places to visit is endless.

Whether you have it in your mind or on your agenda, for an upcoming weekend getaway, you can’t help but take note of this attractive destination, now we tell you why…

Where is Cuetzalan?

Located 930 meters above sea level, this beautiful magical town belongs to the state of Puebla.

You find it 176 km from the city of Puebla, about 5 hours from Mexico City and Pachuca, very close to the border with the state of Veracruz.

What to do in Cuetzalan?

Get to know the center and surroundings

On your tour of the center you can admire the beauty of its architecture, with most of its buildings with white and red facades and tiled roofs, all arranged on one side and the other of stone streets.

Surely on your walk you will discover beautiful trails with murals, beautiful representations of local culture and traditions; In addition, you can visit the craft shops, candy stores, where you can find nice souvenirs of your trip.

The San Francisco de Asís parish is one of its main attractions. It dates from the 16th century and is Renaissance in style. It surprises with its imposing size that earned it the title of the highest in Puebla.

In front of it is the esplanade where locals and visitors meet to admire the skills of the Cuetzalan flyers, who dare to climb 27 meters high, and then jump holding a rope, while another of them sings traditional music.

Continue the walk through the surroundings where you find the main square and its beautiful kiosk, the Municipal Palace, the letters with the name of the destination, there is also the Los Jarritos church that has the particularity of being inside a cemetery.

Check out La Callejoneada, a very nice experience that allows you to get to know the main places of interest accompanied by a guide; You can do it at night or during the day or both, to visit the town from the hand of those who know it.

Another attraction is the market on Sundays; you find it a few steps from the esplanade of the main church.

And if you go during the first days of October, ask about the patron saint celebrations and enjoy the traditional Wax Entrance, an unforgettable show.

Delight yourself with the gastronomy of Cuetzalan

The gastronomy of this magical town is unmissable, the local seasoning can be seen in dishes such as cecina, pipián and enmoladas, also molotes and tlayoyos are part of the flavors that will delight you.

Do not forget to refresh yourself with a sweet-tasting tepache and a shot of yolixpa, it also has to be part of your activities, ask why it is the drink that heals the heart.

And you cannot miss your experience along the coffee route, there are many coffee shops in the town and you have to enjoy their flavor, you will also love coffee sweets, there are many varieties and surely you will find one that you cannot to resist; Finally, dare to surprise yourself with the coffee wine and tell us if you liked it.

To conclude this walk through the flavors of Cuetzalan, you have to try the honey that is produced there, recognized for being the guardian of the Mexican melipona bee, the products you find will fascinate you.


Visit the Archaeological Ruins

An activity that you should surely schedule is your visit to the archaeological zone in Yohualichan, just 20 minutes from downtown.

In this place you will find the first settlement belonging to the Totonacs until they were abandoned to emigrate to what is now known as the Tajín, their second ceremonial center; both amazing places.


Enjoy your natural environment

Magical Town since 2002, Cuetzalan’s proposals for its visitors are very diverse and many of them focus on promoting entertaining outdoor activities.

The stunning natural beauty is an invitation to adventure; rivers, pools, waterfalls, caves, are part of the routes that numerous tours encourage you to discover.

You choose the crossing according to what you like the most, you can go hiking, rappelling, climbing, horseback riding, among other options.

Among the most recommended alternatives is the Chichicazapan Grotto; Arriving there, you enter the mountains, walk paths surrounded by green and then dare to cross an underground river, an experience that will test your skills and physical condition.

The waterfalls are also part of the beauties that you cannot miss, El Salto waterfall, Las Brisas waterfall and Corazón del Bosque waterfall, are among the most beautiful.

Also add to your list of outings a getaway to the Poza Pata de Perro and the Sacred Canyon, two incredible sites that promise to reward you for getting there.

Photo: Government of Cuetzalan


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