What can you do in Cancun with little money?” is a post to not hesitate and dare to a nice trip without having to stress about money…

The best time of the year is approaching, the hot seasons, and with it the ideas of making a getaway to a beautiful beach that helps renew energy for the coming months are present.

There are several dates available from Easter, a few XL weekends and of course the summer holidays 2023, all are excellent opportunities to visit Cancun and its incredible beaches.

Money is not going to be a problem on your visit to the Mexican Caribbean, below, we will tell you why…

What to do in Cancun with little money?

We can say that beach destinations on the Caribbean coast, such as Cancun and the Riviera Maya, are famous for being expensive and, therefore, to visit them you need to have a significant sum of money.

The truth is that this is not completely true since it will depend on how you organize your trip and the choice of activities you want to do, two aspects that will determine if your experience is a cheap trip to Cancun or the opposite.

In principle, it is good information to analyze the area in which you are going to stay during your visit to Cancun, for that the information in our special post that you find here will help you.

On the other hand, it is useful to know that a good way to get to know the city and save is to drive by truck, options such as R1 (route 1) and R2 (route 2), are the transports that circulate throughout the hotel zone of Cancun and They take you to different points of tourist interest in the center; its cost is only $12 pesos. There are other options such as route 6 that costs $10 pesos and takes you from the center to the Puerto Juárez area where the ferry terminal to Isla Mujeres is.

Now with this data that will surely help in the economy of your trip, we move on to the relevant information, the cheap proposals to have fun on your trip to Cancun.

Visit the beaches of Cancun

You will find many beach options in Cancun and they are all free, so there are no excuses to take advantage of the turquoise sea and get the right skin tone for summer 2023 with a good tan.

There are beaches like Langosta beach that has games for children and super calm waves to enjoy with them; Delfines beach is more recommended for those who know how to swim, it is an open sea area and the sea can be more unruly.

Playa del Niño has the detail that it is pet friendly, so it receives the visit of those who have puppies; there are many more alternatives, find them in our special post here.

Going to the beach in Cancun does not imply large expenses, in many of them you will find palapas, there are services such as bathrooms and showers, they are also located near convenience stores where you can buy your food and drinks.


Enjoy an afternoon in the Parque de las Palapas

One of the iconic places in Cancun is the Parque de las Palapas, where artisans and snack vendors gather daily, there is a beautiful church, there is a small theater where shows are held on weekends or on special dates, there are also spaces for children’s games, among other options that you can enjoy in a pleasant atmosphere and without spending more.

Photo: Las Palapas Cancun Park, Facebook

Stroll through the shopping malls

Cancun is a city with large avenues and, although it does not have a center in the style of a large city, it does have beautiful shopping malls to walk around and where you decide how much and what to spend.

Plaza Las Américas or Plaza Malecón are like two squares in one, they are in the center and have a wide variety of shops of all kinds, a supermarket, cinema, food court and a floor with games for the little ones. It is a good alternative for walking and has many affordable price options for food and entertainment.

Plaza La Isla is another one that adds to the list of things to do in Cancun with little money, since it has very nice spaces to walk and an area that overlooks the Nichupté Lagoon, ideal for enjoying beautiful sunsets. It is located in the hotel zone of Cancun, there you will find many shops, there is a food court, there is the Ferris wheel and you can choose to spend or just walk around, you will not be disappointed.

Finally, Plaza Marina Puerto Cancún is a very good choice to enjoy an entertaining tour, it has beautiful facilities, on weekends there is usually some kind of free event, it has a food court with a wide range of prices, it has entertaining options for the small ones, there are viewpoints, you can walk along the shore of the marina and much more.

Photo: Plaza Marina Puerto Cancun

Photo: NITU

Enjoy the night in the club zone, hotel zone of Cancun

This alternative may come as a surprise to many since, if we consider the price of the nightclubs, we are far from this being a good proposal for what to do in Cancun with little money.

However, it is possible to enjoy the night in Cancun and have a great time in this area without paying an entrance fee in dollars, this is since most of the clubs are open and the music is quite loud so many people stay in the surroundings and enjoy the party atmosphere.

There are shops, bars and fast food proposals with not so high prices that you can take advantage of and if you want to save more, walk a couple of streets to the supermarket and choose what suits you best.

On the other hand, it is good information to know that one of the clubs located in the area has access to the beach, which allows many people to enjoy and listen to music by the sea.

Photo: Ventura Park

More ideas of what to do in Cancun with little money

On your visit to Cancun, go for a walk along the Malecón, it is a very nice space to walk and enjoy a walk in the afternoon and admire beautiful views of the lagoon in a relaxed atmosphere.

If you are interested in archaeological zones, you have options such as the El Meco Archaeological Zone, located in the Puerto Juárez area, and another is the El Rey Archaeological Zone, located in the hotel zone. Both have a cost of $55 pesos for admission, an affordable price to surprise you with the wonders of Mayan culture.

The Mercado 28 of handicrafts is another nice place to visit, perfect to find that nice memory of your visit, in addition to trying the rich gastronomy of the area; you find it in the center of the city.

The Sanctuary of the Virgin Desata Nudos, Kabah Park, Plaza Outlet, also have to be on your travel agenda and if you go on special dates like Christmas, ask the local people where the Christmas villages are located, you will love them.

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