If you are a lover of wine tourism, an aspiring to it or you just like to have a drink from time to time, this post “Vineyards in Tequisquiapan, what are they and how to get there?“, it may interest you…

Tequisquiapan is a beautiful city belonging to the state of Querétaro, located one hour or 63 km from the state capital, Santiago de Querétaro, and 187 km from Mexico City, less than 3 hours.

Declared a magical town in 2012, it is chosen by many to vacation or at least enjoy a weekend getaway.

Alternatives such as visiting the center and discovering buildings of outstanding architecture, a nice tourist tram ride, visiting the “I love Mexico” Museum with its incredible miniature representations, getting on a hot air balloon, cooling off in a spa or relaxing in hot springs, try the delicious cuisine of Queretaro, all activities to have a good time whatever the time you visit.

The vineyards and the cheese and wine route perfectly complement the experience, so we are going to introduce you to some…

In Mexico you will find a good range of wines that you can try by visiting different routes, including Valle de Guadalupe in Baja California, perhaps the most famous, but there are also routes with excellent proposals in Coahuila, Guanajuato, Nuevo León and of course in Querétaro.

Tequis and Bernal are the destinations for wines, vineyards and cheeses in Querétaro, a magnet to attract visitors from all over and one more link in the destination’s wide tourist offer.

Next, we mention the Vineyards in Tequisquiapan that you can visit…

Finca Sala Vivé by Freixenet Mexico

This is one of the most renowned vineyards in Tequisquiapan; located 25 minutes from downtown on the way to Ezequiel Montes, Carretera San Juan del Río – Cadereyta Km 40.5.

It has a wide variety of red, sparkling, white and rosé wines, which you can consult on its official site where you will also find recommendations regarding the best foods to pair with the chosen wine.

Among the wine tourism experiences that can be carried out there, we have, visiting the cellar at a depth of 25 meters, tastings, a ride on the Uva Bus, wine tasting and horseback riding through the vineyards, you can choose the one you like the most, combine them or enjoy them all.

You will also have the opportunity to relax in large gardens, try some dishes and their cheese board, at the same time, tempt yourself with a product from their souvenir shop.

Here they celebrate the Paella Festival, an event recommended by many of its visitors; likewise, the grape harvest event in the month of August is not to be missed.

Vineyards in Tequisquiapan

La Redonda, another of the unmissable Vineyards in Tequisquiapan

With extensive experience in the field and after having worked in the development of the vine in Coahuila, Chihuahua and Valle de Guadalupe, Vittorio Giaginto Bortoluz Perencin, an Italian winemaker, planted his first vineyard in 1975.

This is how what is currently La Redonda arose, a farm located 1,950 meters above sea level, a territory that is assimilated to Mediterranean lands with a great wine tradition.

It offers red, white, rosé and sparkling wines and some of its lines are Ruby, Altiplano, Univarietales, etc.

The facilities of the farm are quite extensive and you can get to know them with a tour in a kind of mini truck, with a guide who tells you everything about the vineyards and other aspects of production. You also have the option to participate in the wine tasting.

In its restaurant you will find the comfort and good service to try different dishes and pair them with the wine of your choice. Another fact, it is a pet friendly place.

If you go on the right date, it is possible to enjoy the vintages and live new experiences such as participating in the grape treading. Do not forget to check for the different events that take place throughout the year, such as the Festival 100 Mexican Wines.

You find it by going along the Carr. San Juan del Río to Ezequiel Montes km 33.5, less than 15 km from the center of Tequis.

Photo: Delusional Kitchen

Los Rosales Vineyard

One more option of this beautiful tour of the Vineyards in Tequisquiapan is this charming place that you find in Carretera Tequisquiapan – Ezequiel Montes, Km. 27.

This farm has hectares of Salvador or Tintorera vines, a type of grape that allows excellent quality wines; In addition to this, since 2013 they have been planting five new varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec, Chardonnay and Moscatel, all products of rootstocks imported from France.

The tours of the vineyards and the wine tasting to learn about the planting and vinification process are worthwhile activities, in addition, from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 to 6:00 pm you can enjoy a delicious meal or appetizers, proposals to delight you with a special wine.

The harvest festival brings together many people willing to enjoy all the activities scheduled for that day, with many live shows that decorate the event. Some of what you will find are ceremonies to give thanks and bless the production of grapes, grape treading, guest artists, music groups, dancers, etc.

If you have a wedding or another type of event, this place is also a very good option…

Vineyards in Tequisquiapan

The list of Vineyards in Tequisquiapan does not end here, there are many more… Viñedos Azteca, Viñedos Donato, Vinícola Tequisquiapan, Compañía Vinícola San Patricio, are other good proposals that you have to know on your walk through beautiful Tequis.

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