Falafel is a snack from the Middle East. It consists of fried chickpea dumplings or ground beans, usually mixed with spices such as garlic, chives, parsley, coriander and cumin. They are often consumed in pita bread, with hummus (chickpea paste), tahini (sesame paste) and salad (tomato, cucumber, onion and lettuce). Today, falafel is consumed all over the world. Learn how to make with this recipe!

Vegan Falafel

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Falafel has become popular with vegetarians and vegans as an alternative to street food meat. Although traditionally referred to as a “veggie burger”, its use has expanded as more and more people have adopted a high-protein diet.
Check the necessary ingredients for you to make this recipe and follow the step-by-step preparation mode.


  • Chick Peas 200 gm

  • Onion big 1 no.

  • Coriander leaves 1 cup

  • Parsley leaves 1 cup

  • Green chilli 4 no.

  • Garlic cloves 6 no.

  • Cumin powder 1 tea spoon

  • Coriander powder 1 tea spoon

  • Pepper powder 1 tea spoon

  • Lemon Juice 2 tea spoons

  • Salt to taste

  • Baking Soda ½ tea spoon

  • Sesame seeds 2 tea spoons

  • Oil for deep fry


  • To make falafel, firstly soak garbanzo beans for 8-10 hours;
  • Add these beans into a blender;
  • Also add coriander leaves;
  • Add onion pieces, Some garlic pieces, Green chili;
  • Add coriander powder, black pepper powder and jeera powder;
  • And these are parsley leaves, very similar to coriander leaves and also taste really good. These are necessary item for falafel. You can find this in most grocery stores.
    In case you can’t find these, you can add more coriander leaves as well;ingredients
  • Blend all these ingredients well. Create a paste as shown;falafel pasta
  • Now add some baking soda and some salt;
  • Add some lemon juice;
  • Add some corn flour for binding;
  • Now mix all of these;
  • Apply oil to your hands and press the mixture in this shape;
  • Apply some sesame seeds on both sides;seeds on falafel
  • Prepare such small units ready;
  • Once oil is heated up, fry them and keep turning them around;
  • Fry till they turn this color and take them out into a serving plate. You can make these into circular shapes also. As an alternative to fritters, please try this tasty falafel;

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