Shawarma or xauarma (original Arabic شاورما) is a dish originally from the Middle East, consisting of thin slices of mutton or chicken, baked on a vertical skewer and served on Arabic bread with vegetables, hummus (chickpea paste) , labneh (a kind of curd similar to Greek yogurt) and other side dishes. It became popular in Europe as a fast food, thanks to the influence of immigrants from the north of the Middle East.

Let’s learn how to make a Homemade shawarma with this recipe!

Homemade Shawarma

Recipe by caionCuisine: Middle EastDifficulty: Medium


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For your Homemade shawarma to be perfect, use these ingredients from the list and follow the step-by-step preparation mode.


  • Sauce
  • egg 3 pcs

  • Vegetable oil 300 grams of hours (the oil should be steamed in the freezer)

  • Lemon juice 30 grams

  • Upper room 30 grams

  • Yogurt 80 grams

  • Salt and spices

  • Filling
  • Cucumber 2 pieces

  • Tomato 2 pcs

  • Iceberg lettuce 200 grams

  • Onion 1 head

  • Garlic 3 cloves

  • Chicken breast fillet 500 grams

  • Olive oil for roasting

  • Mozzarella cheese 150 grams

  • Pita bread


  • Slice 2 pcs tomatoes
  • Then 2 pcs cucumber
  • We need Half of Iceberg lettuce
  • Ass 3 pcs eggs in a bowl
  • Add Salt, sugar and lemon juice
  • Beat it nicelybeating
  • Add 1 cup Sunflower oil
  • But it until it will be like sauce consistencyconsistency
  • Then cut on small pieces 500 gr chicken breast
  • 1 pcs onion: Cut it on small pieces
  • 4 pcs garlic: Cut it on small pieces
  • Put olive oil, garlic and onion on hot panhot pan
  • Roast it until chicken is well done cookedchicken
  • Put our sauce in lettuce, tomato and cucumber
  • Then add 80 gr yogurt
  • Mix it nicelymixing salad
  • We need 1 pcs pitta bread
  • Lay out filling as we show
  • Chicken
  • Mozzarela cheesemozzarela
  • Wrap it upwrapping
  • Bake for 10 minutes at 180 degrees
  • Homemade shawarma is ready to serve! The taste is super delicious

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