We are almost halfway through the year and there are still a few XL weekends left to take advantage of… Here is a suggestion for you: “Valle de Bravo Mexico What to do in this magical town?

If you live in CDMX there are no excuses, neither a tight budget, nor lack of time will be an impediment, and if your residence is further away, you may have to analyze it more, but if you dare it will be worth it, incredible days await you…

Valle de Bravo Mexico

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Where is Valle de Bravo Mexico located?

Valle de Bravo is located less than two hours from Mexico City, 156 km to be exact.

The beauty of the city led to it being recognized as a typical city in 1971 and a magical town in 2005, with various attractions that place it among the most visited sites in the state.

Its hotel and service infrastructure is very good, with various accommodation proposals ranging from cheap hotels, luxury hotels, weekend houses, etc. There are even those who already have their rest residence.

What to do in Valle de Bravo Mexico?

Visit the Market

It is a classic that you should include in all your trips, go to the market…

There you will find the delights of the local gastronomy, a highly recommended option if you want to watch your expenses since in most of them the prices are very accessible, even more so if you compare them with a restaurant.

A good breakfast to start the day is an excellent alternative.

Likewise, it is the ideal place to buy traditional sweets, typical drinks, souvenirs, among other products at a good price.

Among the tastiest dishes you will find turkey mole, barbecue and lamb consommé, tamales or some pork carnitas; don’t forget to try the guava and blackberry atoles, they are the favorites.

An ice cream for dessert doesn’t hurt either…

Valle de Bravo Mexico

downtown walk

The center with its cobbled streets is very picturesque, perfect for exploring and admiring its beautiful architecture.

The main square of Valle de Bravo and its kiosk are very pretty and portrayable; Just opposite, you will find the San Francisco de Asís parish, which is also worth a visit.

And don’t forget to visit the Temple of Santa María Ahuacatlán where you find El Cristo Negro, the Archaeological Museum, which preserves 300 pieces from the 3,000 archaeological sites in the State of Mexico, and the Craft Market.

Taco Street is another must-see; You will also find a variety of restaurants and cafes to enjoy the good atmosphere of the city.

Relax at the Miguel Alemán Dam or Valle Lake

Located a few blocks from the center, it is a nice place to unwind and enjoy the peace it offers.

Watching the sunsets from this site is a unique experience.

And not to mention other activities such as a sailboat or private boat ride, a catamaran ride, walking around, enjoying beautiful views of the surrounding forests, enjoying a delicious meal in a restaurant overlooking the lake, all are valid proposals to have a good time at ease.

A piece of advice, consult for the lunadas.

Valle de Bravo Mexico

Bridal Veil Environmental Park and La Peña Viewpoint

Two very good proposals for lovers of outdoor life, one with a little more comfort than the other, but both highly recommended.

You can find the Velo de Novia Environmental Park 8 km from the center of Valle and it is an excellent proposal to enjoy with family, friends, and why not as a couple.

You can get to know it on a tour, for example, a reiser tour, or on your own, depending on how much time you want to dedicate.

You find wide spaces to be in contact with nature, with a river, waterfalls, as well as other spaces equipped for you to enjoy the day. There is also a suspension bridge, a good setting for your photos; add to that an area with artisans, where you can find beautiful pieces of local manufacture, you can ride a horse, have a picnic, or you can opt for the food area.

If you want to enjoy incredible views of this beautiful magical town, you have to encourage yourself to go hiking and reach the Mirador de la Peña.

Wear comfortable clothes, suitable shoes and a bottle of water, the rest will just be enjoyed.

A plus is to go to Piedra Herrada, a little less than an hour from Valle, where from November to March you can appreciate the spectacle of the monarch butterflies.

Valle de Bravo Mexico

Practice some sport of your liking

Valle de Bravo has developed over the years to offer an extensive list of activities and entertainment for its visitors who, in the beginning, were mainly the inhabitants of CDMX, who used it for a weekend getaway, but today, they are part of the attractions enjoyed by national and international tourism.

In that order of ideas, there are very varied alternatives for those who enjoy sports, some of them are hiking, mountain biking, motocross, ATVs, horse riding, it also has three professional eighteen-hole golf courses, gotcha fields and something further away is the kart track.

In the lake there are options such as sport fishing for rainbow trout, tilapia and Israeli carp, sailboat regattas and water skiing.

The list doesn’t end there as we have the alternatives in the sky like paragliding and hang gliding; the Monte Alto state reserve is one of the busiest take-off points in Mexico.

Valle de Bravo Mexico

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