There are so many things I love about Veracruz, from its landscapes, the people, its culture, the rivers, I really couldn’t choose just one as my favorite but without a doubt one of the best is the food.

I know that many will agree with me on this, that is why I decided on this occasion to tell you more about the gastronomic delightsand typical food of this beautiful state, you will surely want to visit it very soon when reading more about the rich gastronomy of Veracruz.

You should know that Veracruz is one of the states with the greatest culinary tradition, it is the result of the fusion of pre-Hispanic ingredients with those condiments brought by the Spanish upon their arrival to these lands.

Nowadays, the mixture of all these ingredients has created typical dishes with an unmatched flavor to delight the palate.

Some cities such as Orizaba, Cordoba, Tuxpan, Nautla and Tecolutla, to name a few, have become internationally famous for the foods served there.

The veracruz gastronomy It can be classified into four regions: the Huasteca, the central region, Sotavento (corresponds to the Papaloapan River Basin) and the Tuxtlas, which reaches the southern end of the state.

The first three are where there is a greater Spanish influence throughout the country in the typical dishes, since for more than four centuries the port was the main entrance from Spain to Mexico, its dishes are characterized by having the use of of the sea products with which they make broths, soups and stews: shrimp, crabs, oysters, octopus, snails, mojarras are the ones that reach the table with an incredible aroma and flavor, from products, utensils and techniques of European and indigenous result in Mexican culinary art that is easily distinguished throughout the state.

The gastronomic mix that occurs in Veracruz begins with the arrival of butter which as a result gives a cooking method not yet known which is frying, later rice, wheat, beef, sheep, pork, milk, cheese, wine, sugar and spices arrive to our lands at the same time that the Spanish They take corn, beans, turkeys, cocoa and quelite to introduce them to Europe.

As a result of our miscegenation, the atoles and cocoas benefit from the piloncillo and milk; with the frying of the tortilla, garnachas, tacos, enchiladas, chilaquiles, among others, are created.

The stuffed chiles are the highest point where we can see the combination of ingredients, stuffed with minced meat, cheese, raisins, almonds and citrus fruits, coated with beaten egg, fried and bathed in tomato and onion sauce.

The exchange of ingredients that is created from that moment marks a new era in Mexican gastronomy and especially in typical Veracruz food.

As a last piece of information, I must mention that on July 11, 2009, Veracruz gastronomy was declared Cultural Heritage of the state of Veracruzone more reason to be sure that any typical dish we try will not disappoint us.

After a little history, we are ready to learn about the best typical dishes of Veracruz.

1. Fried rice

One of the most important in Veracruz and the most emblematic of Alvarado, it is a mixture of rice, seasonings, onion, seafood (shrimp, octopus and whole crab) that bears its name because it is “taken down” from the fire and served quickly to avoid let it dry.

It is a delicious dish that we have all surely tried on some occasion, it is not very famous for nothing, it has managed to earn its place among the richest in the state.

2. Veracruz tamales

The weakness of most Mexicans, I have tried many places since there is a great variety but I will always prefer the Veracruz ones.

Those casserole tamales that are prepared with whipped dough, chicken, acuyo, chile de arbol sauce, guajillo, tomato and are wrapped in a banana leaf or the corn ones that, although prepared in a very similar way, are wrapped in a corn leaf. and they have an exquisite flavor, the truth is that there is no competition for the Veracruz tamalesalthough everyone has their own thing.

Veracruz tamales

3. Chilpachole de jaiba

There is a great variety of chilpachole but one of the tastiest is crab (broth with chilpaya chili, tomato and a little dough).

The acuyo gives it a really delicious flavor that adheres to that of the crab, you have to try it because it is one of those dishes that you cannot miss for anything and your palate will thank you.


4. Veracruz Picadas

The chopped ones couldn’t be missing, they are delicious and bring back the best memories at my grandmother’s house with the whole family, it is a tortilla with edges around and inside (in other places they are known as pinched and they are similar to sopes) on top they have sauce that can be of different types, whether red or green, meat, cream and cheese.

It is one of the most important snacks in Veracruz and one that everyone loves. If you have tried them, you surely know that I am right.


5. Coconut shrimp

It is a delicious dish prepared with shrimp that are stuffed with cream cheese and fresh grated coconut, covered and fried with breadcrumbs and coconut, accompanied by a rich sauce prepared with manila mango, white wine and cream cheese paired with a salad and a little beans.

coconut shrimp

6. Seafood casserole

Better than a good seafood dish can only be a seafood casserole, a mixture of acamayas, crabs, shrimp, octopus, squid, sea bass and oyster, prepared with tomato, onion and garlic that are left to cook in the casserole, with a little of chili, epazote and shrimp broth to give it an even better flavor.

It is a dish like no other, delicious and to enjoy.

seafood casserole

7. Fish a la Veracruzana

It is one of the most important and well-known dishes in Veracruz, it is delicious and it is a party in the mouth.

It is a snapper that is browned with a little butter, bathed in a tomato sauce with bell pepper, olives and capers, seasoned with different spices, served with white rice or with a mixed salad, it is excellent for any occasion, really It’s something they have to try.

veracruz-style fish

8. Come back to life

It is a cocktail with a delicious mixture of shrimp, crab pulp, oyster, tomato, onion and ketchup and spicy sauces.

It is said that it serves to give you strength, especially on those occasions when you wake up with a good hangover, this definitely makes you feel better in addition to being very rich.

Come back to life

9. Stuffed Chiles

Who doesn’t like stuffed chiles? It is also one of the favorites among Mexicans and is considered a typical dish. To fill the jalapeño peppers, sweet minced raisins, olives and capers, ground meat, plantain are used and finally they are seasoned.

To accompany them, it can be made with red rice, refried beans or even in tacos, it is a delight for the palate since it is a combination of sweet, salty and spicy that you will definitely love.

stuffed peppers

10. Deviled oysters

It is true that in Mexico we cannot stop adding chili to our food but it gives a very different and delicious touch to the dishes, such is the case of the deviled oysters that are prepared in Veracruz.

The shells are placed and marinated with a mixture of pepper, chipotle sauce, bacon and seasoning juice, covered with cheese to melt and grilled to serve, it is truly exquisite.

deviled oysters

As for Veracruz drinks, there is one in particular that you have to try and it is the famous torito, which is based on milk with ice and cane liquor. There are many flavors but the peanut flavor is unique, of course, the coffee, all of them. We have tried a lechero from Café de la Parish, which is recognized for its delicious flavor, however, Veracruz is a very good quality coffee-growing area.

peanut bull

If we talk about desserts, the snows are very traditional, delicious and above all refreshing, a relief in those times of strong heat that Veracruz usually has, you have to try the famous “güero, güero”, there is also the sweet sweet potato with pineapple that can be eaten hot or cold, it is very delicious.

I have to mention a snack that I don’t miss the opportunity to eat every time I visit the port and it is the volovanes, I am completely a fan, there is crab, ham and cheese, Hawaiian, chorizo ​​and many more, they are like the flaky pastries that the We know most of them but nowhere have I been able to find them equal to these from Veracruz, so when I have to leave the port I bring a few with me.


As we see, the typical food of Veracruz is a mixture of sea and land because it is located on the coast, it is very easy to find fresh fish and seafood because many are dedicated to the profession of fishing, these are just some of the dishes more typical but there are actually many more and I must accept that everything is delicious.

It is also incredible to be able to appreciate the way in which the ingredients are mixed in the gastronomy of Veracruz to create a succulent dish. Veracruz gastronomy is a huge journey that we cannot miss the opportunity to take.

Will you accompany me?


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