Is visiting Marrakech safe? If you plan to travel to the most touristic city in Morocco, then these tips will be very useful to you. Political instability in North Africa can cause uncertainty for tourists about security in the country. You can rest assured, as long as you use common sense. Marrakech is one of the cities of Morocco most beautiful. Is traveling to Marrakech safe? We tell you some tips after our experience in the city and what the locals told us.

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1. In Marrakech there are a lot of police (and you don’t always see them)

Tourism in Morocco represents an important economic income. Marrakech alone receives more than 10 million tourists annually, which It represents approximately 8% of the country’s GDP. So they don’t touch tourists, they should be respected and people know that.

In Marrakech you will see a lot of police on the street, especially in the most touristy areas. Which is a peace of mind for visitors. Also, there are a lot of plainclothes policeEven if you don’t see it, it is there ensuring your safety.

Is visiting Marrakech safe? Yes, as long as you use common sense

2. Marrakech is safe because citizens cooperate

Citizens are also responsible for taking care of tourists. They join the vigil and action of uniformed police officers, civilians, and some members of the Moroccan army. The main reason is that People are very aware that tourism is super important for the country. So those who make a living in the sector always try to make you feel good and ensure that tourism continues to grow. It’s the only way for your businesses to do better.

In fact, If someone steals something from a tourist, from the owner of the nearest store to the person who saw it, they will work with you to catch them and give them the punishment they deserve.. A local told us that when someone steals something from you, people always encourage you to say that they have stolen more things from you so that the penalties are greater. Super curious! But as you can see, traveling to Marrakech is safe since everyone collaborates to make it so.

Is traveling to Morocco safe?

3. Beware of the most common scams in Marrakech

Traveling to Marrakech is safe, but scams are very common. They are very common, especially among young people.. People there try to get money from whatever they can. Unfortunately In tourist areas, especially in the Medina, they see us as bills with legs and arms. So you better take care of yourself!

They know it all: they live with tourists every day and they know how to get money from us. In fact, there are people who live on that alone. It doesn’t have a store or anything, it just they try to deceive you. Next, We tell you the most frequent deceptions so that you do not fall for them.

3.1. Never tell where you sleep

Scams like these are commons especially when trying to get to the riads. Finding these accommodations is always complicated due to the winding alleys and there is no shortage of people who want to take advantage. When they see you with suitcases they ask you where your riad is and then act as their guide. They will walk in front of you to take you, obviously, you are going to follow them because you have to go in that direction.

Our advice is that you tell him directly that you are not going to give him money. Even if you don’t pay much attention to them, They will follow theirs until they arrive with you at the riad and ask you for the money..

3.2. If someone comes on very nice to you and asks you where you are going, don’t tell them either.

And if you tell him, don’t follow him for anything in the world because you will have already screwed up. In the Medina of Marrakech unfortunately we saw few people with good faith to help us. They always try to trick you to earn their money. And they will take you the longest route so you can give them even more money. So avoid talking about your itinerary with anyone.

Marrakech is safeMarrakech is safe
The streets of the souk are a real labyrinth, even for Google Maps!

3.3. Up to date with “closed monuments”

It is very important that you are clear about the schedules of the attractions when you go to visit them. Because it’s another excuse to try to deceive you. They will try to trick you so that instead of going there you go to a cooperative or another unknown place so they can guide you and charge you later..

3.4. Don’t believe the supposed special events to take photos

There are also people who tell you that you are going to take the best photos at a certain time of day in a great place.. All they want is to charge youthere is nothing special. Marrakech is safeYes, but these deceptions are the order of the day and it is good that you know about them. So as the famous phrase goes: “think wrong and you will be right.”

Tips to save money

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4. Avoid the Medina at night, even though Marrakech is safe

Visiting Marrakech is safe, as long as you don’t walk through the Medina at night. Although it is highly advisable to sleep there due to its location, we do not recommend that you return too late. Even so, it is still the best area to stay in Marrakech if you prioritize a good location and want to get to know the authentic city.

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5. Do not approach animals in Jamaa El Fna

When you go to Jamaa El Fna square you will find monkeys and cobras. Our advice is that you do not approach them under any circumstances. Especially for two very important reasons. First because it is dangerous and second because you will be financing a super violent exploitation of these animals..

Furthermore, there is no type of control over these animals and if a cobra bites you (something that has already happened in some cities) you can die in a few minutes.. In the case of monkeys, a bite or claw could give you serious diseases. Don’t risk it!

On the other hand, they will ask you for money even for taking a photo of the animals from afar. If you want to see them, we advise you to buy a plane ticket to many other countries where you will see them in freedom. Traveling to Marrakech is safe, but these types of activities with animals are very dangerous.

Jamaa El Fna SquareJamaa El Fna Square
Visiting Marrakech is safe if you pay attention to these actions

6. Do not eat in the square

Before, eating in the square was very common, but with the increase in tourism, conditions have gotten much worse. When night falls you will see many food stalls where you can dine for very little. But stay tuned! Some tourists have had to be treated for food poisoning. Even in the riad itself they warned us about this since the food is not well preserved and can make us feel bad. You don’t want to miss your vacation and be sick!

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7. Always drink bottled water

Tap water in Morocco contains bacteria that can affect your body, even in hotels. If you do, the worst that can happen is an upset stomach, but that can be enough to ruin your vacation.. Thus, we advise you not to drink water that is not bottled. So when you go out to explore the streets of Marrakech, always carry enough bottled water with you.

Don’t forget to take out travel insurance before arriving in Morocco. You will have assistance in Spanish in the event of any unforeseen event. The most notable coverages are medical assistance, possibility of returning home in justified situations, advance of funds in case of loss or theft of luggage, among others. We travel with Iati and offer you a 5% discount on their travel insurance. We don’t leave home without our travel insurance!

8. Be very careful with traffic

Walking through the streets of the Medina is quite an adventure even though Marrakech is safe. Through those narrow streets Motorcycles, bicycles and even donkey carts pass by at full speed. It’s crazy! Our advice is to never take a wrong step and always be super attentive.. They are very used to driving in these conditions, so they will always avoid you. Be decisive in every step you take.

Marrakech is safeMarrakech is safe
In the Medina there are many motorcycles, one of the main security threats in Marrakech

9. Avoid taxis in the most touristy areas and always ask for the meter

Every time you get into a taxi, make sure it activates the taximeter. Many taxi drivers, especially in tourist areas, act absent-minded and do not turn on the meter.. This way, when you arrive at the destination, they will tell you the price they want, which is usually super high, and you will have to pay it. Done the law done the snare!

If you want to go more quietly you can agree on the price before getting in the taxi for a little more and forget about the taximeter. The deceptions are concentrated at the airport, that’s why We tell you all the transportation options from Marrakech airport to the center with their respective prices.

If you plan to take an excursion from Marrakech, it is best not to improvise and book it in advance. They will pick you up from your accommodation and you won’t have to worry about transportation.

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10. Use common sense

This is very important! Traveling to Marrakech is safe as long as you use common sense in all situations you encounter. By that we mean that you avoid walking at night, that you respect their laws and customs, that you don’t trust yourself… For example, do not show affection in public or dress in an inappropriate way, that is, with low necklines, short sleeves and very tight. Marrakech is safe and very touristy, but you can always avoid problems by using common sense.

Marrakech is safeMarrakech is safe
Visiting Marrakech is safe and we had a great time there

So is visiting Marrakech safe?

Along with the capital Rabat, it is the safest city in Morocco. That was our perception during the visit to Marrakech. Although you may often feel unsafe, that does not mean that the city is dangerous. In the end we must keep in mind that their culture is very different from ours: from their way of driving to their way of treating tourists.. If you have all these things clear, we are sure that you will enjoy your trip. Do you have any other questions? Write us a comment.


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