Traveling to Morocco is a great idea at any time of the year. Although it is probably not the first winter destination that crosses your mind, the reality is that Traveling to Morocco in winter will leave you speechless. There is something for everyone: you can escape the cold with a city break, as well as skiing on the highest peaks in the country. Besides, As it is low season, you can enjoy postcard landscapes with an extra bit of tranquility.

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What is the weather like in Morocco in winter?

Traveling in winter usually involves sitting on top of your suitcase to be able to close it after packing a lot of bulky warm clothes. If you are one of those who seeks to escape the cold at all costs when traveling in winter, Morocco is an excellent destination. On the Mediterranean coast and the main Moroccan cities, maximum temperatures reach 20ºC and minimum temperatures are above 10ºC. On the other hand, the highest peaks of the Atlas are covered in snow. Did you know that there are even ski slopes in Morocco?

In general, Winter is the season with the clearest skies. This will allow you to enjoy stunning landscapes and do a lot of outdoor activities.

If you plan to take a route through various parts of the country, keep in mind that there are many climatic variations. An activity that should not be missing on a trip to Morocco is an excursion to the desert. Note that the thermal oscillation is enormous: You can enjoy a super pleasant temperature in the sun during the day and freeze to death at night if you don’t wear the right clothes. Therefore, we recommend pack thermal clothing and be prepared to wear several layers that adapt to climate variations in Morocco in winter.

In any case, the local experts at will help you decipher what the weather is like at all the stops on your itinerary so that you go well prepared. Additionally, your knowledge of the weather conditions in every corner of the country is essential to creating the best routes through Morocco in winter. This is very important to avoid encountering closed roads or other unforeseen events.

The winding road of the Dades Gorge, probably the most famous in Morocco

What to see and do in Morocco in winter

Below we propose five plans to do in Morocco in winter. From outdoor adventures to festivals to learn about Berber culture. There is something for everyone!

If, in addition to these unique seasonal experiences, you don’t want to miss the most famous sites in the country, We recommend you take a look at our article on essential places to see in Morocco. Also We suggest a route through Morocco in 10 days.

1. Moussem de Tan-Tan

If you travel to Morocco in December, you will be lucky enough to coincide with a tradition proclaimed Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. We are talking about Tan-Tan Moussem, a annual meeting of more than thirty nomadic peoples from the south of the country. They are an opportunity for commercial exchange of food, animals, plants, etc.

Beyond the economic component, it is a celebration of berber culture with popular songs, dances, musical performances, poetry contests and other centuries-old oral traditions. Originally these meetings were held in May, but have now been moved to December.

2. Ascent to Mount Toubkal

Do you dare to climb to the top of the highest peak in North Africa? For the most adventurous, a climb to Mount Toubkal is the perfect activity to do in Morocco in winter. With more than 4,000 meters high, you will need ice axes, crampons and rope to climb on ice and snow. Accompanied by an expert guide, the trek lasts two days with a stop to rest in a mountain refuge before reaching the summit. A authentic winter adventure!

travel to Morocco in wintertravel to Morocco in winter
Discover the small mountain towns of the Atlas

3. Hammam

No trip to Morocco would be complete without trying their famous hammam! The Traditional Arab baths are a perfect place to relax after a long day of sightseeing. Its steam rooms will relax your muscles while exfoliating your skin, leaving it super soft. You can also add a massage with essential oils and, of course, the experience ends with a delicious cup of mint tea, the national drink of Morocco.

Although it is an experience that you can enjoy all year round, During the colder months you want to be pampered more. As you can see, Morocco is an ideal destination for a relaxing getaway. If you feel like disconnecting from the rest of the world, you can stay in a luxury hotel, take advantage of its magnificent facilities and let yourself be taken care of by the spa staff.

An essential experience on any trip to Morocco

4. Berber New Year

Yennayer, the celebration of the Berber new year, is an essential event to delve into Moroccan culture. It is celebrated on January 12, coinciding with the first day of the Julian calendar, used to establish the beginning of the agricultural year. In the towns of the Middle Atlas, Agadir or Tiznit you can witness this celebration with singing, dancing and, of course, delicious traditional food.

5. Contemporary African Art Fair in Marrakech

February is a wonderful month in Morocco for art lovers. The 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair is held in Marrakech. There are various galleries that participate exhibiting works of art of all kinds, although the focus is on African artists. During the days that the fair lasts, the city is filled with collectors, artists and fans.

Marrakech is a city full of wonderful corners

Is it worth traveling to Morocco in winter?

In case you are still undecided, YES, it is very worth visiting Morocco during the winter months. You will save money compared to the most tourist season, you will not find crowds and you will not experience suffocating heat. In addition, there are a series of very interesting events to delve into the country’s culture during the winter months.

By choosing the Evaneos service to prepare your adventure in Morocco you will have a memorable experience. You will have access to the knowledge of the best local agencies that will share the best kept secrets of the country and will accompany you in all phases of the trip. Can choose between pre-designed itineraries or create your route from scratch so that it adapts 100% to your tastes. In addition, they focus on sustainable tourism with a positive impact, supporting the social economy and the transformation of the sector.


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