By: Helen Carrasco

My name is Helen, I am Mexican, belonging to the smallest state of the republic, Tlaxcala, which does exist and Carlos Rivera is proof of this.

Since I was little, traveling is something I really enjoy, and exploring the coasts of Oaxaca opened up a new perspective on how to do it: backpacking. There I met several foreigners and nationals, whose lifestyle is to go from one place to another without ties or fears, and from that moment I knew that that was what I wanted to do: TRAVEL.

I was 21 years old when, in December 2019, I put my fears aside and dared to take my first trip alone, and to a completely unknown place.

My first destination was Playa del Carmen, and from there to date the objective of all the work I do is to earn money to continue traveling alone. On my travels I have visited Tulum, Bacalar, Holbox, Mérida, San Cristóbal de las Casas, Palenque, Oaxaca capital, San José del Pacífico, Mazunte (my favorite place in the world); I knew these places over 3 years.

I started recording my adventures, I didn’t have a very clear reason why in addition to taking photographs of the places I went, I also started taking videos, totally without rules or approaches or a planned story, but then I knew that I wanted to take advantage of it. to that material and I was encouraged, leaving aside the shame and fear of what people would say, I created my YouTube channel with my username: Helen in the Sky. And that’s how I ventured to share my expeditions and the knowledge I was acquiring to travel economically, agilely and ALONE.

Last year, in March 2023, I made my first trip abroad: COLOMBIA; I visited 11 cities, traveled more than 1700 km of road, took 3 flights; all for 20 days, and I did it all on my own.

Months later, in October, I ventured on what I consider the most constructive and special trip of my life: PERU, where I visited, in 16 days, from Machu Picchu, to Lake Titicaca and lagoons of the snowy Ausangate.

During these trips I have visited places that I never thought I could reach, lagoons where it seems that you are touching the sky, mountains so surreal that it seems that you are dreaming when you see them, wonders made by our ancestors that make you realize how incredible it can be. being the man by creating so many architectural immensities with impressive stories.

But I have definitely realized that the people you meet along the way are the ones who give the most special touch to the adventures. Traveling alone always scares me, because even though I have acquired tools over 5 years of doing it, I have anxiety and I can’t help but think that my plane is going to crash, that someone is going to hurt me, that I am going to choke on my food. alone and no one will be able to help me, and infinite scenarios that I have decided to put aside in order to fulfill my dreams, because I am more afraid of being paralyzed by something that has not happened, so I always remember that I have to start by TRYING IT.

During these years I have met people who have shared their food with me when they barely know me, who invite me to eat saying “order everything you want”, I have made friends in various parts of the world that I carry in my heart, finding among us so many similarities even though I grew up miles apart, and then I learned to receive and deserve that beautiful people see something in me that makes them care for me and accompany me along my path.

I am a true believer that what is for you finds you, and I know that traveling has saved my life in different ways. When making my videos I want to transmit and share the places I visit, how I feel when I am there, and also make them feel like they are going with me because I know that for many traveling is a privilege, and I want to bring a little of that to anyone who knows me. , to pass on my excitement as I wander the world as a nomad.

Although I go alone, I never really feel that way, because as I said, the people I met on the route helped me, took care of me and even fed me, just as I also helped and took care of them, making genuine brotherhoods with complete strangers.

So if I recommend anything in this life, it is that you do something for yourself, whether it’s going to the movies, taking care of your skin, reading a book, traveling, but never forget to do things for and for yourself, because that’s when We show how much we care about ourselves, and that when you make yourself a priority, things will find you.


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