Who says that death must be sad and gray? While there are death-related festivities that celebrate life, such as the Day of the Dead in Mexico, this cemetery in Romania is one of the happiest on the planet.

In Maramureş county, 8 kilometers from the border with Ukraine, is the village of Săpânța, which has become popular for its graves with colorful paintings and epitaphs that describe, in an original and poetic way, the people who they are buried there.

Scenes from the lives of the deceased are also described on the tombstones, some humorous episode, the news of how they died or some teaching.

Photo: Instagram (kejt_kahuna)

The origins of the cemetery date back to 1935, when local artist Stan Ioan Patras began to carve the tombstones in a style somewhere between satirical cartoons and images from the lives of saints.

This local practice moves away from the most deeply rooted European traditions that perceive death with solemnity and sadness.

Photo: Instagram (andrius_juknevicius)

The so-called “happy cemetery” has been turned into an open-air museum and a tourist attraction, would you visit it?

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