The flights are booked and it’s time to choose the hotel for the next trip. The chosen hotel is going to be your temporary home and it must be comfortable, cozy and practical. Not choosing the right hotel can ruin your vacation. There is a wide selection of hotels available with different characteristics according to your preferences, conditions and budget. So, what should be taken into account before deciding on a specific hotel?

Through the internet, it is very easy to check all the necessary information about hotels: location, room size, services and appearance. Choosing a hotel can be time consuming and overwhelming. But don’t stress too much, as there are numerous options on sites like that will help you find the best deal.

However, this should not be taken lightly and some factors should be taken into account when looking for hotels. Yes, we know that some of the points listed below are pretty self-explanatory. But it’s always a good idea to keep them in mind, especially before you get carried away with the excitement of finding a good deal.


Choose the hotel according to your needs and circumstances

Before commenting on the things to take into account when choosing a hotel, you must first know what type of trip you are going to do and what you are mainly looking for. Is it a trip with children? Are you traveling as a family? Do you travel with friends?

If it is a family vacation with children, we recommend looking for hotels with all-inclusive slides. It is the perfect option, since you will be able to enjoy a quiet, fun vacation without worrying about additional costs, an incredible advantage of all-inclusive.

All-inclusive hotels with slides are a dream come true for lovers of water fun. They offer a wide range of exciting slides, activities for all ages, and complete amenities, all within an all-inclusive package. Whether you’re planning a family vacation or just want to enjoy an exciting time on the water, these resorts are the perfect choice. With the help of, you can find the ideal hotel for your next aquatic adventure. Get ready to immerse yourself in the fun and create unforgettable memories!

Location of the hotel

One of the most obvious and vital things to check is the exact location of the hotel. The best way to find out is through Google Maps and user feedback. If you are looking for a beach resort, make sure that the hotel is exactly on the beach and not two kilometers away. Calculate the areas where you will spend most of your time and book in that area. Keep in mind that you may need public transportation, grocery stores, and dining options, and they need to be accessible.

Hotel room

The hotel room is the place where you are going to spend your time, so it should be a priority. Check all the room specifications: images, size, views, bed options, bathroom, air conditioning and heating. Do not forget other services such as tea/coffee maker, safe, fridge and iron. Photos on websites can be misleading, so check comments about cleanliness, size, noise, views, etc.

Hotel services

The services and facilities offered by the hotel should not be overlooked. A hotel with a low basic rate but negligible facilities may cost you more than a hotel with lots of add-ons. Check if the hotel has the services you may need during your stay. Room service, cleaning, 24-hour reception and concierge are some of the basic services that a good hotel should offer. Other services that you should check depending on your needs are free WiFi in the room, gym, spa, swimming pool, business center, elevator, free parking, dining options, airport transfer, if pets are allowed, etc.

Hotel classification

When looking for a hotel, the first thing we check is its star rating. However, the classifications are not always accurate. There are five-star hotels that look like three-star hotels and vice versa. Check the rating offered by third-party websites before freezing your hotel. These ratings are based on guest reviews. Read some reviews to determine the top issues customers are facing, and then make your decision. Whenever possible, try to get a rating higher than 8.

free breakfast

If the rate of the stay includes breakfast, it is always a great positive point. The continental breakfast buffets have food for every taste and you don’t have to worry about finding a place to eat breakfast first thing in the morning. In addition, it represents a good saving.

the fine print

You’ve found an excellent hotel with a great deal and you already have your credit card ready. Hang on a minute! Have you checked the cancellation policy, no-show policy, taxes, resort fees, tipping policy, and other details? Check if the hotel will charge your credit card immediately or simply save the details for future reference. Do you charge the full amount or just a deposit? Be clear about all these details so you don’t run into surprise charges later and regret your final choice.

Hotel accessibility and safety

The hotel should be easily accessible from the airport and the train station. Ideally, the hotel offers a free airport shuttle service. But if not, public transportation should be nearby to make getting around fast and affordable. If you depend on Uber or taxis, your budget will increase considerably. It is also essential that the hotel is in a safe area, where you will feel comfortable arriving at night or walking with children.


Last but not least, the hotel must fit your budget. Once you have decided on a hotel, it is best to check the rates on three or four of your trusted portals and check all the current hotel offers. Never book on portals that are not trusted.

Do not hesitate to call the hotel to ask for clarification when making the reservation. Room near elevator, vegetarian breakfast, top floor, quiet room, early check-in and other details can be requested and clarified before booking. But planning a vacation is not an easy task and when you arrive at the hotel you will surely be happy to see the results of your efforts.


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