When vacations arrive or there are long holidays, many people decide to travel and visit different parts of the country.

One of the most visited destinations by tourists is Palma de Mallorca, as it offers great options to make our visit really worth it.

For this reason, in this article we bring you a guide to the best places to visit in this city. let’s get started

Palma de Mallorca

The capital of the island of Mallorca is located to the southwest and about 260 km to the east of the Iberian Peninsula.

Many people believe that this is one of the best places to go on vacation, due to the fact that it has an attraction that very few cities have.

In many cases, they visit the city personally, which often means they miss out on tours that are essential for the trip to be profitable for them, which is why it is recommended to hire companies that conduct tours and guided tours, such as example Mallorcapremiumtours.comand thus get to know the entire city from end to end.

If you have never visited the city and want to know what attractions there are in Palma de Mallorca, in this part of the article we will show you some of them and their stories.

1- Royal Palace of the Almudaina

One of the places most visited by tourists is the Almudaina Palace and this stands out for being one of the residences used by the Spanish royal family during the summer.

The current structure is the one that was built during the 14th century and its decorations reflect two rooms: the lower part reflects the medieval style, while the upper part (it is the one used by the royal family for events) is decorated with furniture from the century XVIII.

2- Saint Eulalia Church

This temple is one of the oldest and is one of the most important on the Island of Majorca because it was there that Jaime II was crowned king. This was built in the 10th century (approximately AD 900) and has one of the tallest bell towers.

On the other hand, the church is decorated with Gargoyles, dragons, basilisks and harpies, which are the representatives of the bestiary of the Medieval Age.

3 – Main square of Palma de Mallorca

This site has a lot of history and is located in the center of the city. Nearby we can find other places that we can visit such as the main theater or the church of San Miguel.

We say that this place has a lot of history, due to the fact that it was the former convent of San Felipe Neri, which was the seat of the inquisition until 1823.

After several years of reforms, the main square today has shopping arcades and several underground car parks.

This is made up of a rectangular plan where buildings of 3 to 5 floors stand out. One of the most important buildings is “El Águila” which has a metallic structure, like the buildings of Can Rey.

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