Australian travel professionals have the worst work/life balance and are among the most stressed, overworked and overwhelmed travel professionals in the world. Moreover, Millennial travel professionals in Australia feel they are the least respected and valued in the workplace out of all generations globally.

This was revealed in the recent Happiness Index study conducted by global travel and hospitality recruitment leader, Progressive Personnel, aimed at assessing the general satisfaction of international travel and hospitality staff in the workplace.

Launched mid-May, the survey, the first of its kind in the global hospitality and travel environment, was distributed to travel and hospitality professionals in key global markets, probing their happiness in three key areas:

  • Happiness at Work
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Future Prospects

Among those questions for which we sought answers, says General Manager James Roberts, were how motivated staff felt at work, whether they were being remunerated adequately and whether they felt respected and valued in their job.

“We also looked at how stressful they believed their job to be, how often they worked outside contracted hours and what their prospects were for promotion, growth and development, not to mention whether they would recommend working in travel and hospitality.”

The survey was conducted in a rating scale format from 1 (least) to 10 (highest) and was segmented by geographic location, gender and generation.

The Top 10 highlights for Australia revealed in Progressive Personnel’s 2016 Happiness Index include:

  1. Travel professionals in Australia are less happy than their global counterparts.
  2. Australian travel professionals have the world’s worse work/life balance.
  3. Millennial travel professionals in Australia are among the least satisfied and motivated with their overall jobs.
  4. Australian travel professionals believe they are being remunerated the least fairly globally.
  5. Australian Millennials are among the least respected and valued out of all generations globally.
  6. Travel professionals in Australia are among the most stressed in the world.
  7. Australian travel professionals are among the most overworked and overwhelmed in the world.
  8. Australian Baby Boomers are among the world’s least likely to look for another position in the next 12 months.
  9. Australian Millennial travel professionals perceive there to be much higher equal opportunity in the workplace than the global millennial average.
  10. Australians are also slightly more likely than their global counterparts to recommend working in travel.

Comprehensive highlights of the Happiness Index’s results for the world, as well as certain regions polled, by gender and generation, can be viewed in an infographic format on Progressive Personnel’s website. The results will also be available on Progressive Personnel’s Facebook Page and Linkedin Company Pages.

“We are very pleased with the participation from travel professionals globally in helping us compile the definitive annual survey into the happiness of the world’s travel and hospitality staff. We hope the results will give professionals key insights into motivating, retaining, developing and recruiting talent,” concludes Roberts.

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