The passport is the document that every traveler should never miss, as it will always be necessary when we want to visit another country.

However, processing it can also be somewhat tedious for some, since you have to go through a series of steps to obtain it.

One of them is the payment of rights, which can be done at the bank and, recently, online, so this time we will share with you how to make your payment online.

First, they must take into account that the payment can only be made through the banks authorized by the Tax Administration System (SAT), either online or over the counter, and must be made after having made the appointment for the procedure at a tax office. the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE).

In order to make the payment online, they must be account holders of some of the banks authorized by the SAT and have electronic banking services.

The first step to follow is to enter the online banking page of your bank account. In this they must look for the option Payment of Federal Taxes and Products and Uses (DPAS).

Subsequently, a form will appear where they must enter their full name, the Federal Taxpayer Registry code (RFC), and the Unique Population Registry Code (CURP).

Subsequently, a list will be displayed with the different federal agencies to which they can make a payment, so they will have to select the option of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and enter the Reference Code, which is 02400140, according to the SRE .

Then they must write the dependency Chain, which changes according to the validity of the passport.

  • One year passport: 01030020000001
  • Three-year passport: 01030020000003
  • Six-year passport: 01030020000006
  • 10-year passport: 01030020000010

If they want to make several payments, they must make a bank operation for each passport.

Passport prices are as follows:

If you want to know more details about how to process the passport, click here.

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