If you want to make fresh sourdough bread at home you’ll need a starter which contains all the fermentation needed to naturally leaven your bread. Here’s how you can make one!

Sourdough Starter

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You’ll only need two ingredients and a bit of patience. Let’s make a Sourdough Starter!


  • 60 grams of flour

  • 60 grams of water


  • Mix together 60 grams of flour (you can use white, whole wheat or a mixture of text two) with 60 grams of water.
  • Once that’s combined, transfer to a see-through container at that is least 3 times bigger than the volume of your starter.
  • Place lid on top but don’t screw it on all the way.
  • You want it covered so it doesn’t dry out, but it doesn’t need to be airtight because oxygen will help to jumpstart the fermentation process.
  • Let this sit at room temperature for 24 hours.
  • After the first day if you don’t see much fermentation activity, simply stir the starter, cover and allow to ferment at room temperature for another 24 hours.
  • At this point you should see a fair number of bubbles on the surface and the starter should have grown in size.bumbles
  • It will also likely smell slightly old gym socks but don’t worry! That just means it needs to be fed. To do this, You’ll need to discard all but 30 grams of your starter then “feed” it with 60 grams of flour and 60 grams of water.
  • Mix it all together, cover and sit at room temperature for another day.
  • To speed up the process you could feed your starter twice a day as long as it has risen and fallen between feedings.
  • Continue this process for the next 8 or days until the starter consistently doubles in size and develops a sweet, yeasty smell.
  • Your starter is now ready, to use!Sourdough Starter

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