Route through Argentina

In this article I will show you the route through Argentina that we did for 20 days, more specifically through Patagonia, Iguazú and Buenos Aires. I will also provide you with some information that I consider useful so that you can prepare your trip properly.

Argentina is one of the best destinations you can travel to to enjoy nature. Here you can see whales and orcas, walk on glaciers, reach the end of the world, enjoy the most beautiful waterfalls on the planet and a thousand and one other things. To know the most interesting places in Argentina we encourage you to read our post about the best places what to see in Argentina.

Map of the route of the trip to Argentina

In the following map I show you the 20-day route that we did through Argentina. We made long-distance trips with internal flights. From Trelew to Península Valdés and from El Calafate to El Chalten we went by rental car.

Route through Argentina
Route through Argentina

days 1-3. Arrival in Buenos Aires and transfer to Iguazú

As soon as we arrived in Buenos Aires, we boarded a plane to get to Puerto Iguazú to see the Iguazú Falls, our first destination in the route through Argentina. We cross the Argentine-Brazilian border to admire Iguazú not only from Argentina but also from Brazil.

Iguazú Falls, Route through Argentina
Iguazu Falls

The Iguazú Falls is one of those essential places that you have to see in Argentina. They always leave their visitors mesmerized by the infinite beauty of the landscape.

You can reserve your guided tour of Iguazú on the Argentine side and/or you guided tour of Iguazú on the Brazilian side. In both cases they pick you up and take you to your hotel.

To see the Iguazú Falls, the ideal is to sleep in Puerto Iguazú. We stayed at the Marcopolo Inn, but we don’t recommend it because it was very seedy. They speak wonders of Iguazu Nature Hostal for its excellent location and good value for money. In this hotel list I leave you other interesting accommodation options.

I leave you all the information of the Iguazu Falls (how to get there, how much does it cost…) in the link.

Day 4-5. Punta Tombo, a classic on the route through Argentina

In Puerto Iguazú we boarded a plane to reach Trelew, the gateway to Península Valdés. This was our second destination in the route through Argentina. Before entering the peninsula we decided to visit the Punta Tombo penguin colony by renting a car. you can book this excursion and guided visit to Punta Tombo which also includes a visit to Isla Escondida to see the impressive sea elephants

Magellan penguin on the route through Argentina
Magellanic penguin in Punta Tombo

To visit Punta Tombo, a good option is to sleep in Trelew, which is what we did, since it is close to the penguin colony. Good value for money has the Hotel Galicia.

Day 6-7. Valdés Peninsula, an essential on the route through Argentina

As soon as we finished our visit to the Punta Tombo penguin colony, we got into the rental car to go directly to Península Valdés, a place brimming with nature where whales, orcas, elephant seals and penguins star in the landscape. Here I leave all the necessary information to go to Valdes Peninsula and know what to see during this little piece of route through Argentina.

Whale in Argentina
Southern right whale in Península Valdés

you can book this whale watching in Península Valdés. The tour includes pickup and drop-off at your Puerto Madryn hotel.

To sleep in Península Valdés, the ideal is to look at this hotel list as prices vary frequently.

Days 8-11. Ushuaia, another classic on the route through Argentina

Days later we continued the route through Argentina going down to the southernmost city in the world (next to Antarctica), specifically to Ushuaia. People come to Ushuaia to enjoy the mountain and seascapes and its fauna.

Route through Argentina
Sea lions in Ushuaia

Here you have to navigate the Beagle Channel and do some hiking trails such as the Marcial Glacier or the Coastal Path or Milestone XXIV, the latter two located inside the Tierra del Fuego National Park.

In Ushuaia this is recommended boat trip through the Beagle Channel. The journey includes a visit to the Isla de los Pájaros, the Isla de los Lobos and the photogenic lighthouse of Les Éclaireurs.

You have all the necessary information to navigate the Beagle Channel and the hiking trails in our post about what to see in Ushuaia.

Days 12-14. El Calafate, another essential on the route through Argentina

A few days later we continued the route through Argentina heading northwest to El Calafate to visit the Glacier National Park, where one of the main natural jewels of the country is located, the Perito Moreno Glacier.

Perito Moreno Glacier
Perito Moreno Glacier

Getting on a boat to navigate through the national park is the main activity you have to do in El Calafate. During the tour you will pass by the imposing Perito Moreno, the Spegazzinni, Onelli and Upsala, among other glaciers. you can reserve your boat trip through Los Glaciares National Park here.

In El Calafate we stayed at Hostería Los Ñires, which is currently closed. You can search the availability of the Calafate Hostel, of which they speak wonders. You have all the information the calafate (boat excursion, lagoon, etc.) at this link.

Days 15-16. El Chalten, a must route in Argentina for hiking

We continue the route through Argentina towards El Chaltén in our rental car to enjoy the Andes with the majestic Fitz Roy (3,405 m.). If you don’t like hiking, discard the idea of ​​coming to El Chaltén. If you do not have much experience in the mountains, it is advisable to take a guided excursion, for example this hiking through Laguna Torreanother classic from El Chaltén.

Antonio Ruiz in Argentina
Antonio Ruiz in El Chalten

Here we stayed at the Nothofagus B&B, one of the best of our trip to Argentina that you can book at this link.

You have all the information of the trip to El Chalten in this link.

Days 16-20. Buenos Aires, another essential on the route through Argentina

To end our route through Argentina We boarded a plane to go to Buenos Aires. It is a frenetic city, full of life and hundreds of cultural plans to choose from. To know the main places of interest in Buenos Aires and not lose detail you can do this FREE free tour of the center of Buenos Aires.

I leave you with this list of hotels in Buenos Aires so you can find your best option.

Practical information for the route through Argentina

1. Flights from Spain to Argentina

The 20 days, 6 destinations and the enormous kilometer distances to cover in our route through Argentina They forced us to travel by plane except from El Calafate to El Chaltén and from Trelew to Puerto Pirámides, which we did by rental car.

We flew from Madrid to Buenos Aires for €804 cu with Iberia. With the company Aerolíneas Argentinas and its subsidiary Austral we made the internal flights. You can find the best price for international and domestic flights at this link.

Flights to Argentina
Austral airline plane

2. Internal flights in Argentina

Internally, you can fly with Aerolíneas Argentina (as we did), with other companies such as the Chilean LAN or the Argentinean LADE (which has much cheaper prices, even 50% less). If you decide on the latter, you must take into account 2 handicaps: 1) it only flies to some destinations and 2) you can only buy tickets via the web a few days before the flight departs. Therefore, if you fly with LADE, you risk two things: 1) not getting tickets because they run out and 2) if you don’t get them, you will only have the option of desperately going to LAN or Aerolíneas Argentinas and their price can then be very high.

Beware of airport taxes. The private airports of Trelew, Ushuaia y the calafate They force you to pay. Once you check in, you will have to go to pay for them if you want to get on the plane. To leave from Argentina you have to pay too.


When I traveled to Argentina I had to call Aerolíneas to confirm the flight for me 24 hours a day. before departure. You can do it by calling 0810 222 86527 or on their website.

3. Car rental for your route through Argentina

We rented a car to go from Trelew to Punta Tombo and from here to Península Valdés. We also rented another to go from El Calafate to El Chaltén. In this link you can find cars at a good price.

4. Vaccines to travel to Argentina

It is not necessary or mandatory to get vaccinated on your trip to Argentina.

5. Visa in Argentina

It is not necessary if you are going to stay in the country for less than 90 days for the purpose of rest and recreation and you are not going to carry out paid activities. It can be extended for an additional 90 days.

6. The currency in Argentina

The official currency is the Argentine peso (ARS). When we traveled, the change was made at 4.36 at the Banco Nacional de Argentina (who offered the best change) at the Buenos Aires airport, upon our arrival. Well, know the exact change in this link. Today the number is quite different.

Paying with VISA is a good option, but only if you don’t mind that your bank or savings bank charges you commission. It is accepted in any tourist establishment. If I went back to Argentina, I would try to take all the money with me in cash, so I avoid excessive commissions for using ATMs or for paying with VISA.

7. The weather in Argentina

In the second half of October, the weather in Argentina was very variable depending on the place and the time of day. While you roast in heat in iguazu you can freeze to death Ushuaia, the calafate o El Chalten, although in these last two you are more intimidated by the strong wind. In Península Valdés the temperature is not at all alarming. In Buenos Aires, the weather is very good. Therefore, you have to prepare a briefcase with clothes for all possible weather situations: normal and thermal t-shirts, polar linings, windbreakers, raincoat… Look at this article to find out. what clothes to take to a cold destination.

8. Food on your trip to Argentina

In Argentina It is very popular to go to a buffet. Its price ranges between 45 and 60 ARS, excluding drinks. In this type of restaurant you have to go to the grill and ask the cook for the meat you want.


If you ask for meat they will serve you veal. To eat Patagonian lamb you have to ask for it by name. If you eat one of these buffets well, you will not eat a bite again for a couple of days.

9. Travel insurance for your route through Argentina

in you route through Argentina you should not go without travel insurance. I am always traveling with Mondo; if you book it from here you will get a 5% discount for being a reader of


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