The culinary proposal of Pipiris Fries It is a unique sensory experience that fuses the traditional French potato with bold and creative flavors. From its start as a ghost kitchen in 2020 to the opening of its restaurant in 2022, Pipiris Fries has stood out for its commitment to quality and the environment.

Being carefully selected by Mexican farmers, the potatoes used in Pipiris Fries guarantee a fresh and top quality product, without compromising the environment. With a focus on sustainability, the restaurant uses recyclable bags, seals and packaging, as well as packaging and utensils made from recycled materials.

Let’s start the gastronomic journey

During our visit, we were able to delight ourselves with a variety of dishes. As input, the Jalapeño Poppers ($80)filled with cream cheese and accompanied by grilled bacon, offered a perfect balance of spiciness and creaminess.

From their main dishes we chose one of their classics, the Asada Fries ($130) They impressed with their combination of grilled beef, fresh guacamole, and a blend of gouda and cheddar cheeses, complemented by ranch dressing.

We also went for the Boneless Mango Habanero Fries ($130)covered with a spicy habanero mango sauce and pieces of blue cheese, which provided an unmatched sweet and spicy flavor.

We continue with the Cheese Steak Fries ($130), a creation that fuses the best of two gastronomic worlds: succulent grilled meat and the irresistible combination of gouda and cheddar cheeses, all topped with the smoothness of ranch dressing.

To refresh ourselves, we opt for the Lemon and Mango Frappes ($80)both accompanied by a delicious tamarind banderilla and frosted with piquín chili and chamoy, offering a refreshing experience full of flavor.

To top off the experience, we tried a mix of their two dessert specialties: the Sweet Potato Fries and the Macho Fries. The Sweet Potato Fries ($125), Loaded with a Maria and Oreo cookie crumble, and accompanied by different toppings such as Lechera, Choco-Hazelnut or Cajeta, they offered a sweet and crunchy contrast that delighted the palate.

Meanwhile, the Macho Fries ($120)made with plantain and Maria and Oreo cookie crumble, offered an indulgent and tasty option.

Pipiris Fries offers creative dishes, bold flavors and a commitment to environmental sustainability. It is an ideal place to enjoy with friends and family, where every bite is an explosion of flavor and every detail is carefully thought out to offer a memorable experience.

Where: Street A Mz. VII Local D, Education, Coyoacan, 04400 Mexico City, CDMX

Precio: $

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