Dolphins in Zoomarine, Algarve
Dolphins in Zoomarine

In this article I will tell you how to visit Zoomarine Algarve, one of the most popular Theme Parks in southern Portugal. I will give you all the necessary information so that you can buy the tickets and not run out of them, know the schedules and prices, know how to get there and the best attractions you can visit, what clothes to wear and I will even tell you about the dolphin show. You are ready? Let’s go there!

Dolphins in Zoomarine, AlgarveDolphins in Zoomarine, Algarve
Dolphin in Zoomarine

If you decide to go to Zoomarine Algarve You can ride its fast slides and ferris wheels, have fun in its well-kept pools and even participate in shows that mix entertainment and conservation measures and environmental awareness. We have visited it recently and therefore, we are going to tell you about our experience. Join us at Zoomarine!

Zoomarine en AlgarveZoomarine en Algarve
Aerial view of an area with swimming pools in Zoomarine

Where is Zoomarine

Zoomarine It is located in the town of Guía (Albufeira), specifically at km 65 of the N125. You can locate it on the following map.

Times and dates to visit Zoomarine Algarve

In 2024 the Zoomarine park opens from March 7 to November 30 at 10 a.m. Depending on the time of year, it will close between 5 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Look at the following table taken from the official website to know precisely the closing time and the days it is closed.

zoomarine schedules 2024zoomarine schedules 2024
Zoomarine opening date and hours. Source: Zoomarine website

How long does it take to visit Zoomarine

We dedicate a complete day and even having not participated in one of its star attractions (swimming with dolphins, “Experiencias Dolphin Emotions“) we did not have time to visit everything. If you want to visit the entire theme park Zoomarine Algarve you will need two days.

How much does the entrance to Zoomarine Algarve cost?

There are one-day and two-day passes (we recommend this), but also an annual pass. Visiting the Zoomarine Algarve theme park for one day in 2024 has a price starting at €27 (adults) and €17 (people with disabilities and children) purchased online. The 2-day pass offers discounts. You can find updated prices and buy your ticket at this link. Children under 1 meter tall enter for free, although you should know that they will not be able to access many water attractions (unless accompanied by an adult).

Zoomarine Aquarium, AlgarveZoomarine Aquarium, Algarve

The ticket allows you to enjoy all its activities, such as presentations, shows, 4D cinema, aquarium, exhibition center, amusement equipment and Zoomarine Beach. Access to the Experiencias Dolphin Emotions, which has a price between €125 and €160. Check the exact price and details at this link. Parking is included in the admission.

What to wear to Zoomarine Algarve

IF you go in summer you should bring a swimsuit, t-shirt and flip-flops to enjoy the water activities (not just the pirate, dolphin, etc. shows). If you are not willing to get wet, I recommend comfortable clothing and shoes. Carry an auxiliary backpack with what you need and don’t go too loaded (there are lockers for 5 euros).

Zoomarine, AlgarveZoomarine, Algarve
pirate show

Comer en Zoomarine Algarve

exist picnic areas with tables and benches in some areas of the park, so you can bring your sandwiches and drinks to have them there. There are also several restaurants in Zoomarine that are not expensive at all and with food of all kinds, both regional and hamburgers, pizzas or hot dogs. Although we brought something to snack on, we ate at one of the restaurants.

What shows or attractions to visit in Zoomarine

If you decide to visit the Zoomarine Algarve Theme Park You should know that it has a wide variety of shows and attractions for the whole family. I am going to describe to you the ones we met during our full-day visit, which we consider to be the essentials. At the end of the article I will mention others that we did not have time to see and that we would have liked to visit.

Dolphin show

Without a doubt it is the attraction that people tend to like the most. Here the beauty, tenderness and fun and acrobatic movements of the animals are mixed. dolphins with environmental awareness activities. Our children liked it the most.

Dolphins in Zoomarine, AlgarveDolphins in Zoomarine, Algarve
Dolphins in Zoomarine

Presentation of seals and sea lions

It is another of Zoomarine’s star attractions. Here the fun, friendliness and genius of these people mix. huge mammals that children and adults like so much.

Sea lion in Zoomarine, AlgarveSea lion in Zoomarine, Algarve
Presentation of seals and sea lions

Right next to the stage there are several pools with glass walls that make it easy to see the seals and sea lions up close. My kids loved the experience!

Sea lion in Zoomarine, AlgarveSea lion in Zoomarine, Algarve
Some tourists looking at the seal and sea lion pools

Presentation of birds of prey

The flights of the birds Raptors everyone usually likes them. This show shows the beauty of birds of prey and other taxonomic groups such as marabous and hornbills, in addition to offering useful information to increase awareness of the importance of bird protection and conservation measures.

Birds of prey exhibit at Zoomarine, AlgarveBirds of prey exhibit at Zoomarine, Algarve
Birds of prey in Zoomarine

Pirates Bay

What child doesn’t love pirates! It is a show that is usually very popular, both for children and adults. In Zoomarine Algarve A large stage hosts crazy pirates with swords and eye patches who perform dangerous acrobatics, creating great excitement among visitors. After the dolphins it was what we all liked the most.

Pirates in Zoomarine, AlgarvePirates in Zoomarine, Algarve
Pirates in Zoomarine

Jurasic River

I will never forget that master class my eldest son gave me on identifying the dinosaurs. The attraction consists of navigation along a river. It’s about 500 meters for an exciting Jurassic rafting adventure!

Jurasic River en Zoomarine, AlgarveJurasic River en Zoomarine, Algarve
Jurassic River en Zoomarine. ZM’s photo


With a walk lasting approximately 10 minutes, it is another of the most popular attractions in Zoomarine Algarve and therefore one that must be climbed. Without being especially high (26 meters), from above you can see the entire theme park. The views are amazing! It is located next to the carousel.

Noria en Zoomarine, AlgarveNoria en Zoomarine, Algarve
Merry-go-round and ferris wheel at Zoomarine


It is one of the most fun attractions in Zoomarine Algarve. Here we board small pirate ships that rotate while we shoot jets of water from their cannons to soak “the enemy pirates.” It was one of the most fun moments of our entire visit to Zoomarine. 100% recommended!

Aquasplash at ZoomarineAquasplash at Zoomarine

AquaTube Slide

It is a very fun fast slide. Prepare for the experience, which is extraordinary, but also prepare to endure the line. We were waiting at least 30 minutes.

Tobogán Harakin

The Harakín slide is designed to release adrenaline. It is a fast slide in which you will slide on a small boat (for two people) during a journey of about 100 meters at full speed. Be careful, you have to wait a long time in line, so be patient.

Tobogán Harakin in ZoomarineTobogán Harakin in Zoomarine
Tobogán Harakin en Zoomarine. Photo ZM


It is a fascinating journey to underwater world in which more than 20 types of marine ecosystems are recreated with hundreds of species of fish from all over the world.

Aquarium in ZoomarineAquarium in Zoomarine
Aquarium in Zoomarine

Cinema 4D

It is another of the most visited attractions in Zoomarine en Algarve. The film, which is about 10 minutes long, makes you travel the ocean while you discover some of the great dangers that its inhabitants face every day. I loved seeing my entire troop excitedly trying to pet the dolphins that seemed to come out of the screen.

Cinema 4D en ZoomarineCinema 4D en Zoomarine
Cinema 4D en Zoomarine. ZM’s photo

To those who were happy

This place serves as a refuge for non-native species such as California tortoises or other reptiles that cannot be returned to the wild. Without a doubt an excellent initiative from the Zoomarine team.

Kowabunga en ZoomarineKowabunga en Zoomarine
To those who were happy

Attractions that we would have liked to visit in Zoomarine Algarve

In this section I show you some of the activities that we would have liked to do. Too bad we didn’t have more time! They are the following:

  • PIRATE SHIP. It is the classic pirate ship that rocks around seeking to impress and scare all of its occupants. Be careful that it reaches 70 degrees of inclination!
  • BUFFALO. Even though it is a small roller coaster, here children and parents travel at full speed through its sinuous curves in search of great emotions.
  • WAVE BEACH. It is one of the newest attractions in Zoomarine. It is a white sand beach where children and adults seek great emotions facing its waves.
  • AMERICAS. It is a setting with exotic bird species from various corners of the world.
  • MAGIC RAINBOW. It is a place where dozens of tropical birds gather. Without a doubt of great interest for lovers of the most exotic ornithology.

Where to buy your ticket to visit Zoomarine

Remember that in the 2024 Zoomarine will remain open from March 7 to November 30. You can buy your ticket at this link and without queues.

Have you been to Zoomarine?

Do you recommend any specific activities in Zoomarine Algarve?

Leave us a comment and tell us your experience.


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