Traveling is one of the best ways to learn a lot of things. For example, what things we like and what we don’t like in the different ways of living; how incredible nature is, creating landscapes that leave us speechless; how you can be happy without having too many material things and the number of different ways to communicate that exist.

Although smiling is a universal language, the reality is that knowing English has made life much easier for us on all our trips abroad.

There are hundreds of methods that promise to have you speaking a language in no time. However, it is proven that immersion works like a charm.

Spend time in a foreign country with the need to communicate in another language and you will end up speaking it much sooner than you would by studying books with the most advanced grammar rules.

Although the ideal is to travel and spend time in a different context that forces you to practice a language, there are ways to create an immersive context without leaving home. The easiest is to put your favorite series and movies in original version.

We tell you everything you need to know to learn languages ​​with Lingopie, a platform that uses TV shows, series and movies as main tools for language learning. Who said that speaking a new language is a boring process? 😉


1. What languages ​​can be learned with Lingopie

This platform currently has content in English, French and Italian. Although you should know that Lingopie is constantly evolving and are preparing to help you learn German, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese and Korean. Along with Spanish for speakers of other languages, that adds up to a total of 9 languages ​​that can be worked on on the platform.

The good news is that, once you sign up for Lingopie, you have access to all available languages. You don’t have to choose just one. This is ideal if you want to improve your average level of English while starting to learn Korean vocabulary, for example 🙂

2. Advantages of Lingopie

2.1. Learn languages ​​watching Netflix series

Have you ever considered the possibility of learning languages ​​with Netflix? Think of all the hours you have spent watching addictive series that you could have used to improve your level of English.

Thanks to the selection of shows that Lingopie has created with your favorite Netflix shows, that is entirely possible. Now you can watch some series from the Netflix catalog in their original versions while using Lingopie’s learning tools. To give some examples, you can see Lupine (French), Dark (German), The Squid Game (Korean) or Alice in Borderland (Japanese).

Please note that this feature is only available if you already have a Netflix account. If this is not your case, don’t worry because there are many other options!

2.2. Catalog of own series and international television

In addition to some of the most popular series on Netflix, Lingopie has hundreds of other productions, both independent and from major producers. Are classified by levels, countries (since there can be many dialectal varieties in the same language) and there is something for all tastes.

you can even see tv shows from around the world, ideal for travelers like us! We find this function very interesting to learn not only vocabulary and grammar, but also the events that happen in the available countries and how people live there. An essential part of learning any language to be able to communicate fluently!

23. Highly customizable subtitles

All available series, movies and TV shows feature very sophisticated subtitles to help you learn the language of your choice. You can set the subtitles in your language and in the language of the content at the same time. In addition, it is possible to go back as many times as you want to review the pronunciation and modify the speed of speech to better follow the show. Every time you click on a word in the subtitles, its meaning will appear and you will be able to listen to its pronunciation.

Apart from the subtitles, you can see the full script of the scene in real time on one side of your screen. It is very useful to practice your reading comprehension and memorize what the characters are saying.

2.4. Flashcards to memorize vocabulary

All the words that you click on the subtitles are saved to generate memory cards. Once the episode is over, you can review all the vocabulary, memorize its meaning and practice some grammar rules with the study cards.

2.5. Music and video clips

Don’t you feel like watching TV? No problem! Some languages ​​available on Lingopie also have music content. You can listen to songs or watch videos of your favorite artists while you read the subtitles and learn new words.

2.6. Interaction with other students

All the features so far seem very lonely, but it’s clear that language learning involves social interaction. At Lingopie they know it and that is why they offer Free and open monthly Open Classes in which you can talk with other students of a similar levelcompare progress and even make new friends thanks to language learning.

2.7. Possibility of taking private classes

To finish off all the features that Lingopie has to offer, they also have a ton of native teachers who can help you improve your level of conversation. Through the platform you can book private classes.

3. How much does Lingopie cost?

You can subscribe to Lingopie for $12 a month or pay an annual subscription for $71 a year (which is only $6 a month).

They also have the “Family and Friends” package, with which you can have 4 users using Lingopie simultaneously for $199 per year.

3.1. FREE trial period

If you’re still not sure if Lingopie’s method is right for you, you can try the platform in its entirety without paying anything during the first 7 days. After that trial period, you can continue enjoying its benefits by subscribing to any of its payment plans.

4. Ultimately, is Lingopie worth it?

If you find it difficult to be disciplined with the study of new languages, Lingopie seems to us a very good platform. Help to greatly expand your vocabulary without hardly realizing it thanks to its subtitles in two languages, the possibility of repeating those sentences that have been more difficult for you, regulating the speaking speed of the characters and, finally, reviewing all the vocabulary learned with memory cards.

We think it’s a good platform especially for beginning or intermediate level learners with listening comprehension problems. It works perfectly to immerse yourself in real contexts, with colloquial vocabulary beyond what is taught in the classroom. All this without the need to leave home, enjoying entertaining episodes of the series you prefer.

In case you have an advanced level of any language, it is likely that Lingopie’s functions will fall a bit short and you prefer to watch the series directly without subtitles to test your listening comprehension. Although you should keep in mind that Lingopie offers content for all levels, including the most advanced.


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