Going from Dubai airport to the center is very simple. Did you know that it is one of the busiest airports in the world? Every year it is in the top 5 in number of passengers. If you are about to be one of them and you don’t know how to go from dubai airport to the city centerkeep reading 😉 We tell you all transportation options to get to Dubai from the international airport. Subway, bus, taxi or carfind out what is best for you!

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1. Taxi or private transfer, the most comfortable option

Journey time: between 20 and 40 minutes approximately
💰 Price of the trip: €47.20 per vehicle

There is nothing more comfortable than landing in Dubai, getting into a car and standing at the door of your hotel. With the private transfer service, the driver will wait for you in the arrivals area of ​​the terminal with a sign with your name and will take you directly to your accommodation in the city. The journey lasts between 20 and 40 minutesdepending on the area where you are going to stay and the traffic.

Discover the best areas and hotels to stay in Dubai

Hiring a transfer is perfect if you want to not worry about transportation to go from Dubai airport to the city center. It has a cost of €47.20 per vehicle with up to 4 passengers, although you can also book an 8-seater minibus if you need it. The more people you travel, the more it will cost you.

Book your transfer from Dubai airport

You can book the transfer up to 12 hours before landing in Dubai. So it’s a super handy option even if you’re reading this article right before you fly.

If there are less than 12 hours left before you arrive in Dubai, you can take a taxi to your hotel. In this case, you will surely have to queue at the airport stop. You will not pay a fixed price, it will depend on what the taximeter shows. Simply indicate which is your hotel and make sure the meter is on to avoid misunderstandings when paying.

how to go from dubai airport to downtown
The iconic Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world

2. Metro, the cheapest transport

Journey time: Approximately 25 minutes to the Burj Khalifa
💰 Price of the trip: 6AED (approximately €1.50)

The subway is the cheapest transportation to go from Dubai airport to downtown. Hay stops at terminals 1 and 3where trains run from 5:30 a.m. to midnight. The frequency is very good, you will not have to wait more than 5 minutes.

The journey from the airport to the center takes about 25 minutes., depending on the specific stop where you get off. Two popular places to stop for the Red Line are the Burj Khalifa (which heads the ranking of the tallest buildings in the world), Mall of the Emirates o Dubai Marina.

The subway seems like a very practical option to go from Dubai airport to the center if your hotel has a stop nearby. If not, it is more worth taking a taxi directly from the airport.

Check the best route to get to your hotel

Here are some travel times between Dubai Airport and the most popular sites in Dubai:

  • Dubai Airport Terminal 1 (or 3) to Dubai Mall: 27 minutes
  • Dubai Airport Terminal 1 (or 3) to Business Bay: 29 minutes
  • Dubai Airport Terminal 1 (or 3) to Dubai Marina: 50 minutes

The price of a single one-way ticket costs 6AED (€1.50). However, prices may vary slightly depending on whether you purchase a NOL pass. These passes allow travelers to customize their travel experience around their schedule. the most popular NOL option is the Red day pass that will allow you to make unlimited trips in all areas for only 20AED (5€).

3. Bus C01, if you sleep in Deira or far from metro stations

Journey time: Approximately 55 minutes to Satwa
💰 Price of the trip: 6AED (approximately €1.50)

The buses are a alternative if you want to use public transport to get from Dubai airport to downtown but you don’t have any metro stops near your hotel. There is a bus stop at all airport terminals. The line C01 runs 24 hours a day every 30 minutes approximately. It has a lot of stops, especially in the historic area of ​​Dubai. The last stop is at the Satwa bus station.

If your hotel is off the beaten path, get off at Raffa station, which is very close to Ghubaiba Bus Station, Dubai’s central bus station. Other local bus lines leave from there. In any case, we recommend consult the best line for you with the route planner. We think the C01 bus is a good option if you’re sleeping in Deira or Al Fahidi, as it will drop you off close to your hotel.

Check bus routes and schedules in Dubai

The price of the buses is the same as the subway: 12AED if you buy a single ticket or 6AED if you opt for the reloadable NOL Card. Please note that it is not possible to pay the driver directly in cash.

go from Dubai airport to downtown
Dubai has some very interesting contrasts

4. Rent a car in Dubai

Journey time: 20 to 40 minutes approximately
💰 Price of the trip: €1.34 of fuel + cost of the vehicle

As the last option for go from Dubai airport to downtown, you can drive. There are many car rental companies at the airport and the prices are quite affordable. Can find cars from only €20 a day. Remember that you must bring the international driving permit.

Find the best price to rent a car in Dubai

Driving from the airport to the city is very simple. You just have to take the E11 motorway and in about 20 minutes you will be in the center. Make sure you book a hotel with parking in Dubai.

In big cities it is usually not a good idea to rent a car. But the case of Dubai is an exception. Practically all the inhabitants of Dubai move by car in their day to day. so you can wait good roads and a city perfectly adapted to a large number of vehicles. Therefore, if you do not want to depend on public transport and taxis for your trips, renting a car in Dubai is highly recommended. You can also take the opportunity to get to know Abu Dhabi!


Next we are going to answer some frequent ones as a summary of the article.

What is the fastest option to get from Dubai airport to downtown?

The private transfer is the fastest option to go from Dubai airport to the center. In just 20 minutes you will be at the Burj Khalifa, although it all depends on traffic.

What is the cheapest option to get from Dubai airport to downtown?

If you want to save, both the metro and the bus are the cheapest options. It all depends on your final destination! But for only €1.50 you can get to the center!

What option do we recommend to get to the center from Dubai airport?

If you are looking for comfort, Hiring a private transfer is the best option to go from Dubai airport to the center. However, if your hotel is close to a metro station, this would be the option we would recommend.

How many kilometers is it from Dubai airport to the center?

Between the Dubai airport and the Burj Khalifa there are almost 20 kilometers away. That means about 20 minutes by car.

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