Going from Beauvais airport to Disneyland Paris it can be a headache. Beauvais is the furthest airport from the center of Paris and the one with fewer public transportation options. If you haven’t booked your flights yet and want to get to Disney quickly, the most practical option is to land at Charles de Gaulle airport.

But if you get to Beauvais, don’t worry! There are some 125 kilometers from the airport to the gates of Disneyland Paris, one of the most magical places in the world. we tell you all the options to go from the airport to Disneyland Paris quickly, economically and directly. There are both super comfortable private transfers fully adapted to you and public transport at a very good price, it all depends on your preferences 🙂


1. Private transfer, the most comfortable option from Beauvais airport

💰 Price of the trip: €200 per vehicle up to 8 passengers
⏱️ Duration: 1h30min to 2h, depending on traffic

The easiest way to get to Disneyland Paris from Beuavais airport is to hire a private transfer. A professional driver will wait for you at the arrivals hall with a sign with your name. He will help you with your luggage to the car and take you to Disneyland. You can choose between leaving you at the entrance of the parks or at the door of your hotel. the journey lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutesalthough it can be extended if there is traffic at peak hours.

If you are traveling in a group, it will be worth your while to book a private transfer. There are vehicles with capacity for up to 8 passengers and the more people, the better the price. you will spend the same money as with any of the other options and you will have the comfort of a private service that suits your arrival time.

Book a private transfer from Beauvais

how to get from beauvais airport to disneyland paris
With a private transfer, you’ll be enjoying the magic of Disneyland in no time without realizing it

2. Direct bus from Beauvais to Disneyland Paris, the best value for money

💰 Price of the trip: 31€
⏱️ Duration: 1h40min

If a private transfer seems too expensive for you, there is a direct bus from Beauvais airport to the door of Disneyland Paris. The ticket costs €31, so it is worth comparing it to a private transfer if you travel with few companions. The journey is direct without intermediate stopsand lasts about 1 hour 40 minutes.

Hay ten departures a day, every 2 hours approximately, from the two terminals of Beauvais airport. The first bus leaves at 9am and the last one leaves after midnight. Can consult the detailed schedules for each day and buy your tickets online. It is essential to book in advance, especially in high season when some buses can be full. It is undoubtedly the best option to get to Disneyland from Beauvais if you want a balance between good price and comfort.

Book your Beauvais-Disneyland bus tickets

how to get from beauvais airport to disneyland paris
The bus stop is next to the entrance of Disneyland Paris

3. Bus + metro + train, the cheapest transport to go from Beauvais to Disneyland Paris

💰 Price of the trip: €21.90 | children up to 11 years old for €12.40
⏱️ Duration: 2h30min

In case of your priority is saving and don’t mind taking almost 3 hours to get to Disneyland Paris, you can opt for public transport. It is also a good alternative if there are no seats left for the direct bus. The total price of the trip is Keep in mind that you will have to make two transport changesthat’s why We do NOT recommend this option if you are heavily loaded with luggage.

3.1. Bus from Beauvais to Porte Maillot

First of all, you will have to take the bus that goes from Beauvais airport to Porte Maillot station, west of Paris. The departures are synchronized with the arrival time of the flights. So no matter what time you arrive or if your flight is delayed, there will always be a bus waiting. The trip lasts between 1h15min and 1h45min depending on the traffic. The tickets cost €16.90 per adult and €9.90 per child up to 11 years old. If you want more details about this bus, you can read our detailed article on transportation from Beauvais to Paris.

3.2. Metro 1 from Porte Maillot to Charles de Gaulle – Etoile

Once at Porte Maillot, you will have to take metro line 1 (yellow) to the Charles de Gaulle – Étoile stop. Instead of buying a single subway ticket for this journey and then getting a separate train ticket to Disneyland, you We recommend buying the train ticket directly to Marne La Valle – Chessy, the station next to the parks. Costs €5 for adults and €2.50 for children up to 11 years old. Thus, you will save €2.10 on a loose metro ticket because the train fare includes the possibility of using the metro in the center of Paris 🙂

3.3. RER A to Disneyland Paris

Once you get off at Charles de Gaulle – Étoile, you will have to locate the line A of the RER (red color), the train that connects the center of Paris with its metropolitan area and that will take you directly to Disneyland Paris. You will only have to validate the ticket you bought at Porte Maillot to access the tracks (keep it safe!).

Detailed information on the RER A to Disneyland Paris

Line A of the RER branches off and there are several end-of-line stations. But don’t worry it is very easy to know which trains stop at Disneyland Paris. are clearly marked with a Mickey Mouse icon on screens of the station. Trains run to the parks about every 20 minutes. The journey takes about 45 minutes and you will have to get off at the Marne-la-Vallée / Chessy stop. After about two and a half hours of travel, you will be at the entrance of Disneyland Paris! 🙂

4. Rent a car to get to Disneyland

💰 Price of the trip: €4.90 toll + fuel + car rental
⏱️ Duration: 1h30min – 2h, depending on traffic

As the last option for Getting to Disneyland Paris from BeauvaisYou can rent a car at the airport. You can find vehicles starting at around €40 per day.

Find the best price to rent a car in Beauvais

The trip takes about an hour and a half., although in times of heavy traffic it can take up to two hours. In any case, it is very easy to follow the GPS indications because the entire journey is made on the A16 and A4 motorways. Keep in mind that you will have to pay a toll of €4.90 in the initial part of the route (they accept cash or card). Once you arrive at Disneyland Paris, leaving the car in the parking lot of the parks costs €30,00 per day. To save money, we recommend you stay the night in one of the hotels near Disneyland with parking included.

We only recommend renting a car if you plan to spend a day at Disneyland Paris and then continue your route to other places in France. Actually you will not need a vehicle at all while in the Disney Parks. So it would not make sense to be paying the price of renting the car to have it stopped plus the €30 per day for parking (as long as you do not stay in Disney Hotelsthose closest to the parks).

If you are going to spend several days at Disneyland Paris or only visit the city of Paris afterwards, it is cheaper and more convenient to get to the parks with a private transfer or public transport.

Going by car you will have the flexibility to stay until the last minute to see the fireworks


How far is Beauvais airport from Disney?

There are some 125 kilometers between Beauvais airport and Disneyland Paris.

Is there direct transport from Beauvais to Disneyland Paris?

Yeah, Is there a direct bus from Beauvais airport to Disneyland Paris. It takes approximately 1h40min, without making intermediate stops.

You can too book a private transfer for maximum comfort. The driver will meet you at the airport upon arrival and will take you directly to the park or to your accommodation. Is a ideal option for groups thanks to the possibility of splitting the cost.

How much does the bus from Beauvais to Disneyland Paris cost?

The direct bus from Beauvais to Disney costs €31 per person and must be reserved online.

What is the cheapest way to get to Disneyland Paris from Beauvais?

Taking a combination of public transport (bus + metro + train) is the cheapest way to get to Disney from Beauvais. It costs a total of €21.90 for those over 12 years old, while children up to 11 years old only pay €12.40. Unfortunately, it is also slower option with about 2h30min of travel.

How long does it take to get from Beauvais Airport to Disneyland Paris?

Travel time to go from Beauvais to Disney varies according to the transport you choose. Here we leave you the reference times:


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