Going from Marrakech to Fez is a very common route so there are several alternatives. They are the two most famous cities what to see in Morocco and also where the main airports in the country are. It is very normal to arrive in Marrakech and continue the route through Morocco towards Fez. We recommend visiting both cities because in each one you can explore and learn more about the country’s culture. We tell you how to get from Marrakech to Fez by public transport, by car or with an excursion.

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1. Excursion through the desert, the best way to go from Marrakech to Fez

⏱ Duration of the excursion: 3 days
💰 Price of the excursion: from €220

Do you like adventure? Cross the desert to go from Marrakech to Fez It will be one of the best experiences. Of course, you should go calmly and with the intention of discovering wonderful places in Morocco along the way. Consider that you will need 3 days to get to Fez from Marrakech if you choose this option. But We assure you that taking this excursion is time well spent. They will pick you up for you accommodation in Marrakech and they will leave you in the hotel or riad in Fez.

Book the desert tour ending in Fez

You will pass through the Ait Ben Haddou’s cinematic kasbah, where movies like Gladiator have been filmed. One of our favorites! You will also see the impressive landscapes of the Todra and Dades gorges. And the best part is that you will spend a night in the Merzouga desert. You will also visit a palm grove, several traditional Berber villages and Ouarzazate, known as the African Hollywood. All this on the way to go from Marrakech to Fez!

Spending the night in the desert is a unique experience

2. Plane, if you are looking for a fast and cheap connection

⏱ Duration of the journey: 55 minutes approximately
💰 Price of the trip: from €30

take a plane to go from Marrakech to Fez It is the fastest option in terms of journey time. The flight takes 55 minutes, but you must be at the airport at least an hour before. So it will take you a little more time. Prices vary depending on the season and the company, on some dates you can find tickets for €19, others that exceed €50 and even more. But, They usually cost around €30even booking a few weeks in advance.

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You should also consider transfers to the airports, although Both Marrakech and Fez airports are close to the city center. So you won’t waste much time traveling. Therefore, The plane is a cheap and fast option to get from Marrakech to Fez. Of course, you will miss many attractions along the way.

3. Train, the most common way to get from Marrakech to Fez

⏱ Duration of the journey: 7 hours approximately
💰 Price of the trip: from €20

Going from Marrakech to Fez by train It can be a good idea if you don’t mind spending several hours traveling instead of exploring. The train will save you in case you can’t find a direct flight that day. The journey lasts 7 hours so it will be better that you opt for the first time of the day. The train frequency is every two hours from 4:20 a.m. to 4:20 p.m.. When buying tickets, calculate your arrival time so you don’t have to look for transportation or walk late at night.

Marrakech train station It is in the modern part of the city, far from the medina and the same goes for Fez. Which means you’ll have to take a taxi. If you have doubts about the safety of the train, you should know that there is no problem even if you travel at night. You can read our tips and impressions on safety in Morocco. You will be calmer!

The ticket in second class costs €20 and in first class €30. For such a long trip, We recommend you reserve a seat in first class. This way you can rest a little on the train. In second class there is no reserved seat, so you should consider that in some trains there is no air conditioning and at peak times it can get very crowded. Because of the price difference first class amenities are worth paying for. Son very comfortable 6-seat compartments, with air conditioning, you can buy snacks and drinks on board.

If you already have the date clear, you can book the ticket online. It is important that you write “Fes” (in French) instead of “Fez” as the destination, otherwise the station will not recognize you. Also try to avoid combinations that require a transfer in Casablanca because they make the trip longer. If you didn’t have time to buy the tickets, You can do it at the last minute at the station ticket office for the same price. Although you risk there being no seats left in first class, especially in high season.

how to get from Marrakech to Fezhow to get from Marrakech to Fez
Marrakech station is that beautiful

4. Bus, to go from Marrakech to Fez overnight

⏱ Duration of the journey: from approximately 7 hours and 30 minutes
💰 Price of the trip: from €17

A very good alternative that helps you save money and make the most of your time is the bus. Those who travel to Morocco with little time can take advantage of the night to travel between the two cities. The CTM company is the most reliable and has a night departure at 1:45 a.m. to arrive at 9:15 a.m.. Although there are also three more frequencies throughout the day at 7:30 a.m., 9:15 a.m., 1:15 p.m. and 3:45 p.m. The one with the later schedule arrives in Fez at 11:30 p.m.

The night buses are quite comfortable and the journey is on the highway, passing through Casablanca, Rabat and Meknes before arriving in Fez. If you are traveling during the day then it may be better to opt for the train rather than the bus.

There are tickets from 185 dirhams (€17) depending on the day of the week and departure time. Can buy them online or at the bus station ticket offices. The CTM station in Marrakech It is right in front of the train station, so you will need a taxi to get there from the medina. In Fez, the station is also in the modern part of the city, about 5 kilometers from the medina. So you will have to consider an extra value for transportation to the stations.

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5. Rental car, to go at your own pace

⏱ Duration of the journey: 6 hours approximately
💰 Price of the trip: from €85

Finally, You can rent a car to go from Marrakech to Fez. In this case, we recommend only if you intend to make stops along the way in places that are difficult to access by public transport. For example, if you want to do the route of a thousand kasbahs around Ouarzazate.

Find the best price to rent a car in Morocco

If you want to go from Marrakech to Fez by car directly, the trip lasts almost 6 hours. You will have to take the Highway A7 to Casablanca, there change to the A1 to Rabat and finally the A2 will take you to Fez. There are some tolls on the road that cost a total of approximately €20. Do you dare to drive through Morocco?

how to get from Marrakech to Fezhow to get from Marrakech to Fez
If you want to detour, you can go through this impressive road in the Todra Gorge


Below, we answer some questions about alternatives for go from Marrakech to Fez. If you have any other questions, write us a comment.

What is the cheapest option to get from Marrakech to Fes?

If you are on a tight budget, then We recommend the bus to get from Marrakech to Fez. The price of the ticket is €17 and the great advantage is that you can go on a night bus. This way you will save a night in a hotel and also take advantage of the night to travel, instead of wasting time during the day. It’s a pretty convenient option! And if you’re worried about having a bad night, you can rest assured because the seats are very comfortable.

What is the fastest option to get from Marrakech to Fez?

Take a plane to go from Marrakech to Fez It is the solution if you have little time during your trip. The flight lasts 55 minutes, but also consider that you will have to be at the airport at least an hour before. Even so, the transfer time is still super short compared to the other options. Luckily the tickets are quite cheap, you can find offers from €19 for direct flights. It’s a super convenient alternative and you won’t spend as much!

What option do we recommend to get to Fez from Marrakech?

The best option varies depending on your interests and preferences. If you like live a unique experience during this journey we recommend book an excursion to go from Marrakech to Fez. Not only will you see cool places along the way, but you will also have the opportunity to sleep in the desert. A movie adventure! In this case, you must take into account that The transfer will last 3 days.

On the other hand, If you don’t have such a high budget, you can choose to go on a night bus. You will have it super easy because you can sleep on the bus, save time and money. It is a quite convenient alternative and is also the cheapest. Yes, it will take time almost 8 hours to reach your destination.

How many kilometers are there between Marrakech and Fez?

To go from Marrakech to Fez you will have to travel 532 kilometers, which by car is almost 6 hours of travel. But, although it sounds a bit far away, you can’t leave out either of these two cities. They are spectacular!

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