The Balearic Islands are paradisiacal destinations on the coast of Spain, which has gained the preference of tourists who want to enjoy a tropical climate and enjoy beautiful landscapes.

In addition to being a beautiful archipelago, with impressive natural beauty, the lively climate of the Balearic Islands with many clubs and bars makes your trip even more incredible.

How about getting to know this European paradise?

Balearic Islands: paradise in the Mediterranean Sea


Really, a Balearic Islands tour will leave you fascinated by the archipelago, located beautifully in the Mediterranean Sea.

When you disembark there, you will understand why the destination is among the most visited in the European summer.

The archipelago is made up of four beautiful islands, Ibiza, Majorca, Minorca and Formentera, in addition to islets and atolls.

All of them have similarities: turquoise blue sea and paradisiacal beaches with white, clean and soft sand. With these features alone, you don’t even need to think about your next travel destination.

What are the Balearic Islands?

As we have already mentioned, the Balearic Islands are home to four magnificent islands that leave tourists who land in the archipelago in love! Although they are on the Spanish coast, they are an independent and autonomous province of Spain.

The islands also have a capital, called Palma de Mallorca. The archipelago is considered very old, dating back to the 5th century.

There, in addition to the paradisiacal landscapes, it is possible to visit some historical points, such as the old and famous Gothic cathedral, designed by architect Antoni Gaudí and Almudaina.

Weather and the best time to visit the islands

Of course, the best time to visit the place is in the warmest season. Therefore, the spring and summer season on the European continent is the most suitable period for those who want to enjoy the beauties and attractions that this incredible place has to offer.

Autumn is also a good time, as the number of tourists on the islands is less. But don’t think that in winter you can’t enjoy sunny days.

Maybe yes! The year-round climate on the Islands is mild with temperatures ranging between 13 and 22 degrees. January is the coldest period there, with averages between 8 and 15 degrees.

How to get to the Balearic Islands?

It is possible to reach the archipelago by ferry, a kind of ferry that crosses the ocean taking tourists there. Transport departs from cities such as Barcelona and Valencia. However, the trip can take a little longer, around 7 to 8 hours.

But nowadays, it is possible to travel to the region by plane, as three of the islands have international airports, such as Ibiza, Menorca and Majorca.

Documents, Visa and Vaccinations

To visit the islands, it is not necessary to present a visa for tourists, who stay in the country for less than 90 days. However, you must present your passport when you disembark at the airport in Barcelona or Valencia.

It is also not necessary to have an International Certificate of Vaccination to pass through immigration.

How to move between islands?

In the Balearic Islands, tourism is taken very seriously, that is, the infrastructure to receive visitors is excellent.

To get to the archipelago, you have two options, such as boat and plane. To move between the islands is the same thing.

If you choose to travel by plane, you can count on the services of the airlines Air Europa and Iberia, which, during the summer, make daily routes and, in the winter, weekly.

However, it is worth remembering that Formentera Island is out of the air route, so it is necessary to use the ferry, which leaves from Ibiza. But if you prefer to visit the islands by boat, the Balearia company is your option.

Balearic Islands: main tourist destinations



The island is the highlight of the archipelago. It is the biggest among them all in terms of extension.

The island is home to its capital, Palma de Mallorca. But it’s not just the beaches that attract tourists. Its historic center also draws a lot of attention!

What to do in Majorca?

Of course, the beautiful beaches are already on your itinerary. But how about getting to know other attractions?

Include in your tour, Cabo Formentor, one of the most beautiful places on the island, with cliffs, cliffs and small islands all around. If you have a car, you can also take a drive along the winding road to Sa Calobra.

Visit charming villages, such as Fornalutx village, with many native inhabitants. Ah, also visit the citadel of Alcudia, a region with many resorts.

How many days in Majorca?

To take advantage of these attractions, it is recommended to stay on the island for at least five days, as there are many sights to visit there. A period shorter than this will end up compromising your script.



Contrary to what you might think, Menorca is second only to Majorca in terms of size. However, unlike its neighbors, it is a quieter island attracting an older audience, who prefer days of rest and fresh water.

But don’t miss it, because the island has beautiful landscapes, clean beaches and a wonderful blue sea.

What to do in Menorca?

A good tip on this island is to visit the city Mahon, which is very touristy. Its historic center is incredible and very similar to the capital of Majorca, Palma.

There you will find many stories, typical houses and very charming streets. Visit the 13th and 14th century Cathedral Santa María de Ciudadela.

Also visit the old Castell de Sant Àgueda fortress, where there are only ruins, but it’s worth it.

Put on good shoes and take the Caminho dos Cavalos trail, a very interesting trail to enjoy beautiful landscapes. Ah, the city is very famous for having excellent cuisine, enjoy!

How many days in Menorca?

If you’re only traveling around Menorca and don’t have a lot of time, you need to stay at least two or three days on the island, in order to get to know some of the attractions mentioned above.



This is certainly the most famous in the whole world. But it’s not just the natural beauty that attracts tourists.

The parties and nightlife are the main attractions of the island, which also has the most beautiful beaches and very charming villages. They are real postcards. Obviously Ibiza should be on your Balearic Islands itinerary.

What to do in Ibiza?

In addition to the most popular beaches in the archipelago, such as Cala de San Vicent, Cala Bassa and Platja Es Figueral, visit the historic city center, which is very rich and interesting.

Of course a ballad can’t be missed, right? As there are many around the island, the best known are Amnesia, Ushuaia, DC-10, Pacha, among others.

If you go to the island in May, don’t miss the electronic music festivals, which are a success.

How many days in Ibiza?

As on other islands, the ideal is to stay more than five days to be able to enjoy the beaches, parties and tourist attractions. Less than that, you will certainly miss many places.



Of course, like its sisters, Formentera is a wonder, leaving tourists in love with its landscapes. However, this is not the only thing that makes the island such a splendid place.

Environmental preservation is taken seriously on site. Perhaps this is the reason why the beaches of Formentera are voted the most beautiful in the archipelago. Getting there is a bit restricted, but it’s worth getting to know.

What to do in Formentera?

As we’ve already said, there are those who say that Formentera has the most beautiful beaches in the entire archipelago.

But the island is not just made up of beaches, it has many other tourist attractions, such as its historic centers which are divided into Sant Ferran de Ses, Roques and Pilar de la Mola and Francesc Xavier.

There, you will find typical houses, churches, towers, lighthouses, among others. Oh, also take a kayak tour, which you’ll love.

How many days in Formentera?

In Fomenta, the ideal is also to stay around four days, so that you can enjoy the beaches, tours and historical places.

This period is ideal so that you don’t have to do anything running; after all, the goal is to enjoy and relax, isn’t it?

Balearic Islands Beaches: 5 Best to Discover

But in the face of so much beauty, is there a way to choose the best beaches? Yes he has! Therefore, here we will highlight those places that cannot be missed on your tropical trip.

Es Trenc, Majorca

Es Trenc, Mallorca spain
Es Trenc, Mallorca spain

Some say that it is the best beach in Majorca and that it can easily compete with the beaches of the Caribbean. Es Trenc has pine trees and salt marshes around it, ensuring a heavenly setting.

The place is very suitable for the family, as the waters are warm and not deep. On this island there is a very important detail.

It is divided between Ses Saline, a normal beach, and Ses Covetes, a nude beach, which is further away. For those who like or are curious, this is the opportunity!

Cala Galdana, Menorca

Cala Galdana, Menorca
Cala Galdana, Menorca

It is also a beach suitable for enjoying with the family. If we say she is beautiful, we will be repetitive, but we will be. Cala Galdana looks more like a picture, it’s so perfect.

On the island, you can also shop at the shops that exist on the site. Ah, there you can also play on inflatable buoys, banana boats and much more.

Cala Macarella, Menorca

Cala Macarella, Menorca
Cala Macarella, Menorca

A landscape that we would be seeing all day. This is Cala Macarella, in Menorca, with blue sea, fine soft sand and sailboats moored in the sea.

Can you imagine the landscape? Well then, in the Balearic Islands, include this wonderful place in your itinerary.

Cala Salada Beach, Ibiza

Cala Salada Beach, Ibiza
Cala Salada Beach, Ibiza

With a sea of different colors of blue, Cala Salada Beach, in Ibiza, is very popular with tourists who want to enjoy a good rest in a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle.

But it is worth remembering that the region is a little rustic and there are no restaurants or hotels; so don’t forget to bring snacks and drinks to spend the day.

Playa de Ses Illetes, Formentera

Playa de Ses Illetes, Formentera
Playa de Ses Illetes, Formentera

Beauty we see around here. Turquoise sea and white sand sum up Playa de Ses Illetes, Formentera, which is actually nothing basic. Beautiful, clean and worthy of a day enjoying this spectacular place.

A tip to enjoy the place is to bring an umbrella, mat or chair so you don’t have to pay expensive rent.

Tips for your trip to the Balearic Islands

Rent a car: this is the first tip, because if you can rent a vehicle, you will be able to roam the islands.

That’s because, there, you spend some of your time waiting for public transport. When renting a car, you are more available to the attractions and have more freedom.

Currency: if you are in doubt about the currency on the island, it is the euro. In fact, it is very easy to change in Brazil and at the exchange offices at airports in Spain.

Language: although all the islands are in the territory of Spain, the most spoken language by local residents is Catalan and not Spanish. The languages ​​are similar, but with some very different expressions. So, it’s worth learning a few words.

How many days to stay: Balearic Islands suggested itinerary

To enjoy all that the Balearic Islands, Spain, has to offer, the ideal is to stay at least a week in the archipelago. That’s because there are many things to see, in addition to the beaches.

So, our itinerary suggestion for those who do not have many days off is to take a tour of the islands of Majorca and Ibiza, as you can enjoy the most beautiful beaches in the region, such as Es Trenc, for example, in addition to visiting the spots tourist attractions in the historic center.

During this period, you can go to Ibiza, take a swim at Cala Salada Beach and then enjoy a party in the region.


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