String lights make a good resource for wedding decorations. This decoration is among the main trends of the moment thanks to its practical, cozy and elegant character.

In recent years, lighting has become quite relevant at weddings. Some event planners have ensured that the bride and groom allocate a good part of their budget to achieve an illuminated effect at their parties, so they have opted for decorative elements such as garlands of lights or vintage light.

Garland rental is a business that is becoming very popular today, due to its high demand. It does not matter if the party is indoors or outdoors, the truth is that this element is ideal for all kinds of celebrations.

Why use garlands at parties?

Garland lighting adds the right atmosphere for any celebration of value. For this reason, it is common to see these decorations in the form of glass globes at weddings. Now we are going to mention the reasons why this decoration is becoming the favorite of users.

Create an atmosphere of celebration

Weddings are a ceremony of great importance and value for the couple, family and friends. Therefore, the decoration of the living room must be at the height of the moment. The use of garlands of lights helps to create the appropriate atmosphere.

Also, these ornaments could convey the right emotions during the party. The garlands are manufactured precisely for events, so they do not emit an annoying shine, on the contrary, they produce a relaxing effect in the eyes of the guests.

Creates an illusion of space

Visually, garlands create an illusion of spaciousness, so it’s a good strategy for smaller ceremonies. This is possible thanks to its contribution of brightness and quality, which helps to convey a false impression of additional depth.

light the way

The garlands not only serve to illuminate the heads of the guests, but decorators can take advantage of them. For example, use them to light the path of the bride when she slowly walks down the aisle of the room or also to highlight the wedding cake or the photo spot.

Best photos

Photos are always present at celebrations, since they are the only way to keep this moment for posterity. In this sense, the garlands are a source of warm light that help photographs to be taken within the wedding ceremony.

Lower electricity costs

It may not look like it, but garland lights are an alternative to light up the room while also saving on electricity costs during the event. Unlike fluorescent lights or lamps, these bulbs do not emit excessively bright lights.

Tips for choosing the best string lights to decorate

As you can see, decoration with garlands of lights is a great alternative to make an elegant and beautiful party. But it is good to take some considerations before acquiring these ornaments, among some of the main tips are:

  • Choosing lights with dimmable light intensity is a good idea to change the modes of brightness, flashing, color and control all its operation.
  • There are small garlands and other more extensive, so you have to look at the space of the room when decorating. It is also valid to count the number of bulbs that each garland has to cover what is necessary.
  • Thanks to advances in technology, today there are garlands of multicolored lightswhich are very trendy and popular at theme parties.
  • Garlands with large warm white light bulbs are best suited for elegant weddings and parties, as they convey a sophisticated and calming effect.

Definitely, garlands of lights are a great option to decorate the wedding day. This decoration stands out for its versatility and its decorative possibilities, in addition to being an economical and quite attractive alternative to illuminate a party room.


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