Today, April 29, we celebrate Saint Christine Martyr who was a Christian martyr.

Saint Christine Martyr was probably born in Rome, Italy, at an unknown date, and died in the fourth century.

It was in the year 1661 when his body was discovered in the Roman catacombs of Priscilla, Italy, and curiously Antonio Vai was in Rome, and it was Pope Alexander VII who decided to donate his body to take it to the community of PortoferraioItalia.

The relic arrived on April 29 in the town of Portoferraio and since then it is considered the patron saint of that place.

On his feast day, the crypt where the remains of San Cristino Mártir rest is opened and the urn with his remains is carried through the streets of the city blessing all those present.

There is no more information about the life and work of San Cristino Mártir.

Although what is a fact is that its celebration takes place on the day April 29.

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