Visit one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, find more details in this post “Balandra Beach in Baja California. Do you know it?”, you will be fascinated!

Of the number of places that Mexico offers to know and enjoy, Baja California, both north and south, is undoubtedly one of the best positioned; beautiful landscapes, excellent gastronomy, prestigious wines, delicious breads, beaches and mountains, are part of the experience…

Tecate, Los Cabos, Valle de Guadalupe, Todos Santos, Ensenada, Loreto, La Paz, are wonderful places and one of them is the one that hides a jewel: the beautiful Balandra Beach.

Imagine a calm and transparent sea, next to a wide white sand beach at the foot of the mountain, a setting that falls in love at first sight…

To get to know Balandra, you must know that the beauty of this iconic place is an attraction that makes you want, so you must meet a challenge to enjoy it.

Find out more details below…

Where is Balandra Beach located?

Balandra Beach is located in the state of Baja California Sur, it is one of the beauties that you find in the Municipality of La Paz.

The beach is part of a Protected Natural Area and to access it you must travel from La Paz, either by car, taxi or bus, in a journey of approximately 30 minutes.

If you happen to be vacationing in Los Cabos, it is also a good idea to take a tour that can take you; There are boats that make beautiful tours of Balandra, Isla Espiritu Santo and other beautiful places in Baja California Sur.

Map Balandra

Photo: Network of Citizen Observers La Paz

What to do in Balandra Beach?

When you arrive in this paradise, you can relax and make the most of your day at the beach, sunbathing by the sea and cooling off with the calm waves is a must; you will find palapas that you can use for free.

If you like to swim, you are in the right place, you can also snorkel and admire the variety of fish that the Sea of ​​Cortez has, recognized as “the world’s aquarium”.

For the most restless, a kayak or paddle board ride are good options, every hour of the day has something special to admire, even more so if it is a sunrise or sunset.

And if you are looking for more experiences, you can do some hiking, you will find 6 trails that take you to the viewpoints from where you can appreciate incredible scenarios that are worth portraying.

The trails you will find are: Sendero Merito Sur-Manglar-El Merito (2.9 km), Sendero Merito Norte- Punta Diablo (4.7 km), Sendero Manglar y Playas Sur de Balandra (2.7 km), Sendador Mirador Bahía de Balandra-El Merito (2.9 km), Balandra Valley Trail (5.4 km), Balandra North Circuit Trail (4.2 km) (Above) or 3 km (Below).

Finally, visit the Balandra Mushroom, a postcard to remember.

Hongo Balandra

Keep in mind that Balandra Beach is located in an area considered Natural Heritage, which means that you will not find shops or restaurants in the place; the alternatives to eat are to bring your own food and drink or go to El Tecolote beach, a few minutes away, where there are options.

The big challenge to enter Playa Balandra

In principle, as a result of the pandemic, for a few months, government regulations set a maximum capacity of 120 people to enter Playa Balandra.

That detail indicates that to get to know the beach you must get up early; so your challenge will be to wake up very early and be in line at 5 am in the morning, the time when people are allowed to enter.

However, and although it sounds confusing, on the website of the government of La Paz it is clarified that the admission hours are from 11 in the morning until 08 at night, but the hours may vary due to weather conditions or other types of situations… We suggest you, for the moment, do not consider that schedule, go better at 5 am otherwise you will stay outside.

If getting up early is not your thing, perhaps you should consider hiking as an alternative, there are recent visitors who report that you can access this beautiful beach if you dare to take a walk along the mountain trails and then descend to the beach from there.

Another good idea is to go to El Tecolote beach, just 5 minutes away, there are boats that take you to Balandra Beach or you can access it by kayak or also using your skills as a good swimmer.

The owl

Tips to go to Balandra

1. Arrive at 5 in the morning to line up and be within the 120 people allowed by the capacity

2. Bring food and drinks since there is nowhere to buy

3. Take where to store garbage waste and then take it with you; please take care of this beautiful site so that many can continue to enjoy it

4. If you go by bus, keep in mind the previous tips and check the round trip schedules

5. Wear comfortable shoes either to climb the mountain, or to walk through the areas of the sea where there are rocks and if you are cold, also add a suitable swimsuit, the water can be barely cold.

6. Don’t forget your snorkel gear


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