Learn how to make an Espresso Martini drink with this recipe that is easy and simple to reproduce at home!

This drink was actually created by R.I.P. Mr. Dick Bradsell who’s one of the greatest bartenders, one of the greatest drink makers of our generation.

Espresso Martini

Recipe by caion


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In order for your Espresso Martini to be perfect, you will need to use quality ingredients (check the list) and follow the step-by-step instructions for how to prepare it.


  • 25 ml Kahlua

  • 45 ml Vodka

  • 1 Shot Hot Espresso

  • Garnish with 3 Coffee Beans


  • In a cocktail shaker, add 25 ml of Kahlúa;
  • Add 45 ml Vodka;
  • Add 1 Shot Hot Espresso;
  • Let’s give it a shake;
  • Let’s take a beautiful glass, take our Hawthorne strainer. We’re gonna fine strain just in case there’s any ice in there.strain
  • Your Espresso Martini is ready!Espresso Martini

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