Leave behind problems, stress and everything that causes unwanted aging, life was made to be enjoyed, a good option is to go to “El Oro magical town Do you know it?”…

The diversity of attractions and proposals that the State of Mexico has is impressive, a great advantage for those who live in CDMX or who go for a walk.

Very close to the capital of the country you will find places and activities for all tastes, all you have to do is put together a list of your favorite places and the activities you want to do, any time of the year will have its charm, so go ahead and enjoy its interesting, entertaining and fun proposals.

Here we present a highly recommended alternative, El Oro magical town. You will like…

Photo: Secretary of Culture and Tourism Edomex

Where is El Oro Magical Town located?

El Oro is one of the 125 municipalities of the State of Mexico and is located on the border with the neighboring state of Michoacán.

To get there you can take as a reference the capital of the State of Mexico, Toluca, which is just under 100 kilometers away, or Mexico City, located 158 km away, approximately 3 hours.

What to do in Gold?

El Oro was declared a Magical Town in 2011 thanks to its important role in the history of Mexico, recognized as one of the country’s ancient mining glories.

Knowing Gold is like a trip back in time, its cobblestone streets and architecture are combined in such a way that they achieve scenes of yesteryear and are the clear result of European influence attracted by the mining splendor of the time.

Here are some ideas on how to enjoy your visit to this beautiful destination.

El Oro magical town

Photo: Secretary of Culture and Tourism Edomex

Walk around town

With outstanding buildings, the tour of the center is very pleasant, its streets will lead you to discover a little more of its history.

The Municipal Palace is one of the most impressive places in the destination, its facade is very beautiful and invites you to take the best photos.

Neoclassical architecture and art nouveau are part of its appeal, also, if you are interested in knowing a bit of history, you can enter and tour it, there you will discover the mural called Mining Genesis, a graphic description of El Oro in its splendor and reaches the terrace, you will be surprised with unique views of the town.

A few meters away, you will find the letters of El Oro, an essential postcard for your memories of the trip.

From there, just a few steps and you will be surprised by the beauty of the Juárez Theater, a 1907 construction that looks impeccable despite the passing of the years; It was commissioned by Porfirio Diaz and today the reflection of the abundance of those times.

Be sure to visit the main square, Jardín Madero, which has a nice kiosk and a pleasant atmosphere to relax and enjoy the harmony of the town.

Finally, following the road for a few more streets, is the beautiful Parroquia de Santa María de Guadalupe, which offers a fascinating setting with a garden around it and the mountains that frame it, without neglecting its beautiful facade and interior. that dazzles

Photo: Secretary of Culture and Tourism Edomex

Eat the local delicacies

Without a doubt, the visit to the market will be a perfect experience to discover the best dishes of the place, some of the suggestions are some carnitas, the red and green mole with turkey meat, the barbecue, add a delicious dessert such as guava rolls and discover the taste of the male tail, an exquisite sweet.

Surely along the way you will find someone who offers you a tasting of chiva, a drink based on herbs and alcohol that, in addition to being an appetizer, has other properties.

The Corredor Mina is another ideal place to taste local food, it is a gastronomic walkway where you can enjoy a variety of dishes.

And being in this destination, you can not deprive yourself of knowing the restaurant that is inside a train car, whether you want to eat or just have a coffee, the experience is highly recommended.

Photo: Government of Mexico

Know the symbols of the mining era

A first place to visit may be El Tiro Norte, which bears witness to the years of the mining boom.

There you will find a wooden structure that was used to extract the stones that contained gold, you will also be able to appreciate the interior of the mine through a glass floor.

Nearby you will find the Mining Museum, with many pieces used by the workers of the mines, portraits, vestiges of the Providencia Shot and other representations that commemorate the life of the miners.

Just 10 minutes walking from the center is the Socavón San Juan, another of the emblems of El Oro magical town and a good alternative to get to know a mine from the inside, in addition to learning a little more with the guide’s story.

The train station is another unmissable place to walk, get to know and take incredible photos.

El Oro magical town

Photo: Secretary of Culture and Tourism Edomex

Enjoy the natural areas

The beauty of the destination does not end in its places full of history and excellent gastronomy, it also has some attractive activities to enjoy nature.

The Brockman Dam, a fascinating site, surrounded by green and a peaceful environment that is really enjoyed.

To spend a nice day you can walk around the place, visit the craft stalls, dare to tour the dam in a pedal boat or if you have more condition, a rowing boat, another good idea is to hike through the forest and reach the neighboring Victoria Dam.

In addition, it has other facilities and there are also cabins for those who choose to enjoy more quality time in this beautiful place, a night full of stars can be the perfect excuse.

Likewise, you will have options of ecotourism centers in the surroundings, with proposals for accommodation and varied activities to make the most of the visit.

El Oro magical town

Photo: Government of Mexico

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