Miami offers a unique experience for all visitors from the worldthanks to the exuberance of its buildings and its beautiful beaches.

In addition, Miami is an avant-garde city that offers modern spaces for different types of activities. In this city you can have the perfect nights outor have a relaxing day in the sun with a stunning tan.

Next, we will let you know some of the secrets that Miami keeps, a city that never rests, that always has options available for getting around, beautiful hotels to stay in, clean beaches to spend a great day, and gastronomy to taste any dish.

Learn the secrets and the best activities to do in Miami

Enjoying a sunset after the imposing sun has set its sights is possible in Miami, a city full of luxuries, but also with many outdoor spaces to disconnect from the hectic daily life. Many visitors also come to Miami because in one place they can find the best designer houses from around the world, so they can make fantastic purchases.

Whatever the reason, there flights Madrid Miami that connect directly and provide the best advice, while providing information on everything necessary to carry out this type of transfer to a destination that deserves to be explored, since it is a city where all visitors from the world are welcome. Some of the activities that can be done in it are the following.

Hike in the Everglades

These are tropical wetlands for which group excursions are planned and include a short cruise, from which you can see alligators, exotic birds, sea turtles and other types of wildlife. It is an impressive spectacle, with great views, at the same time that a guide is revealing more details about the beautiful place. It is an experience worth living.

Walking Food Tour in Little Havana

Walking through this historic place can transport you to the center of Cuba. In this place you can find delicious Cuban coffee, cigars, local artists and, of course, the most types of Cuban dishes. This is another incredible experience to enjoy.

An unforgettable cruise

A cruise from which you can appreciate the best and most beautiful of the city. Boarding the cruise you can see the imposing mansions or houses valued at more than a million dollars, as well as other equally impressive views. Sailing in the center of the city will also allow you to see the Venetian islands, where Al Capone’s residence is located, a place that everyone wants to see, even from afar. On the yachts you can have delicious drinks to have a more relaxed journey and take incredible photos.

Water activities

Some activities such as kayaking or paddle surfing to explore incredible routes and enter a jungle and enjoy the beautiful views of the mangroves, admiring wildlife and enjoying unique views, dolphin shows, birdsong and unique plants in their species.

Visitar Wynwood Walls

Enjoy the most artistic murals ever seen before, as the muralists invested their effort, talent and creativity in making the paintings. Many visit this site to connect with the urban side of the city, take amazing photos, and have a great time.

Dolphin Mall

This is the quintessential shopping center that must be visited. On this site it is possible to find entertainment, food, shops with unbeatable prices and an architecture that is still beautiful. Everyone who visits Miami must make a mandatory stop at this place.

Viscaya Museum and Gardens

This place has the most beautiful gardens you can find in the city of Miami, as well as a beautiful luxurious house, with a traditional style. This site offers the possibility of disconnecting for a moment from the city movement, entering another century and then leaving. It is quite an experience.

Private helicopter tour: for those who want to make an investment and opt for an alternative that will not leave you indifferent at any time, you can take a special tour and fly over the beautiful city and beaches of Miami, enjoying all its views from above.

Lock & Load Museum

There will be those who wish to take a historical tour and learn how weapons have evolved. If so, this is the right place where you can also practice shooting. It is a more extreme experience, but it is still interesting, since it is a very visited place.


A metro station from which you can take a tour of the city in a different way and interacting with a large part of its inhabitants.

Miami has luxurious, modern, innovative and avant-garde places, at the same time that it hides historical spaces, where you can take a trip through time. As if that were not enough, it also has its beautiful beaches where it is possible to relax for a whole day.

This is how this city is, from which you can change from one environment to another, all in one place, sun, beach, sea, sand, shopping centers, museums, gardens, cruise ships or helicopter rides. This is the versatility that Miami offers, a place for all tastes.

For this reason, it is worth taking a break and going for a few days to this beautiful city, the ideal destination for many people around the world, always welcoming and with hotels at affordable prices, while others are more luxurious.

Everything adapts to the pocket of each traveler, although it is always preferable to have savings. Since those who visit this place cannot contain the desire to know their places or try their delicious foods, typical of different cultures of the world, due to all the visitors who have come to visit and have decided to stay, they have added more variety to the wealth culture of this beautiful and unique destination.

From Madrid, it is possible to take a flight and begin to enjoy a lively city, which is always awake and attentive to receive all those who wish to discover it.


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