Have you ever wondered what are the cheapest countries in the world to travel to? Believe me, there are some countries that are so cheap, that it pays more to travel for tourism in them than to stay at home in Brazil just paying the bills. Instead of postponing your vacation because of the high dollar, plan to visit a new, super affordable destination!

Stay tuned for airfare promotions and get ready: you are about to make an unforgettable trip, without having to break your piggy bank!


Thailand is the darling of world tourism, for good reasons: heavenly beaches, safety, tourist infrastructure and unparalleled Thai food. As if all that wasn’t enough, the places are very receptive to tourists and the atmosphere is always festive. The magic of Buddhist temples, festivals and traditions enchant and bring an even more “exotic” air to the environment. All at very friendly prices, which only increase the desire to explore the country from north to south, for its islands, waterfalls and forests – some full of elephants!

Another advantage of taking a trip through Thailand is taking advantage of the proximity to other Southeast Asian destinations such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia and the Philippines, which are equally beautiful and cheap.


Mexico is much more than Cancun! Outside the artificial (and expensive!) resorts made for American tourists, there are real cities, with genuine attractions and the best of Mexican traditions at a fair price. The country’s capital is Mexico City, which has great museums, and is the gateway to Mexican culinary delights and Mayan and Aztec ruins.

On the coast of the Pacific Ocean, the highlights are the beaches and their natural landscapes, with destinations such as Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit, where there are excellent resorts. South of Mexico is the most popular route among tourists, which includes cities like Oaxaca and Palenque.


Instigating culture, first-rate cuisine, unique architecture, pristine beaches, unforgettable balloon rides and romantic rooms carved into the rock. Whether in Istanbul or Cappadocia, Turkey is never more of the same and always surprises the visitor with new attractions and flavors — at ever lower prices. The rise in the dollar affected the Turkish currency much more than the real, making our money appreciate there! Take the opportunity and be enchanted by the beauties of the ancient Ottoman Empire and the only city in the world between two continents. Turkey’s biggest danger is falling in love and not wanting to go home!


Who said that enjoying the European summer beaches is synonymous with high prices? Yes, you can spend a lot on the coast of Greece or Italy… or simply travel to Albania, located between the two countries and with the same landscapes, at a fraction of the price! Albania was once considered the most closed nation in Europe, but has now opened up to tourism without losing its authenticity. A destination with some of the most beautiful beaches on the European continent!


Who would have thought, one of the oldest countries in the world and cradle of Civilization, it is also one of the cheapest to travel! If you thought that visiting the pyramids and riding a camel required a treasure worthy of a pharaoh, think again! Much of the Egyptian historical and cultural heritage is well preserved and easily accessible from the capital Cairo, a megalopolis of more than 9 million inhabitants.


Located in North Africa, close to Morocco and southern Europe, Tunisia is a complete destination: deserts, oases and pristine beaches reminiscent of Greece form breathtaking landscapes. The devastating prices of hotels and resorts make Tunisia even more attractive, as this is one of the cheapest countries in the world to travel to! Want more? Tunisia has the second largest Coliseum in the world and was the setting for the Star Wars movie!


If you’ve always dreamed of visiting India, now is the time! The country has been taking development leaps in recent years: cows on the streets and poverty scenarios are giving way to increasingly modern cities and quality attractions. English as an official language helps, and prices are still devastating often place India in the ranking of countries with the lowest cost of living in the world. The colorful culture and food famous for its spices are very convincing reasons to put this destination on your wish list.


Geographically in Asia and culturally in Europe, only a calm trip through the beautiful landscapes of Georgia is able to give due value to this destination that, little by little, is starting to gain space in the best tourist routes. It is estimated that somewhere in the mountains of Georgia, between 8,000 BC and 5,000 BC, the first wine appeared. The drink is the most typical in the country, and can be found at prices cheaper than water! In addition to drinking, you can eat very well in Georgia, with exquisite recipes in pasta and cheese!


Cuba is a destination rich in history and culture, with beautiful beaches in the middle of the Caribbean. Before monetary unification in January 2021, the country had two coins in circulation, one for locals and one for tourists, although nothing stopped you from using both. Those who spent on the parallel tourist currency found higher prices, but those who took a risk with the local currency could find values that were surreally cheap, in the pennies! Currently, with the CUP (Cuban peso) as the only official currency in circulation, prices tend to rise a little.

Staying with locals in private homes is a tip to save money. The restrictions on internet access, the absence of modern buildings, fast foods, famous brands and all the other “perks” of capitalist life give a unique air to Cuban daily life. We still don’t have tickets back in time, but if you want to feel like living in the 50s, book your ticket to Cuba now!


Having Argentina on that list might seem strange. After all, we could mention other destinations in South America famous for their low prices, such as Bolivia, Ecuador or even Colombia. But thanks to economic crises and currency devaluation, traveling to Argentina became much cheaper! Bad for hermanos, but great for us! Where else would you be able to eat prime barbecues and mouthwatering milk candies at excellent value for money? If you haven’t visited Argentina yet, you don’t know what you’re missing!

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