Boat trip north islands Menorca

In this article I am going to talk about the boat trip through the coves of northern Menorca which we did a few days ago. If you accompany us on this tour, you will find out which company we did the tour with, the coves we visited, the hours of the activity, the prices and much more.

Boat trip north islands Menorca
Paddle board next to the boat

Make a boat trip through the coves of northern Menorca It is an ideal activity to enjoy with the turquoise waters of the Balearic paradise. We have done it twice. The first time we did it during the romantic getaway in Menorca and the second time during the trip to Menorca with children. Both in the first walk and in the second we discovered some of what we consider most beautiful coves in Menorca.

With which company do the boat excursion through the northern coves of Menorca?

The boat trip through the coves of northern Menorca we did it with Pachira Towersa company whose offices are located in the town of Fornells, specifically here (link to go with google maps). Until there we went to collect our tickets and then we went to the pier from which the excursion departs.

Boat trip north islands Menorca
Pachira Boat Tours in Cala Pregonda

The boat we boarded has capacity for 31 people, something we really liked. Other boats that we saw during our trip around Menorca accommodated a hundred people, something that we consider excessive if you want to be calmer. With Pachira Tours let’s say that everything is more intimate.

The duration of the tour was three hours and we booked the tour that left at 10 am. The ticket price is €37 for adults and €27 for children (2-12 years).

Boat tour through the coves of northern Menorca

As I mentioned before, the excursion left the pier located near the office, specifically here (enlace a google maps).

Boat in the coves of the north of Menorca
Boat trip north islands Menorca

During the boat trip to the north of Menorca las audio guides (in Spanish, English, French, Italian and German) told us about the places we passed throughsomething that we also really liked because that way we got to know certain details that would otherwise go unnoticed, for example, the island where the largest colony of Cory’s shearwaters in the entire country is located.

Snorkel and Paddle Surf through the coves of northern Menorca

One of the funniest moments of the boat trip through the coves of northern Menorca They were the stops at Cala Pregonda and Cala Roja, since there we did snorkeling and paddle surfing for about 30 minutes, an activity that is becoming more and more fashionable. The table was provided by the boat.

Boat trip north islands Menorca
Snorkelling in Menorca

We love to dive into the transparent waters of Menorca to snorkel. In practically all the coves we visited we snorkelled because we love to see the seabed with those little fish of a thousand colors.

And to finish… an “ointment”, the typical drink of Menorca

Right at the second stop we made to snorkel, we were treated to a couple of canapés and a shot of Pomada, the typical Menorcan drink made with Xoriguer gin and lemonade. How rich it was and how fresh!

Pregonda cove
Arrival at Cala Pregonda

And you, have you done a boat trip here?

Leave us a comment and tell us about your experience.


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