The Perla Negra restaurant, under the culinary direction of the talented chef Liz Fernández and located in the bustling heart of La Condesa, offers a gastronomic experience that transcends the conventional limits of mere palate satisfaction.

With an atmosphere meticulously designed to seduce all the senses, entering this restaurant is a surprise for diners. Its entrance could go unnoticed, but the large spaces inside, with incredible lighting and design, are only intended for those who immerse themselves in this gastronomic adventure.

The name of the establishment, a tribute to the enigmatic black pearl, suggests the rarity and mystery that surrounds its culinary proposal, while paying tribute to the strength and feminine presence, masterfully represented in the murals and paintings that adorn its walls.

Among the dishes that we were able to try, is the Beet carpaccio with hibiscus vinaigrettean exquisite combination of flavors and textures that awaken the senses with every bite, defying expectations and delighting the palate with its bold combination of ingredients.

He Vegan Tartarea symphony of mushrooms, chickpeas, hearts of palm and avocado, dressed with a signature vinaigrette, is an example of culinary creativity and freshness that captivates from the first moment, inviting you to explore new horizons.

He Black Pearl Fettuccinean elegant fusion of artisanal pasta, mushrooms and truffle sauce, topped with a delicate parmesan cookie, is a journey of flavors and textures that transports the diner to the fungi kingdom.

The Pizza Bacon Honeywith its base of bechamel sauce, caramelized figs, goat cheese and crispy bacon, infused with a touch of maple syrup, is an explosion that awakens the senses and delights the palate with every bite.

For meat lovers, the Rib Eye al grill, accompanied by French fries, yellow corn and bullfighting chiles. Additionally, it comes with a show that allows you to finish cooking at the table, creating a more interactive experience.

As a finishing touch, the dessert Chocolate Black Pearl with cookiecloses the experience on a sweet and comforting note.

Where: Av. Tamaulipas 134, Colonia Condesa, Cuauhtémoc, 06100 Mexico City, CDMX.

Precio: $$


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