The Caribbean Sea is home to small islands that are true dreams: crystal clear waters, sunny days and breathtaking beaches. Find out which island is the best to visit on a trip to the Caribbean.
Much is said about the Caribbean Islands, but not everyone knows that each one has different histories, settlers and cultures. Currently, several islands are still territories of European countries, such as St. Martin and the British Virgin Islands, and also still belong to the United States, such as Puerto Rico, San Andres, and others have become independent countries, such as Curaçao and Grenada.

There are so many paradisiacal options that it is difficult to choose only one country to visit at a time. If you like pinga-pinga trips, a tip is to take a cruise on the Caribbean Sea – where you spend the night sailing and each day wake up on a new island. However, if you want to explore each paradise and its particularities, discover the local culture and enjoy a peaceful vacation, we give tips on where to go on a trip to the Caribbean.

The best time to take a trip to the Caribbean Islands

The best time to visit the countries above the equator, in the Caribbean, is between November and June – when not the hurricane and rainy season.

Countries that are below the equator, such as Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire, are free from the risk of a hurricane, however, they may also have more rain at this time.

What to pack for the Caribbean

What to pack in your suitcase is always a good question. Don’t forget that in tropical places, the chance of rain always exists. In addition to a lot of wind too! So don’t forget windbreak jackets, rain gear… but of course, lots and lots of swimsuits!

What are the best Caribbean Islands

In terms of nature, these islands are true paradises on earth. Some have a lot of tourist structure, others not so much. The idea is to please all types of travelers: those looking for a high-end destination or those who want something more economical, those who like rustic destinations full of adventure or those who opt for more comfort.

1 – British and American Virgin Islands

The archipelago of the British Virgin Islands is a fascinating destination: the place is dotted with islands that must be known by sailboat. The best way to get to know the region is staying on a boat, which gives you the flexibility of visiting several islands in a week.

British and American Virgin Islands

For Brazilians, the news is even better, since Alcides and Tatiana, from São Paulo, receive tourists on the Catamaran Ocean Eyes, in a week of charter is unforgettable! If you prefer terra firma, the destination has several good hotels to stay.

What to do in the Virgin Islands

Don’t miss Virgin Gorda Island’s postcard called ‘The Baths’. A labyrinth of stones between two paradisiacal beaches that form natural pools. A show! Visit Foxie’s bar in Josh Van Dyke and of course, dive, enjoy the beach and take boat trips to enjoy the Caribbean days

Where to stay in the Virgin Islands

The best way to see the Virgin Islands is on board. We recommend the charter on the Ocean Eyes catamaran.

However, if you want to spend a few days on land in St. Thomas, stay at the Point Pleasant Resort. In the British, it is worth staying at Icis Villa, in Tortola.

2 – Los Roques, Venezuela

Los Roques, in Venezuela, is the Caribbean Polynesia: the sea waters are so crystal clear and turquoise that they reflect in the clouds. Getting to know the archipelago is a unique trip. However, with the crisis in Venezuela it is not a destination to go to in the short term. The best option is to wait for the situation to improve there and go, as, unfortunately, the destination faces food shortages

Los Roques, Venezuela

What to do in Los Roques

Take a boat and go out to explore the dozens of islets in the archipelago. Go scuba diving there and enjoy a day of kite surfing through the waters that look like French Polynesia.

Unfortunately, the situation in Venezuela is getting worse every day. So, if you really want to go to Los Roques, talk well with your hotel to see how the archipelago is doing.

Where to stay in Los Roques

If you go, stay in a good hotel, like Posada Caracol (I loved it!) or Posada Sol Y Luna. I also met the last one and loved it! Both options are all-inclusive, a MUST if you go there. Los Roques is going through a supply crisis (like the rest of the country). So stay at an inn that guarantees food on the table :).

3 – Saint Martin

Saint Martin or Saint Maarten is a small island, however, governed by two countries: France and Holland. No wonder everyone wants to stay with Saint Martin, since it’s quite a destination! The island has more infrastructure for tourism, such as resorts, shops and centrinhos. It is a destination for those who enjoy, in addition to paradisiacal beaches: comfort, gastronomy and good hotels.

Saint Martin

What to do in Saint Martin

Of course, a visit to Maho Beach is essential. That beach where planes fly overhead. However, Saint Martin is much more than that! Discover David’s Hole, Cupecoy Beach, Baie Long among many others.

4 – Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire

ABC, Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao are one of the best islands in the Caribbean. It is one of the Caribbean destinations closest to Brazil. In a few hours of flight from Brazil, it is already possible to feel the atmosphere of the Caribbean Sea.

Aruba is the most popular of them, with a lot of infrastructure, attractions and shopping options, restaurants and large resorts.

Curaçao is more charming, with idyllic beaches, excellent infrastructure for tourism and several attractions that attract more and more visitors to the island. For those who want Tips from Curaçao, Val is a Brazilian who lives on the island and organizes the trip for her fellow countrymen who want to discover paradise. It’s worth checking out the site with the country’s tips.

If you want a Caribbean experience without too many people, it’s worth taking a 15-minute flight to the neighboring island, Bonaire. Besides being a paradise for divers. Bonaire is perfect for wind sports like Wind and Kitesurf.


What to do on the ABC islands

In Curaçao, don’t miss the famous and wonderful Kenepa Grandi beach (the one in the picture above). In Aruba, enjoy the good drinks, hotels and casinos on the island. In Bonaire, go scuba diving in divers’ paradise.

Where to stay on the ABC islands

In Aruba, the all inclusive resort Barceló is a good tip. If you want something a little more economical, the Tropicana Resort and Casino is the tip.

While in Curacao, we love the Oasis Coral Estate Beach. In Bonaire, Buddy Dive Resort is the best hotel for divers. For those looking for something luxurious, Harbor Village is the best on the island. Another good choice is the recently opened Courtyard by Mariott, the first large chain hotel on the island that offers options with good value for money.

5 – San Andrés, Colombia

San Andrés, Colombia, has become a hit among Brazilians in recent years. In addition to constant promotions on airline tickets to the island, it is also close to Brazil. The best tip is to visit the islets around San Andrés, which are still very much preserved.

San Andrés, Colombia

What to do in San Andres

A brief here: Go around the island, discover El Acuario and Haynes Cay, Jhonny Cay and West View. Read all Patricia Schussel’s tips on what to do in San Andrés in this full post!

Where to stay in san andres

Pati stayed at the Hotel Boutique Praia Tranquilo and loved it, she says she was very well attended and is a super exclusive option. Casa Tamarindo is a tip for families. For those who want to save money, it’s worth taking a look at hostels like Sol Y Mar Islas

6 – Turks & Caicos

Turks & Caicos is a 1h30 flight from Miami. The archipelago has two large islands: Providenciales and Grand Turk. The first is more touristy and has paradisiacal beaches, such as Grace Bay (photo), voted one of the 10 best beaches in the world to spend the day. The second island is a good option for divers on duty.

Turks & Caicos

Things to do in Turks & Caicos

Spend a day at Grace Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Go around Providenciales and enjoy a day of kite surfing in Long Beach. If you like to dive, Grand Turk is the way to go.

Where to stay in Turks & Caicos

In Providenciales, The Sands in Grace Bay is a great option. If you want to stay in an apart-hotel, the Island Club is the way to go.

7 – Cuba

The most famous Caribbean island, Cuba, is a destination to be visited as soon as possible. This is because the country’s great differential is the local culture that remains after years of domination by the communist regime. Traveling to Cuba is like traveling back in time. Today, the island is already reopening to tourism and the world and even has direct flights to the United States.


What to do in cuba

There is no shortage of things to do in Cuba. Culture, history, tradition. Contact with the people and customs is a ‘must’, in addition to getting to know the iconic Havana. The country also has several beaches, great for enjoying the day or diving. You can find more information in this post about Cuba.

Where to stay in cuba

In Cuba, step back in time in Havana by staying at the city’s classic hotel, the Hotel Nacional de Cuba. To avoid mistakes in accommodation, opt for a chain hotel like Mercure. If you want to save money, look for hostels like Casa Habana.

What You Need to Know Before Going to the Caribbean Islands

Are you full of things to think about and still have to plan the entire trip?

Or have you seen it all, but have that familiar “Did I forget something?” So calm down, we’ve helped you with some items you can’t forget before boarding. Come on?

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