By: Brenda Fabiola Sanchez Mancera

One of my best trips to visit Peru, I remember that when we decided to go it was because we did not have many days and we had to synchronize the calendar of three and above all get to know a new place, that’s how this journey began…

The date arrived and we were ready to embark on this new adventure, we traveled with a stopover in Colombia and finally we were landing at the Jorge Chávez airport, in the city of Lima, I realized the amount of tourism they receive, but above all the organization and agility with which they move everyone.

The first day we toured Lima walking the Plaza de Armas, where the Municipal Palace and the Government Palace are located, the Archbishop’s Palace with its Arab Baroque style and the cedar wood balconies from Costa Rica, the buildings painted yellow mean that they are Heritage of Humanity. We visited the convent of Santo Domingo where San Martín de Porres lived and practiced Levitation in the 16th century.

We visited the Temple of San Francisco and its Catacombs, it is said that there are approximately 25,000 bodies. We walked through the Park of Love designed by Gaudi and which has a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean.

The next day we traveled to Arequipa, the white city, which is surrounded by three volcanoes, Chachani, Mitsi and Picchu Picchu, and the Chili River crosses the city. We visited the Convent of Santa Catalina, at its entrance there is a good-sized brown gate, but upon entering and beginning to tour the place it is a small city, which is divided into sections, in one were the novices, in another were the nuns of cloistered which had their own house, being in a convent was status for the family.

On our way to the Colca Valley we prepared ourselves with Coca sweets, which helped us with altitude sickness, which in Peru is known as Soroche.

During the trip we met the Vicuñas, which are small alpacas that have their tails down and wool all over their bodies; Finally, the llamas which do not have wool on their head, neck and legs and are used as pack animals. On this route you can see several volcanoes such as Chachani, Mitsi, Ampato. The place is located at 4,910 m.

That afternoon we arrived in Chivay where there are many places with sulfur hot springs at a temperature of 35 degrees and we did not miss the opportunity to relax and enjoy the hotel with its hot springs and incredible views, at night we were at -7 degrees Celsius.

The views offered by the Colca Valley are spectacular, we saw the condors fly. We arrived at Lake Titicaca, which means Golden Puma and is a sacred lake for the Incas; 55% belongs to Peru and 45% to Bolivia, it is 3,810 meters above sea level, we had the opportunity to visit the Uros Islands which are made of Totora, which is the grass that grows in the lake and the They eat it and it serves as medicine.

Each island has 20 blocks on average depending on the number of members. These islands are made of reeds and are exchanged with wood and eucalyptus. They place 40 cm of reeds and change them every month. The houses have a base of algae and float because it is anchored 25 meters deep. They are distinguished by wearing striking clothing.

Finally we arrived in Cusco where we met Sacsayhuamán, which means lying puma. It is impressive to see how the large stones are joined together and one on top of another, making you think about how they managed to transport them, stack them and join one to another. Silent place where the greatness of the Inca culture can be appreciated.

Visit the viewpoint where you can see the houses with their roofs and in the center the Cathedral of Cusco.

Walk through its streets, visit the Cathedral, the San Pedro market with its great variety of potatoes and corn, visit Qurikancha, the most important religious center, learn about the stones of the 12, 13 and 14 angles, enjoy and eat a bag of French fries style sweet potatoes.

Finally the most anticipated day arrived, we arrived at the train station, we enjoyed the ride watching the vegetation in its panoramic cars until we reached the Aguas Calientes station, from there we boarded a truck that leaves every 30 minutes, then walked a little among the vegetation to finally have a spectacular view. Incredible what Machu Picchu is framed by Wayna Picchu. Enjoy the ruins, the landscapes and try to imagine what life was like for the Incas. I have great memories of this place.

In this country the gastronomy is delicious with a wide variety of dishes, try a Peruvian ceviche, delight in a pisco sour, the avocado had a delicious and different flavor from that of Mexico. The culture and landscapes are incredible, to be enjoyed more than once and with a wide variety of activities to do. A country with several shades to show.


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