The Aeolian Islands are located in Sicily, which is one of the most visited regions in Italy and one that best tells the story of this fantastic country, Sicily has the heritage of different peoples and its mixture of culture is very interesting. Let’s go to our post of the day? Are we going to visit the Aeolian Islands in Sicily? Stay with us and make the best of the boot country! Here at Viajando para Italia you can make the trip of your dreams!

The Aeolian Islands, or also called Isole Eolie – in Italian – Liparas or Liparis Islands, in Sicily, attract more and more tourists and it is not difficult to understand why: the almost untouched nature of this piece of paradise on earth, enchants even the most demanding eyes. The blue sea that frames the archipelago formed by 7 volcanic islands, conquer even the most demanding tourist, but do you know which islands form this beauty of nature? The islands that form this natural beauty are: Lipari, Stromboli, Vulcano, Panarea, Alicudi, Salina and Filicudi. Let’s talk briefly about each of them and start with the most famous of them all: Lipari.


Lipari is the largest and most famous island in the archipelago. The mountain range surrounded by the sea presents its center at the foot of the beautiful Castle, which was once a Greek city. With its 12,000 inhabitants, the island is full of life, offering excellent options for the coast, history, culture and nature. It is even a great city to use as a base if you want to spend a few days in the region. Once in Lipari, be sure to visit the Castle, which we mentioned above, the Archaeological Museum, the WONDERFUL mount of Pumices and the Church of Souls in Purgatory. Access to the island is, of course, by sea and, in the marina area of the island, there are bars, restaurants and several very special shops.


Next we’ll talk about Stromboli. Stromboli is the most active European volcano and its eruptions are frequent, lasting, more or less, from 1 to 1 half hour. When he’s awake giving his shows, it can be scary, but it’s amazingly beautiful! With its 900 meters high, it is possible to reach a maximum height of 400 meters if you want to see this “beauty monster” up close! ALWAYS WITH GUIDE! Don’t venture there alone, it’s pretty dangerous! Stromboli at Night: 8 Hour Tour from Tropea

At night, while there are eruptions, the lava band (Sciara del Fuoco) that runs down its side is a spectacle that enchants tourists and stands out in the immensity of the night. In Stromboli you can visit: the Cinema Museum, San Vincenzo Square, Strombolicchio lighthouse and stroll along Via Vittorio Emanuele, perhaps one of the most important in the city.


With panoramic sea views, 300 square meters of terraces surrounded by gardens and seven suites, the elegant summer mansion of Italian stylists Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, on the island of Stromboli, was offered for sale. The mansion was the stage for many parties and events with many rich and important people. Strolling through the Aeolian Islands, it is sometimes possible to see the luxury stylists’ speedboat circulating in the region!


In Vulcano the main attraction is, of course, its volcano. The trail that leads to its crater is impressive and offers incredible panoramas. During your ascent you can reach the peninsula of Vulcanello, Lipari, Filicudi, Panarea and Stromboli. The climb is not the smoothest, as the terrain is quite rugged, moreover, the closer to the crater, the greater the sulfur smell, which can make some people sick, but the view from the top is AMAZING and makes every step! It looks like a painting, a work of art that enchants and commands respect due to its immensity. It is also very interesting to know the hot mud pools (or fango) known for their therapeutic properties.


Panarea is the smallest of all the islands. It has (only!) 300 inhabitants and is ideal for those who want to escape the fervent movement of the tourist mass, but this peace comes at a price: a hotel here can cost up to 800 euros per night, because it doesn’t offer many accommodation options, but, if you want to stay in a quiet and peaceful place, maybe it’s worth the investment. The most visited spot on the island is Cala Junco, a natural pool that impresses for the tone of the water and its unparalleled beauty. In the city center there are great options of local craft stores and it is great to buy souvenirs!


We left for another island, Alicudi. The island has 110 inhabitants and, from a tourist point of view, it is not yet fully ready to receive them, but it does so masterfully – even with few resources. The island’s slopes and its beaches are full of charm that present us with cinematic panoramas. If you don’t want to visit countless tourist attractions such as monuments, churches and squares, this could be your island! Great for those who want contact with nature, beach, sun and tranquility.


Now let’s talk about Salina. Salina is the queen of the region’s traditional wine production, the (delicious!) Malvasia. It’s a dessert wine, but it goes well anytime. The special thing about this wine is the grape: it is made with raisins and the grapes are dried in the sun, without any human interference. It is also possible to visit some wineries and learn more about the product that moves the region. Be sure to visit Pollara, the setting for famous films such as The Postman and the Poet. Another interesting point to visit is Punta Scario, which has a blue sea that is almost personalized for this little piece of beauty on earth.


And to close the list, let’s go to Filicudi. Again, the sea is the main attraction alongside the mountains. The island has SPECTACULAR beaches and mountains that make up the landscape in an incredible way! With its 774 meters of altitude, it is ideal for those who enjoy long walks, contact with nature in its purest and almost untouched form, as well as peace and tranquility. Don’t miss the Villaggio Neolitico di Capo Graziano and the Grotto: they are beautiful!

When is the best time to visit the Aeolian Islands?

Well, being a beach destination, of course the best period is the summer, however, during the high Italian summer, which is between July and August, many cities are CROWDED, and because they are not that big, everything gets very tumultuous, a lot people for little space, so two great months to visit the islands are June, when the heat is not yet at its maximum, but the hot days are good for those who want to spend the day by the sea

And September, when the tourist crowd has already left the region. Everything is quieter: transport, accommodation, restaurants, beaches and tourist attractions. It’s not a good idea to go to the islands during the winter, for example, because most places will be closed, including hotels. So it’s very complicated to stay and it’s difficult to even go out for lunch and dinner, as there’s almost nothing open. Discover our Weather in Italy section and find the best time to travel in Italy!

How to get to the Islands?


The best starting point to reach the islands is Milazzo. To get there, you can take the train from Messina or Palermo. By train you can also leave Catania or Taormina, but arriving in Messina it is necessary to change trains.


If you are driving, use the A20 highway. Well signposted, just follow the road signs. Arriving in Milazzo, you must use sea transport, of course! The company responsible for shipping by sea is Siremar.


You can take the bus departing directly from Catania airport. The company responsible for operating the stretch is Giunta Bus and you can check more information, such as timetables. The trip is a bit long, two hours, and the round-trip ticket costs 30 euros.


It is also possible to go directly by boat from Reggio Calabria, Tropea, Palermo and Messina. The trip is much longer and there are few available timetables, but it is a great option for those who like to travel by sea. The company responsible for the service is Liberty.

How to get around the Islands?

To get around the islands, there are rental options for scooters, quadricycles and taxis (in golf carts) that work well there. In Vulcano and Paranea it is better to get around on foot. To go from one island to another, at the embarkation/disembarkation port of each island there are boats that leave at different times to the neighboring islands and vice versa.


Are we going to visit the Aeolian Islands in Sicily? The Sicilian archipelago is one of the most beautiful in the world! Offers several options for the most varied groups of tourists! It’s important to know that you should never take tours that lead to the mouth of the volcano alone! Always hire a specialized guide, because, in case of an emergency or a ‘surprise’ eruption, they know exactly how to act and what to do, ok?! Don’t take chances!

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