Traveling by train offers a unique and attractive experience that many travelers who, with nostalgia and the desire to explore the world, choose this means of transport over other faster ones such as the plane, but why would we sacrifice time taking a train?

Next, we share a small list of the advantages we have when traveling by train:

comfort and space

Trains usually have larger and more spacious seats compared to other means of transport, which allows you to travel with greater comfort and relaxation.

scenic views

Traveling by train provides the opportunity to enjoy panoramic views and changing landscapes as the train travels through different regions. It is a great way to appreciate the beauty of the surroundings.


Trains often link major cities and towns, making it easy to reach destinations that might be difficult to reach by other modes of transportation. That is, the stations are located in the city and they will not have to wear themselves out to go to a distant terminal, as in some airports.

less stress

Unlike airports, security checks and boarding are generally quicker and less stressful at train stations, reducing the anxiety associated with travel.

relaxed atmosphere

Passengers can move freely during the journey, stretch their legs and visit restaurant or cafeteria cars to enjoy food and drinks.

private space options

Some trains offer private compartments for small groups or individual cabins, providing a more intimate space to travel.

Possibility to work or rest

Trains allow passengers to work on their laptop, read, rest, or just relax as they travel from one place to another.

Less environmental impact

Trains are a more environmentally friendly transportation option, as they generate less carbon emissions per passenger compared to planes and cars.

Cultural Experience

Trains are often a meeting place for people of different cultures and backgrounds, which can provide opportunities to interact and learn.


Traveling by train is a memorable experience on its own. Passengers often remember the details of the trip and the sights along the way.

Finally, traveling by train offers a combination of comfort, scenery, and convenience that can make the journey as rewarding as the destination itself. Whether for pleasure or business, the train provides a unique experience worth exploring.


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