Eating cheap in Zurich is not an easy task. Switzerland is already an expensive country, add to that the fact that Zurich is the sixth most expensive city in the worldaccording to various rankings. Eating well and cheaply in Zurich is complicated, but not impossible. To give you a reference, a dish in a normal restaurant does not usually cost less than €20. But don’t worry, we will help you. Write these down 8 restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Zurichthey will save you on your visit to the city.

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1. Manor

This was one of the places that saved us in Zurich and in some of the big cities. cities of Switzerland. This is the restaurant in the Manor shopping galleries. There you can eat wonderfully at more than reasonable prices. They have a fairly varied buffet so you can choose your favorite food.

But be careful, it is not an all-you-can-eat buffet where you pay a single price and eat everything you want. The buffet is separated by areas, for example: pasta, salads, pizzas and more, where you pay by the size of the plate. Specifically there are three sizes: small, medium and large.

For example, a plate of pasta costs about 10CHF (10€). It is a really cheap price if we compare it with most restaurants where the cheapest pasta dish usually costs no less than 20CHF (approximately €20). There we paid a margherita pizza for 12CHF (€12), while the cheapest one we saw in a normal restaurant in Switzerland cost 17CHF (€17). If you want to eat cheap in Zurich, You can’t miss the Manora restaurant.

Furthermore, a great advantage is that the place is central, so you will have it close to everything. And we cannot fail to highlight the great value for money. It is a restaurant that will save you from any trouble!

Our menu at Manora

2. Migros Restaurant

And apart from Manora, supermarkets also saved us sometimes. Although it may sound unremarkable, In Switzerland it is quite common to eat in supermarkets. Migros is one of them! There are also others like Coop where you can do the same. They have a section of hot dishes with lasagna, pasta or whole chickens that are quite cheap compared to restaurants. Remember that you are in one of the most expensive cities in the world!

It caught our attention that some supermarkets even have a restaurant floor. It is a buffet where you serve yourself what you want. You will find salads by weight, pasta dishes for €10. In general, quite similar to the place we have recommended before. If you prefer, you can order the menu they offer daily. Without a doubt, one of the best options for cheap eats in Zurich.

eat cheap in Zuricheat cheap in Zurich
The take away part is also very interesting

3. Vapiano, our favorite option for cheap eats in Zurich

Vapiano is a safe bet wherever you are. If you have previously read a post about cheap food in a city, you will surely have noticed that we love Vapiano. It is a German Italian cuisine chain offering salads, pasta and pizzas. Not only are they delicious, but they are also very economical. In the case of Switzerland, the economic aspects are questionable. While in Paris a plate of pasta can cost you €11 or €12, in Switzerland you will have to pay from €17 onwards.

If we compare it to most restaurants in the city, it’s still cheap. For us Vapiano is a great ally for cheap food in Zurich. There are three locations in the city. One of them is just a stone’s throw from the Altstadt, the most beautiful area of ​​the economic capital of Switzerland.

Always a reliable option

4. Rheinfelden Beer Hall

Of all our options restaurants where to eat cheap in Zurich, This is the least economical, but it’s worth it. Especially if you want to experience a bit of local cuisine. The restaurant is located on Niederdorfstrasse, one of the main arteries of the historic center of Zurich.

The place is too authentic and fortunately the dishes are filling. So if we take into account the quality-price ratio the result is positive. To give you a reference, there are really good and complete dishes from 16.50CHF (about €17 approx). However, the disadvantage is that they do not speak English very well. And although they have a reduced menu in that language, there are not all the dishes. So try using the translator 🙂

The specialty of the house They are the sausages. And as! Although they also have burgers, pasta dishes and other things. Definitely, one of the best places to eat cheap in Zurich.

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5. Star Grill

If you are looking for another place where to eat cheap in Zurich To delight yourself with Swiss cuisine, you must go to Sternen Grill. The food is highly influenced by German cuisine. This restaurant has been operating since 1963 and has become one of Zurich’s classics. So that you have a price reference, A fairly large sausage accompanied by a piece of bread will cost you about 15CHF (approximately €15).

Also at Sternen Grill They have salads for a similar price and more elaborate dishes. On the second floor there is a terrace with views. Go early because during rush hour, you won’t find a place. It is a quite popular place for both tourists and locals. It cannot be missing from our list of restaurants! where to eat cheap in Zurich!

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eat cheap in Zuricheat cheap in Zurich
Zurich a very beautiful city

6. Holy Cow!

You will see this franchise in several cities in Switzerland. This is a chain of hamburger restaurants that will leave you more than satisfied. There you can eat hamburgers from 11.90CHF (about €12). You can also complete your menu with potatoes and a drink, but this will cost you about 5CHF extra. The prices are a little high to be fast food, but in Switzerland it is what it is! We must admit that the burgers are good and there are several places in the city center. A good option for cheap food in Zurich that will save you from any trouble!

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7. Raclette Factory, a good option for cheap food in Zurich

Since you are in Switzerland, you cannot miss trying a good raclette. It’s part of the local gastronomy! At Raclette Factory you can eat a very delicious one at a good price. You can’t miss this place! It is in the heart of the historic center of Zurich, so you will have no excuse. The cheapest raclettes cost 17.90CHF (approximately €18) and come with potatoes and pickles.. We added it to this list because the quality-price ratio is good, always taking into account Swiss prices. Recommendable!

Blanca’s raclette

8. Wurst & Moritz

We reach the end of our list of 8 best restaurants to eat cheap in Zurich and we share a fantastic option with you. This place caught our attention because we had it right next to the hotel. Is a quite original place and they have very interesting menus. For example, there is one called Heidi, includes a vegan sausage, fries and a beer for 19CHF (approx. €19). Nothing bad!

But They also have other cheaper menus: the cheapest costs 12.50CHF (€13). Wurst & Moritz is a fantastic option to eat after visiting the interesting KREIS 5. Finding restaurants with the prices we have mentioned in this post is a complex task.but we have already done the work for you 🙂


On this map you will find marked best restaurants to eat cheap in Zurich.


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