One of the moments is approaching with the best travel deals in Mexico, the Buen Fin.

During those days you can find the best prices on all kinds of things, but the best thing is that it is the perfect opportunity to book your next trip.

We know how important it is to choose the hotel you want at a good price, in addition to booking and preparing your vacation so that when the day arrives you don’t have to worry about anything, for this reason we are going to share with you 7 Tips to Book your next Trip during the Good Weekend.

1. How to choose your destination?

Planning your vacation in advance can help you save money and take advantage of promotions that you may not find very often. Choose your destination taking into account the following:

  • Travel in low season! In addition to the fact that there will be fewer people at your destination and you will be able to enjoy the places much more, these are seasons in which hotels lower their prices. When is low season in Cancun?
  • Beach or magical towns? Both are very different destinations but that does not mean that they are any less. The beaches of Mexico are beautiful and the little towns have their charm. If you don’t want to go far, you can consider traveling on holidays to nearby places. Also consider your tastes and those of the people traveling with you, your family, friends or partner.
  • Make a budget and according to him, decide where to travel without it costing you an arm and a leg, always remember to check the travel offers and packages that could be the best option.

2. Where to find the best offers?

During Buen Fin you will find different travel offers, You have to consider what type of hosting plan is best for youin addition to shopping prices so you can choose your best option.

Here we show you the different types of hosting plans so you can get an idea.

Visit and know the promotions they have for your favorite destination, do you have any doubts? Call 01 800 444 0618 and ask about payment methods, travel packages and destinations with promotions.

3. Why book hotels in Buen Fin?

From November 16 to 19 you will find the best prices and even up to 70% off in Mexico Destinations with some hotels and travel packages, as well as different benefits such as discount coupons for future trips, free nights, interest-free months with participating banks and much more!

Remember to ask your travel advisor about the benefits of Buen Findon’t stay with the desire to travel and live an unforgettable experience in Mexico.

4. How to recognize a Reliable Travel Agency?

One of the main problems when buying online and especially in travel matters is knowing whether the place where we are interested in booking is trustworthy or not. Here are some tips so you can check for yourself if a Travel Agency is trustworthy.:

  • They have registration with SECTUR: Travel agencies register with the Ministry of Tourism and you can check it just by entering their name in this link
  • Verified Social Networks: One way to provide security to customers is with social media verification, Facebook requests some personal information about the company for verification, so rest assured that if they are verified it is because they provided correct data.
  • They talk about them in the Media: One of the quickest ways to find out about the agency is to search for it on Google. There you can see the websites, the news and everything where they have talked about them and the type of news will tell you if you can trust them or not
  • Security Certificates on your Website: Every website needs a security certificate to handle its clients’ data. You can see their certificates in the padlock located in the bar of your search engine, next to the link >> ?
  • They allow you to invoice: If you can invoice it is because they are registered with the SAT, which means that it is a company established before the law.
  • They have won recognition for their work: Awards, recognitions, important mentions, anything that talks about the service they provide will help you feel calmer before booking

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5. Don’t have a credit or debit card? Don’t worry!

Many times when buying online you need a credit or debit card, I have a secret for you, with Mexico Destinos you don’t need it. We know that traveling is something everyone should do and we have looked for the best way for you to do it without needing a card, how to pay? It can be with deposits in the oxxo, transfer, Paypal, bank deposit and of course, with credit or debit cards. There are many options, choose the one that best suits you!

6. No money to book your trip right now?

If during Buen Fin you cannot book your favorite hotel for your next vacation, there is also an option that will surely help you and help you not miss out on the trip you want so much:

  1. Call 01 800 444 0618 to quote the hotel in your chosen destination
  2. Ask your travel advisor about the Mexico Destinations section system
  3. Start paying for your next trip (there are packages with sections starting at $499 pesos)
  4. Pay little by little until it is time for your trip
  5. To enjoy!

7. Packages, Hotels, Tours and Circuits with Offers!

Cancun, Chiapas, Acapulco, Los Cabos, Guadalajara, wherever you want… We have options so you can travel through Mexico and enjoy a well-deserved vacation, here you will find a quick guide to navigate the Mexico Destinations page where you can find offers during the Good end:

Now you are ready to plan your trip during the Buen FinRemember that the promotions will only be available from November 16 to 19 at very very low prices. It’s now or never!


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