The best excursions in Majorca They will make you live unforgettable experiences! The island is the star of the Mediterranean sea and all it offers is worth exploring. You will enjoy underwater caves, coves with crystalline waters of beautiful colors, exquisite cuisine, magical towns that seem to be made of sand and much more. It is so beautiful that writers, musicians and painters have been inspired by Mallorca. Miró considered it as the pure Mediterranean light. You too will be inspired! These are the best excursions in Majorca where you can see the highlights of the island.


1. Discover the charms of Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is the capital of the island. Its buildings are a honey color that will make you fall in love. It is located in the center of the bay of Palma and was founded in the 13th century, during the time of the Christian reconquest of the island in the 13th century. It has historical sites, a variety of galleries, restaurants, craft studios and bars.. All in one place!

The best thing to do is to start from the heart of Palma, in the historic center. there you will find the Gothic Cathedral of Majorca, medieval streets lined with houses that belonged to the nobility, imposing baroque-style churches, public squares, bohemian neighborhoods and markets, in each place you will discover its magic. Anyone could dedicate endless days to discover everything this city has to offer. Palma de Mallorca is beautiful. You must know every corner, its history and all the details!

We tell you how to go from Barcelona to Majorca

how to go from barcelona to majorca
The imposing cathedral of Palma de Mallorca

2. Ride the Sóller train

This is one of the best excursions in Majorca and you will enjoy it from start to finish. You will feel like you are on a trip back in time! you can travel in a beautiful wooden train built in 1912. But not only this railway is the star, but also the wonderful landscapes of the Sierra Norte de Mallorca that you will be able to see during the transfer. Impressive mountains, pure natural landscapes and beautiful beaches, all in one! And as if that were not enough, do not forget to visit the town of Sóller. It’s magic!

best excursions in Majorca
The beautiful Sóller train

3. Visit the Cuevas del Drach, one of the best excursions in Mallorca

The Drach caves are considered one of the best caves in Majorca. They are located in Porto Cristo and have a maximum depth of 25 meters and 1.2 kilometers in length.

They have been formed by the action of rainwater and some studies consider that probably exist from the Miocene, that is to say between 11 and 5.3 million years ago. Incredible!

best excursions in Majorca
A surprising geological formation in Mallorca

4. Discover the best beaches in Mallorca on board a boat

The list of beaches in Majorca is very long. They all compete with each other for the whitest sand, the most crystalline waters and the most dazzling landscape. Staying with just one is a difficult task but the best way to enjoy them is to book a boat tour. During the transfer you will have the best views and then you can take a good dip.

For us, the most beautiful beach in Mallorca is Es Trenc. Is beautiful! It is a playa natural of 7 kilometers located to the southwest of Majorca. It is a paradise on earth! The white sand, the turquoise and shallow sea make it a one of the most beautiful in Spain. The great advantage of Es Trenc is that thanks to a regulation imposed by the authorities, prevents the construction of nearby buildings or hotels. There is nothing that covers its beauty!

best excursions in Majorca
The crystal clear water of Es Trenc is ideal for a refreshing dip

5. Get to know Alcúdia, a beautiful city

Alcudia is the old capital of Majorca. It has Roman origins and you can walk through its alleys to learn about its history and culture. Formerly, it was known as Pollentia and was protected by a wall, which is still preserved. You can even climb this fortification to see Alcúdia from above. The views are phenomenal!

Visit the Port of Alcudia It’s also a great idea because it’s an area with a good atmosphere and very beautiful. If you want to enjoy the beach and its surroundings you can go to Playa des Coll Baix or Playa de Sant Joan. You will not regret!

best excursions in Majorca
The streets of Alcúdia are charming

6. Falling in love with Valldemossa

In the middle of the mountains appears Valldemossa, a charming town 18 kilometers from Palma de Mallorca. Hardly 2,000 inhabitants are lucky enough to live here. It would seem that all buildings are made of sand because of its color.

In addition, you will be able to enjoy the city center without any setbacks because it is car-free. You will feel in a fairy tale! So an excursion through Valldemossa is an excellent option if you are going to visit Mallorca.

best excursions in Majorca
Valldemossa will conquer you completely

7. Explore Cabo de Formentor, one of the best excursions in Mallorca

Formentor is a dream for any beach lover. ohIt is one of the best excursions in Mallorca! It has huge cliffs and in one of them, there are an imposing lighthouse which has been standing since 1863. It seems unreachable, since it is 200 meters above sea level and virgin nature surrounds it. A beautiful landscape!

Besides, if you want to see a movie sunset, we recommend that you look for a place on one of the cliffs of Cabo de Formentor. You won’t forget it!

A dream sunset from the top of the cliff

8. Take a catamaran ride along the coast of Mallorca

The coast of Mallorca is perfect for a catamaran ride. It’s all about sun, sea and relaxation. The boats usually have a net, ideal for relaxing and sunbathing. You will enjoy a well-deserved vacation! In addition, you can explore beautiful coves and even swim in its beautiful crystalline waters or snorkel. The price usually includes a meal on board. Definitely, one of the best excursions in Mallorca.

9. Watching dolphins, one of the best excursions in Mallorca

This is a real spectacle of nature! You can see dolphins in the bay of Alcudia. You will have to be very attentive and look around you while you are sailing in a boat to be able to see these beautiful animals.

Seeing the dolphins swimming and even jumping free will be a magnificent experience! Remember that you can only see them from the boat, not swim with them since you have to respect that they are in their natural habitat.

10. Fly over the island in a hot air balloon

Fear of heights? You better not have it to live one of the best excursions in Mallorca. It is very popular to see the island by air, so you must book in advance. you can see Beautiful colors at sunrise or sunset with beautiful views.

In addition, you will be able to live the full experience from how these huge balloons are inflated. As you climb into the basket, little by little you will begin to rise. It’s a great feeling!

Soar the skies of Mallorca in a hot air balloon

11. Go caving in the Cova des Coloms

An excursion in the Cova des Colombs is a film experience. This is one of the best-known marine caves in Mallorca. Is almost hidden in the middle of cliffs and the only way to enter is by swimming through a tunnel. Is a aventura from the first minute!

Inside you can explore the different lakes, the formations of stalactites and stalagmites. In case you did not know speleology is a science dedicated to studying the natural cavities of the soil. So on this excursion you will feel like a true speleologist!

12. Wine tasting, an excursion for your palate

And to end this post about the best excursions in Majorcawe recommend you explore the wine cellars in the area. You can enjoy some varieties of white, red and rosé wine. So, if you are a wine lover, it is a great option. In addition, you can combine them with local food that perfectly marinates with each wine. It is a wonderful experience, especially for your palate!

A great way to end the day in Mallorca: sunset with a glass of wine


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