Scenes worthy of a movie, stunning natural landscapes that seem unreal and, for those who can, luxury and sophistication amidst exclusive resorts. Vacationing in the Caribbean Islands is indeed a traveller’s dream.

After all, deep blue sea, white sand and coconut trees swaying in the wind will yield unforgettable moments and enviable photos.

Next, discover 11 of the best islands in the Caribbean – and, to top it off, some of the best beaches in the Caribbean as well – to include in your dream tour.


You can call it Saint-Maarten, Saint Martin, St-Maarten or even Saint Martin. But this small and stunning island is one of those to explore without haste and, in addition, cross the Netherlands and France in one trip.

Part of the extinct Netherlands Antilles, the island has more infrastructure for tourism, such as resorts, small shops and excellent cuisine.

Among the many amazing Caribbean beaches to choose from, you’ve probably heard or seen a photo of Maho Beach. The beach draws attention not only for the color and tranquility of the sea, but mainly for the planes that fly around all the time, because of its proximity to the Princess Juliana airport.


Get ready to meet many Americans in Aruba. This, which is one of the islands of the Caribbean, is located close to Venezuela and is a favorite of tourists from the northern hemisphere, who go in search of its countless beaches with white sand and warmth all year round.

It is in Dutch territory and has breathtaking landscapes. One of the most popular beaches in the Caribbean and Aruba, Eagle Beach is quite extensive and is home to the “divi-divi”, the famous crooked trees that feature on Aruba’s postcards.

Party people can’t miss the crowded Palm Beach; while those who want more privacy should head to the small and almost deserted beach of Arashi.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Anyone who wants (and can) indulge in the best all-inclusive style will have plenty of wonderful resorts to choose from in Punta Cana. It’s one of the Caribbean islands and the hottest part of the Dominican Republic, so it won’t be a surprise to bump into another Hollywood celebrity there.

In addition to luxury, there is no lack of beautiful natural attractions to be explored on long walks.

It will be difficult to choose which beach in Punta Cana to stay, all with calm and transparent seas. Highlight for the trendy Macao and Bávaro (in whose homonymous district are located almost all resorts).

Curacao Island

Dutch government and close to Aruba, the island of Curaçao does not boast such a large number of beaches, but it exudes beauty and comfort for its visitors. It is 65 kilometers north of the Venezuelan coast, and has a coastline full of bays and inlets.

The shape of the beaches varies a lot. From those created by hotels and protected by artificial reefs, to private ones such as Cas Abou and Port-Marie, where admission is charged. A real gem among the Caribbean islands.

San Andrés, Colombia

San Andrés, Colombia

This is for those who always wanted to spend a vacation on a Caribbean island, but never thought they would have enough budget to afford that dream. In neighboring Colombia, the island of San Andrés is not only beautiful but also affordable.

Headquarters of the San Andrés archipelago, it is a territory of Colombia, although it is located on the coast of Nicaragua. Cut by a small mountain range, it is famous for its “sea of seven colors”, with crystal clear waters of unbelievable shades of green and blue. Nobody will resist diving among the colorful fish.

Besides everything, it’s, let’s say, compact – 26 square kilometers – in other words, you’ll be able to see everything on the trip!



The Caribbean’s easternmost country, Barbados is small (only 34 kilometers long) but of outstanding natural beauty. In Rihanna’s land, influence may be British, but the beaches are postcard-worthy.

An absolute highlight for Crane Beach, named after the hotel on the edge of the cliff. It is in the eastern part of the country, a mere 400 meters long, but a strip of pink sand and waters protected by two huge cliffs and a coral reef in the ocean.

St-Barth Island

St-Barth Island

Welcome to the celebrity hotspot and one of the best islands in the Caribbean: Leonardo Di Caprio, Tom Hanks and Giorgio Armani vacation on the Island of St-Barth (or St.-Barthélemy in the original French; or Saint Bartholomew , in Portuguese).

Full of luxury and French refinement, the island preaches the “exclusivity” of the region’s stunning turquoise waters.

Its most famous beach, for example, is the small and heavenly Gouverneur, where there are no hotels or shops around. Ideal, therefore, for completely in the midst of a unique landscape.

Turks and Caicos Islands

Turks and Caicos Islands

Another favorite destination of international celebrities, the Turks and Caicos Islands boast enviable resorts, mansions and restaurants along the wonderful Caribbean Sea. Besides, of course, some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Just an hour and a half by plane from Miami, the archipelago has two large islands: Grand Turk – ideal for divers – and Providenciales – more tourist-oriented and home to the world-famous Grace Bay Beach, often listed among the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.

Cayo Largo, Cuba

Cayo Largo, Cuba

There are hundreds of “cayos” to choose from in Cuba, one more beautiful than the other. The small shallow islands, species of areai tongues, have no local population, but rather incredible all-inclusive resorts. The landscapes are breathtaking: turquoise sea, fine white sand, coral reefs and so on.

One stands out: Cayo Largo, part of the Canarreos archipelago, which impresses with its wild beauty and excellent tourist infrastructure. Access is by plane only (opt for an excursion from Havana). With beautiful specimens of fauna and flora and beaches with benches, it is the paradise that every traveler has dreamed of.

Tip: enjoy the trip to visit the nearby resort of Varadero, full of beautiful beaches at an affordable cost.

Hamilton, Bermuda

Hamilton, Bermuda

Mysterious and with breathtaking landscapes, the Bermuda archipelago is a dream for many travelers to consume. Despite its modest size – 34 km² in the Atlantic Ocean – it has pink sand beaches and historic forts that are worth exploring.

Starting with the capital Hamilton, which hosts beaches with crystal clear waters, some with options for underwater diving between shipwrecks, cliff jumping and deep sea fishing.

Anyone visiting Bermuda can’t miss the almost surreal scenery of Horseshoe Bay Beach, which combines turquoise water, pale sand and giant rocks from the surrounding coast.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Okay, it’s not exactly an island, but it deserves to be on the list of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean to visit.

If Cancun comes to mind when talking about the Caribbean in Mexico, nearby Playa del Carmen, a mere 70km away, is often a less crowded and more affordable option.

The natural landscape is equally spectacular. The island is in a region of crystalline and calm waters. In other words, an invitation for a long and contemplative dive. Afterwards, just go to the waterfront, which is full of trendy hotels and bars.

And if you have a little time, it is well worth visiting the archaeological site of an ancient Mayan city in Tulum, another must-see destination in the region, on the edge of the blue Caribbean Sea.

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